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Morning at the Harbor and Kaiwo Maru

I went down to the harbor to watch the arrival of Kaiwo Maru.

Workers repairing Pier 8:

Naina headed out:

The observation area of Aloha Tower provides good views. 115 mots de plus

Moshulu (1904)!

One reason for visiting Philly was to have a look at another one of the five remaining Clydebuilt sailing ships, Moshulu (ex-Kurt).

For an account of her re-rigging, check out Jamie White’s site: … 542 mots de plus


With Peking set to return to Hamburg later this year, I thought it would be a good time to see her while she was still in New York and open to the public. 163 mots de plus

statsraad lehmkuhl

woke up in the morning and see her out of the window.
built in 1914. sister ship to our polish dar pomorza. both made in the german empire.