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The Romans

Understanding what we are watching when we view the Romans depends on a lot of context.  Here are the two most important factors to bear in mind: 1 576 mots de plus

Doctor Who

Here's the pitch: HBLB is "Amazon Coast"

“The Amazon Coast: Portal to the World,” a proposed joint project of Huntington Beach and Long Beach for the online and high tech giant’s second headquarters worth an estimated $5 billion, was announced Wednesday. 286 mots de plus

Huntington Beach

Red Flags

I ignore red flags MOST of the time.

Some guy calls his ex-wife a narcissist and I look the other way.

Another guy tells me I have a lazy eye over drinks and I laugh and make excuses. 181 mots de plus


The Rescue

Susan has gone and with her the problems she was creating for the series, which was constantly framing the Doctor as a selfish patriarch who cared little about his own granddaughter’s safety as long as he was getting to be the tourist in space in time.  1 905 mots de plus

Doctor Who