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Barbara 6'2'' 188 cm

Barbara is Hungarian/Budapest based and is six foot 2 (6’2 » 188 cm) tall.


Barbara is available for photo shootings, catwalk, beauty and fashion.

For booking please contact our team at our email address

Tall Models

Not Your Daughter's Jeans Barbara Boot Jean, Mahagony (16)

A classic jean that’s perfect for every day now in a beautiful Mahogany color!. Pair this staple piece with anything for a look that’s easy to dress up and easy to dress down. 18 mots de plus

Reflect by Barbara

Reflecting is not necessarily an unhealthy thing but if we’re living there, we can find ourselves at a standstill.  Bruce Springsteen’s song, « Glory Days » relates it well.  718 mots de plus


Hello Sarita & the World!


It was my first….be kind. I’m sure I’ll get better! I’m already smarter than I was 24 hours ago when I first attempted this. 126 mots de plus



So yesterday’s mail brought my first Skooter to my house.

No, no, not Scooter!  Skooter!  This girl:

Skooter is (was?) Skipper’s friend, with an even sillier name than « Skipper. 1 765 mots de plus


...Everyone Needs a Barbara!

It may sound strange but running slower always makes me want to run a marathon.  I feel good and strong and happy when I run slower.   303 mots de plus

Random Thoughts

Helter Seltzer

I’ve been unsure about posting this. I keep this blog for a number of reasons. One is because my memory is terrible and if I didn’t record what I was up to I would easily forget. 2 372 mots de plus