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The Reign of Terror

‘Our destiny is in the stars, so let’s go and search for it…

The Doctor.

8 August  – 12 September 1964

The Memory Cheats… 1 443 mots de plus


Elings Park Downhill

Elings Park is a public park on the Mesa.  It is a popular spot for many sports, such as hang gliding, baseball, and mountain biking.  There is an open area on the top with some mellow cross-country trails, with some more challenging trails going down the sides of the park. 168 mots de plus


Night ride

This Tuesday I went on a night ride at Jesusita with a friend of mine.  Jesusita is a popular hiking and biking trail in the Santa Barbara foothills, and is known for its lookout point called Inspiration point.   221 mots de plus


Illinois peeps, check out - Today in Politics

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference provides a big stage for Republican hopefuls a year before presidential primary season.. via NYT false


"Cuddle selfies"

This picture isn’t from today, but I had to post it. I had to share with everyone how our « cuddle selfies » make me feel. 161 mots de plus

Dawson’s Creek Revisited: Season 3, Episode 22 – The Anti-Prom

Opening scene, Joey and Dawson are walking home together and Joey’s complaining about finals. Both are acting all normal-like, as though they both don’t know Joey wants in Pacey’s pants. 2 397 mots de plus

Season 3