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Sunset on a barque

Felt pen and Ink on Paper

14 x 10 cm



The Path

The path is always difficult and steep,
burdened by the weight of knowledge.

We are banished from a state
of blissful ignorance.

We are driven to make our way… 21 mots de plus


No.75 and Diary of the War No.7: Andromeda

One hundred years ago, on 13 February 1915, the English steel barque Andromeda struck the rocks while inbound for Falmouth, en route to London, with 3,000 tons of grain from Oregon. 409 mots de plus


Busy Sunny Sunday

There was a lot of ship traffic in the harbor today. The weather was brilliant, so it was a great day to get some nice shots. 124 mots de plus

Brilliant Friday Morning

Beautiful weather and a sailing ship. What a splendid way to end the week!

I was given the okay to tag along on board Foss’ tug Mamo for the arrival of Nippon Maru. 119 mots de plus

The Frail family (Camberwell and Sunderland)

My mum’s surname was Frail. It is a nuisance item for family history because it is often mis-transcribed as ‘Trail'; and it is also a nuisance in the Google department because it is a real word, and newspapers quite like it in headlines as it has only five characters. 3 646 mots de plus

Christmas BBQ at Barque

With less than 10 days before Christmas those of us who aren’t Toronto natives have begun to plan our yearly exodus from the city back to our hometowns. 703 mots de plus