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KO'AN CENTER #plasticsurgery

KO’AN Center features state of the art products and services customized to the clients skincare needs with integrated aesthetic medicine to enhance your beauty regimen.  On June 25th guests we’re invited to take part in the ribbon cutting of KO’AN remodeling. 150 mots de plus

Beachie Beauty Lift

Biking to Work: a review of "Barbara" (2012)

Some films are squirt guns that shoot something onto the front of your viewfinder and distress you.  These are the unsubtle ones.  Others are a body of water like a lake or pond that you can wade into, or a summer shower that spreads over you.   558 mots de plus

John Ciecka

Christopher Pyett

I did say I’d show you this finished painting. Chris has experimented on this one using graphite, (pencil), gouache and water-colour.  He has now gone back to another he started of our daughter in law, Rachael. 34 mots de plus


Juliana e Maria Elisa atropelam argelinas Boucheta e Bayou em estreia e vencem com parcial de 21/0

No tênis, não é sempre que se vê um jogador vencer um set com um “pneu”, ou seja, sem que ele permita que o adversário marque um ponto sequer em um game, fechando a parcial em 6/0. 505 mots de plus


Overuse of Words

This is a subject that recently came up on Twitter. It was a fun discussion because it forces you to stop and actually be conscious of the words you use. 388 mots de plus

Thesaurus Thursday