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Money Matters with Barbara Engle

Welcome to my blog page! I am excited and eager to share some excellent ideas with you! By now, most of my friends and family are aware that I made a choice to become a financial professional with The Solomon Group Financial Services based in Austin, Texas. 170 mots de plus

The long, winding road to Bududa

I am here in Bududa – safe, sound and happy to be back.  My journey was uneventful. I felt blessed to have two seats to myself on the first leg of the journey from Washington, D.C., then on to Kigale, Rwanda. 508 mots de plus

Bududa Impressions

'Always Open: Beyonce shits?' review/ my obsession with RT podcasts.

I’ve always been a big fan of Rooster Teeth; like genuinely ever since i can remember liking internet things, RT has been a strong pillar of my enjoyment; and from my Ray William Johnson days to my ‘KSI/Syndicate’ phase that i’d rather burn memories of; to the present day where British vloggers and comedians fill my inbox more than anything, Rooster Teeth is genuinely still there. 939 mots de plus