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Le Premier Mai - La Fête du Travail - La Fête du Muguet | Barbara

A song, a little bit of history and a craft.  Just enough to fill an hour with Years 3 and 4.

I asked them about why we were having an extra day’s holiday.  97 mots de plus

So I met Joe

Joe is handsome and funny.

Not exactly the tallest guy I’ve ever met, but still can hold his own in a showdown with me in 4” heels. 183 mots de plus


Fabuleux Restaurante

I want to have a restaurant because it can be a profoundly satisfying and exciting way to make a living. Everybody eats, yet styles of foods are as varied as the ethnic diversity and individual personalities. 160 mots de plus

School Purposes

Barbara, Still a Weakness

We went in earlier, at 10, for a Sunday due to the holiday. I drank this sample of a women’s elite pre-workout on the drive. 206 mots de plus


Intuition, inference and Inside the Spaceship (1964)

In the info text on the DVD for this story, it says that writer David Whitaker, in a desperate attempt to fill a two episode gap in… 1 251 mots de plus