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What NOT to do when SPEED Dating

So Barbara went speed dating.

Women were invited to attend free.

Perhaps it’s easier to get men to sign up than it is to get women to sign up for these things. 524 mots de plus


2 Bergmanns + 2 Hoehns = Valentine's Anniversary

While I was looking for a birthday, a death or an anniversary that happened on this day in the past, I really had several stories from which to choose.  495 mots de plus

REM Review - Heroine

The Heroine REM is finally upon us and there’s seems to be a good amount of excitement surrounding it. Well, I don’t want to rain on everybody’s parade, but this REM doesn’t present that much value with most of the cards excelling in niche roles at best. 5 026 mots de plus

Puzzle & Dragons

Žak Prever, “pesnik ljubavi, prijateljstva i sreće” rođen je 4. februara 1900. godine (VIDEO) - Barbara

4. februara 1900. godine, rođen je francuski pisac Žak Prever, “pesnik ljubavi, prijateljstva i sreće”, autor čuvene “Barbare”, veoma popularan među mladima pedesetih godina 20. 409 mots de plus


 G. Depardieu sings Barbara

Depardieu sings Barbara, it will be an album of 14 tracks, but also a series of concerts in the Bouffes du Nord.