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#366happydays - Day 125

Bag is finished! The photograph doesn’t do the colours justice; it’s a beautiful shade of turquoise ❤️


TAG: What's In My Bag?

I was tagged in the ‘What’s In My Bag?’ tag by the lovely Danetigress, so here we are! My bag’s contents is so uninteresting so I apologise in advance but I thought it would be fun to do a tag! 609 mots de plus

Hooking a rainbow

I have a thing about rainbows and the harmoniousness (is that a word?) of the colour wheel. I love how the colours merge in different proportions to give us so many different colours and shades and tones. 673 mots de plus


Matt & Nat and the future it bag

I don’t know about you, but the brand, Matt and Nat, is a new find for me. I stumbled upon it in some article about great sustainable and eco fashion brands and fell instantly in love! 551 mots de plus

Small Business

Genie Digital Camera Bag in Lime Green

G761R Features: -Cover: Lime green / 84pct Polyester, 16pct Nylon.-Lining: Purple / 100pct Polyester.-Carabiner for attaching the bag in a variety of places: belt loop, bigger shoulder bag or backpack, golf bag, safe place in sailing boat….-Belt loop.-Separate neck-strap.-Zipper closing in bag opening.-Separate pocket inside with velcro closing for memory card etc..-Strong protection for camera screens. 29 mots de plus