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It's less than 20C! Break out the cocoa & the knitwear!

Sarita! It’s been below 20C for the last week! Translation: Sydney autumn has finally arrived! Also, this means that D and Youngling are tearing the house apart looking for all the knitwear. 359 mots de plus



Look what happens when I get a hold of a vat of coffee! I start thinking lace socks are a good idea!

This yarn is so lovely though… And has such great stitch definition.. 425 mots de plus


Om nom nom dessert pizza!

Hey Girl!

Remember when we were just teens? We LOVED cooking and trying new recipes. Youngling has never shown as much enthusiasm as we did about science in the kitchen, but that’s never been an issue. 501 mots de plus


It’s not all about work! – We took our overseas teachers on an amazing urban experience | Barbara

Do you feel alone when freshly moved to another city or country?

Our International team managers at Prospero Teaching understand your situation.

This time, our overseas teachers had been taken to discover some amazing street art in the trendy Shoreditch area. 71 mots de plus

See, I wasn't BSing about the stars ;)

My dearest Crazy Librarian,

How are you going? I hope this week is treating you and yours better than the previous few have been. Our family is still keeping you and your beau in our thoughts and are sending warm hugs and supportive thoughts your way every day. 372 mots de plus


Ben Nicholson

Nicholson’s work can be related to the concept of ‘constructivism’ which was initially influenced by Picasso’s cubist style and eventually grew to reflect the growing industrial world. 151 mots de plus

Book Review - Doctor Who: Here There Be Monsters

  • Title: Here There Be Monsters
  • Series: Doctor Who Companion Chronicles
  • Author: Andy Lane
  • Director: Lisa Bowerman
  • Characters: Susan, First Doctor, Barbara, Ian, First Mate
  • Cast: Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Stephen Hancock (The First Mate)
  • 1 296 mots de plus