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What A Week!

Really, the week was insanely full! I got to meet three–count ’em–three Facebook friends in real life this week. How awesome is that?! One, I’ve been friends with since she got her first Siberian Husky some eight or so years ago, so that was really exciting. 692 mots de plus


acrlyic painting

An acrylic painting of some clothes and a bag. About 40 minutes.


One week left to order the MT x FF ultimate daybag...

One week left to order the ultimate photographers’ daybag – designed by me, handmade in England by Frankie Falcon. The order book closes 31/10, and it won’t be sold again in this configuration (and even possibly not at all). 20 mots de plus


High Rise!

We love, love this handbag by Regalia Una Fiorentina in California, for a number of reasons but the best one is the little gold knobs underneath that keep your purse from touching the ground. 10 mots de plus


What's in my Bag?

Autumn 2016

This bag could be described as my third arm. Never have I ever found a bag which suits my style so well. It was given to me as a birthday present two years ago and I honestly seem to love it more and more the longer I have it. 262 mots de plus