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Capture PRO - accessory for your camera

Gadget that can make life easier as a photographer

Imagine when you are hiking or walking in the forest and you want don’t want to have the camera around your neck but still want to access it fast. 411 mots de plus

Tamron 150-600

Inside My Bag For: A Summer At The Beach

It is Summer time guys ! (Wait what? It’s already August?!)


We all know why Summer is great and most people’s favourite season of the year. 932 mots de plus



My cat last night playing intge bag that dinner came in.

My Photos

£12.99 well spent

Today the IKEA order arrived with the delivery service Parcel Force I asked the delivery man if he didn’t mind taking the items to the top of the stairs after a little huff and puff he reluctantly obliged to help. 181 mots de plus

Weekend Making Bags

Thats what I’ll be doing if anyone asks.

My intention was to get at least one a day done, but best intentions never happen!

I have managed one other though… 79 mots de plus


Mahwah police arrest man in theft of bag forgotten by ATM workers

MAHWAH, N.J. — Police say they’ve arrested one of two men who made off with a bag containing $150,000 in cash after two employees filling ATMs mistakenly left it on a northern New Jersey lawn. 300 mots de plus