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Herzorgasmus. Das war immer mein Wort. Mein Gefühl. Mein Blog. Im Laufe der Zeit wurde er zur Bühne meiner grossen Liebe und da diese irritiert oder gar verletzt war als sie seinerzeit lesen musste, was mir vor ihr Herzorgasmen verschafft hatte, habe ich meinen Blog von allem befreit, was nichts mit ihr und uns zu tun hatte. 378 mots de plus


Conscience, camaraderie and The Reign of Terror (1964)

It didn’t take long for Doctor Who to wind up in the French Revolution, a mere eight stories in. Although the show was eager to get there, it proves an uninspiring destination for the fledgling series. 1 191 mots de plus

Santa Barbara Farmer's Market

I love farmers markets, so any time I can check one out I have to. The beautiful colors and fresh, local produce are captivating. Here I have some photos from the one I saw in Santa Barbara.


Oh! Na-tu-raal!

Ben would become obsessed with this nest over the course of the spring. Anytime we ran a mission in Barnegat Bay, we’d wind up stopping by the snag on the ride home just to take a peek. 768 mots de plus


Barbara & Warren Wedding Dance & Guests Dancing Hawkesbury Wedding DJ MC Private Residence Kurrajo

Barbara and Warren during their very first dance on their wedding and Visitors dancing at the wedding held at a personal home in Kurrajong, Hawkesbury. 25 mots de plus

Tour de F...What?!?


This year I have decided to participate in the Tour de Fleece. (no that wasn’t’ a typo, I did not mean France in this instance.) I heard about this event last year, but sadly it was several months AFTER the tour had ended, so I couldn’t participate. 483 mots de plus