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La barque du Soleil

Et nous, dans la barque nocturne du Soleil
Suant de mille joies
Arasons le roulis de vaines nostalgies

Et sous l’ombre du monde ensemble dérivons… 105 mots de plus


UK Tour Alert - Oathbreaker

Coming off of the back of their excellent, and well received 2016 release Rheia, Oathbreaker are playing a few dates in the United Kingdom in early 2017. 131 mots de plus


Free Music Friday: Barque - Coffin Cutters

France’s Barque delivers a brand of post-hardcore that blends the stylings of Will Haven with the heavy/mathiness of Coalesce. I haven’t heard a ton of heavy records this year that have peaked my interest, but Coffin Cutters did! 46 mots de plus

New Music

Barque - Coffin Cutters [EP Review]

I can’t say that I have ever really listened to much in the way of « Dark Hardcore », I find that I zone out too easily when listening to more dredge-along music, that feels more about being heavy for the sake of it, but bands like Barque seem to put up a divide, adding more of a shine into the music, albeit a shine in what is still pretty fucking dark. 255 mots de plus


The Republik Sails to the Republic

November 12th was the day of departure from Bremerhaven, Germany of the Republik, a ship full of German Lutherans who were looking for a new start in America.  313 mots de plus

BARQUE designer Gilbert Chen brings his background in architecture to menswear


Founder and Designer of BARQUE, New York City

Why I love him: When menswear can seem formulaic and uninteresting, Gilbert brings something extra to the table. 878 mots de plus