Étiquettes » Barbara

Episode 017 - "The Wall of Lies"

Well, here we are, halfway through our Chinese journey. Which isn’t the same as Chinese Journey. Which, if it doesn’t exist, it should.

So TARDIS Team Six stages a daring midday raid to rescue Barbara from the Assassins, there’s some political machinations, and Tegana continues to be a dick. 80 mots de plus


Jenelle Evans to Mom Barbara: Give My Son Back!!

Due to her most dishonorable past, Jenelle Evans gave up custody of her son Jace, 6, to her mother Barbara years ago. 
But now that she’s cleaned up her act, Jenelle is making it clear: she wants him back. 13 mots de plus

Episode 016 - "Five Hundred Eyes"

The previous episode lied to me! « Five Hundred Eyes », indeed! I feel as betrayed as Marco probably will be the end of this. That Tegana! 158 mots de plus



The sun was catching on the glass bottle with the Cutty Sark model. Mrs Taylor, he was pleased to note, had dusted the ornaments beautifully this week, and the mantelpiece they were displayed on. 402 mots de plus


Episode 015 - "The Singing Sands"

Our educational jaunt continues, as we learn about the phrase, « check mate », discover that deserts are hot, and find that, shockingly, people need water to live! 100 mots de plus


Dalek stories ranked: #24 "The Chase"

The Daleks are possibly the most feared creatures in the universe.  They have destroyed countless planets and races, and even survived their own extermination during the Last Great Time War. 1 024 mots de plus


Episode 014 - "The Roof of the World"

And so behind a story which, in one episode, contains more Chinese characters than the entirety of Firefly. This is also episode number fourteen, which is one more than that other series. 218 mots de plus