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Boston Bag (Liberty laminated fabric) リバティ柄のラミネートボストン

Hello everyone!

I am a handmade lover who lives in London.  I am Japanese and also a mum of two daughters.  In this blog, I would like to share my projects, ideas and basically everything that will be worth uploading. 312 mots de plus


What's in my college bag?

Hi everyone! I commute everyday to my college. It takes me an hour to get here and another one to go back. Needless to say I need a lot of things to get through the day but also I can’t be carrying a suitcase around. 268 mots de plus


Pattern Preview: Hexagon Zigzag Market Bag


This week I have been working on a pattern for a market bag.  The mesh and hexagon base stretch, while the handles are much sturdier.   62 mots de plus

Work In Progress

Free Pattern Friday: Tolt Folded Bag

For today’s Free Pattern Friday, I present the Tolt Folded Bag! This sweet little summer bag is incredibly easy to knit and the pattern even includes a photo tutorial of final construction of the bag. 67 mots de plus

38 & 39: DS Game Bag and DS cover

I found myself on holiday without a project to work on but luckily I had some yarn and a crochet hook so I made myself a… 65 mots de plus