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Harper's Bazaar UK Earth, Wind and Fire

  • Regan Cameron – Photographer
  • Miranda Almond – Fashion Editor/Stylist
  • Chi Wong – Hair Stylist
  • Polly Osmond – Makeup Artist
  • Megan McCluskie – Casting Director
  • Sabrina Gayle – Manicurist
  • Barbara Palvin – Model

Downtown Needles, CA: Walking Coast 2 Coast.

Downtown Needles, CA: Walking Coast 2 Coast.

A journey from coast to coast across the United States of America, Pastor Walter “Chick” McGill and his wife Barbara are walking across San Bernardino County, California well giving spiritual hope and prays to the many communities along the way; praying for their community and giving hope and inspiration to people that if you work are and not give up, you can do anything. 643 mots de plus

2015-03-19 Thursday: Barbara

5 rounds for time:
• 20 pullups
• 30 pushups
• 40 GHD situps
• 50 squats
• rest 3 minutes between rounds

SK – 34:38 (4:22, 4:29, 4:32, 4:38, 4:37) 6 mots de plus


The Dalek Invasion of Earth

‘We are the Masters of Earth!’


21 November – 26 December 1964

The Memory Cheats

Again my first brush with this story was the movie version. 2 537 mots de plus


Planet of Giants

‘I admit it’s all a bit haphazard, but it seems to have some kind of a pattern about it, and this pattern suggests to me that there’s a brain with a purpose behind it all,’ 1 164 mots de plus