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Please support my production company!

Earlier this year, I quit my full time job to pursue freelance writing, performing, producing and directing full time. It’s going well! But being able to support myself (which I do) and being able to pay my collaborators, take creative risks, go on tour and record an album? 264 mots de plus

I Talk A Lot

Why the BBC should animate ... Marco Polo

In my second of three proposals for Doctor Who missing episodes the BBC ought to animate, I am completely changing tack to my previous proposal… 421 mots de plus

First Doctor

Through A Glass Darkly, Book Review

I’ll admit I was intimidated by the sheer weight of this book. At 743 pages, a hardcover book could easily become an injury waiting to happen… especially if you’re reading in bed. 198 mots de plus

Book Review

Is it possible? A Female Joker?

If you haven’t watched the last two episodes of Gotham stop now.  Seriously stop reading.  There are heavy duty spoilers ahead.  Why are you still here?  753 mots de plus


Santa Barbara Symphony Plays Gershwin's Porgy and Bess

Few works by American composers have enjoyed the life of George and Ira Gershwin’s symphony Porgy and Bess, according to the Santa Barbara Independent. 

Controversial from the moment it premiered in 1935, the symphony based on African-American themes and is set on Catfish Row, a poor district of Charleston, South Carolina. 214 mots de plus


Raggedy Ann and Andy

Barbara and the ladies at her church have been hard at work making quilts.  If I understand it correctly, they either raffle or auction them off to make money for their church.  219 mots de plus

Customer Quilts

Roteiro Técnico - Jundiaí SP

O roteiro visa proporcionar ao turista um breve conhecimento histórico de Jundiaí e região, desde a chegada dos primeiros moradores até a cidade atual, moderna e cheia de oportunidades. 254 mots de plus