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Burn brightly in the rain,

send your rays across the field,

or sit silently, wait, and whisper

on the wandering breeze.

Set your golden lips, 18 mots de plus


Kicked around by Life

The New York Times Modern Love Facebook Page announced the College Essay winners recently–well, I just read it. And I’m thrilled for all those essay finalists and the winner. 565 mots de plus

Com personagem escrito para ela, Ana Rios integra novamente o elenco de "Malhação"

Ana Rios está empolgada por integrar o elenco de « Malhação » pela segunda vez. Quando teve a primeira oportunidade de participar do folhetim, a atriz viveu a jovem universitária Elisa, que apareceu na história para atrapalhar o casal Bruno e Fatinha, vivido por Rodrigo Simas e Juliana Paiva. 656 mots de plus


It's All Greek to Me

Winners: Barbara and Carol

It was another night of screwball questions. Starting with 10 photos of mostly obscure golfers that even the Driver, our designated golf groupie, had trouble identifying. 351 mots de plus

Illinois peeps, check out - U.S. Investigates Possible Misconduct in Chicago Public Schools

Local news media reported that the inquiry related to a no-bid contract that was awarded to a former employer of the school system’s chief executive.. via NYT U.S. 6 mots de plus


Whale Watching

Sunday, I took to the seas with my friends Barbara and Elissa to go whale watching.

I’ve gone whale watching in the past without success. In fact, one time in college I went whale watching with my entire Ecology class during a storm and the seas were so violent nearly half the class was puking into buckets below deck. 274 mots de plus