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Lisa Mosse, 'Colouring the GDR'

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Germany has seen a surge of historical films set in the GDR. These films, commonly referred to as… 353 mots de plus

Why is Kevin’s Wife Commenting on Men in Front of Him?

Kevin’s wife has commented twice in the past week about how good looking someone is and it threw Kevin off because she’s never done it before. 114 mots de plus


Kevin and His Wife Were Grossed Out During Dinner

Kevin and his wife cashed in on that gift card his son gave him a few weeks back for his birthday.

They went Saturday night and were enjoying themselves until another couple started to do really odd but could’ve been romantic things. 99 mots de plus


Nick and Barbara of sv Val

Nick and Barbara were dropped off on Reboot by the NSW Marine Police last night. We had some adult beverages and a good pasta dinner. They then got the first decent sleep in several days….Their story has gone global. 57 mots de plus

Chicory Endeavour

I woke up one morning, in this big bare one room bachelor pad; a friend had given her the keys, you know, to water the plants and open the windows once in a while, until he would come back from abroad… It was a small but cool place to crash in, a secret space for young broke and starving lovers. 1 001 mots de plus


Barbara Palvin - #fromdaretobare @lorealskin ...

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