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Barbara Kohl Joins National Association of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service Executive Advisory Board

PITTSBURGH/August 21, 2017 (PRN)(StlRealEstate.News) — Chief Operating Officer of West Penn Multi-List, Inc., Barbara Kohl, has been nominated to serve on the National Association of Realtors® Multiple Listing Service (NAR MLS) Executive Advisory …

The Edge of Destruction

From his own people the Doctor has fled,
Kidnapped some teachers, aimed a rock at a head,
Conned his way onto the Dalek wastelands,
But centre stage this week it’s Sue-Scissorhands. 1 669 mots de plus

Doctor Who

14 - The Daleks

Universally recognised as the story that transformed Doctor Who into a nationwide hit, The Daleks is much, much more than a mere introduction story to the alien race that would go on to become the Doctor’s deadliest enemies. 599 mots de plus

Episode Ranking


3/5th’s of Barbara

  • 20 Pull–ups
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 40 Situps
  • 50 Squats
  • 3 Minutes of Rest

Round 1 = 4:18 / Round 2 = 5:40 / Round 3 = 6:35



Cinnamon, Danielle's second guide dog in training.

Today I had the chance to meet with an amazing woman, Danielle Slover, and her four legged friend, Barbara. 1 050 mots de plus

Writing Challenges: Helpful Trick or Gimmicky Shtick?

There are few literary figures who I relate to more than Dorothy Parker. Dorothy Parker, famous for her dark eyes and darker humor, was the literary version of your fun, drunk aunt who would answer your teenage questions honestly when asked. 1 426 mots de plus


Barbara Sinatra, wife of Frank Sinatra, dead at 90

Barbara Sinatra, the wife of late-singer Frank Sinatra, died Tuesday morning at her Rancho Mirage, California, home, a family spokesman told Fox News. She was 90. 49 mots de plus