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This year I took a dive into luxury bags and have really grown a love for them!


Gucci Shoulder Bag ($1,070) (Sold Out) Similar… 536 mots de plus

Day 1

It happened. I cast off on the Herbarium shawl and officially cast on for the Cascades Rhinebeck sweater. Last night I was so tired and worn out by work, I just wanted to lay on the couch and nap but I sucked it up, pulled out my needles and knocked out the last five rows/bind off of the shawl. 322 mots de plus


Finished: one wetfelted bag

This is the smaller of the two. I gave it the fleece felted flap of the bigger one.

I took it to the shoe maker who attached leather straps. 308 mots de plus


I'm Back!

Well it seems that working at a sleep away camp for 8 weeks didn’t leave me much time to post oops!

Now that I’m back and getting ready for my senior year I’ve been doing a lot of shopping recently, so get ready for haul posts :) 77 mots de plus


L'estate ritorna oder Summer's back

Nach den wettertechnisch eher enttäuschenden letzen Wochen ist es, zumindest bei mir, endlich wieder richtig heiß – ein guter Grund mein erstes Fair Fashion Outfit zu präsentieren.Da meine Schwester schon seit langem ein neues Profilbild fotografieren wollte hab ich mich ihr gleich angeschlossen und mich um 7 in der Früh aus dem Bett gewutzelt (« da haben wir noch schönes Licht ») Außerdem hatten wir dann auch noch guten Wind sowie eine aggressive Schwanenfamilie an der Backe wie an den Bildern unschwer zu erkennen ist. 384 mots de plus


Introducing the Groundbreaking Bean Bag Creations: Not Your Grandma's Bean Bag Any Longer!

Everybody is experienced with the unwanted hippie-dippy bean big bean bag chairs chair that was popular in the 60’s and beyond, that sad looking vinyl sack that lay deep in the corner layered in airborne dirt and dust till there had been more people than recliners. 299 mots de plus


Now Introducing the Modern Bean Bag Masterpieces: Not Your Gran's Bean Bag Any More!

Everyone is knowledgeable about the unwanted hippie-dippy bag chair that was in 1960s plus beyond, that sad looking plastic sack that lay within the corner coated in dust particles right up until there had been far more people compared to seating. 277 mots de plus