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Sailing round the Horn in 'Mizpah'

With an Ebay description like the one below, it was fairly easy to identify that there was a good story associated with this telescope:

« A mid 19th Century English single draw brass and leather telescope, that belonged to Captain B.W. 1 138 mots de plus

Sailing Ship Use

Nippon Maru

I took the morning off from work to watch the arrival of Nippon Maru. I got to the harbor shortly after sunrise. I love the light at that time of day. 81 mots de plus

Butcher Bar

This spot opened up recently on my street and is the ‘small plates & bar’ version of big sister Barque. I ate with three ladies and did not have a single complaint about the food. 137 mots de plus

Restaurant Reviews

Marseille barquette - Voiles latines

The ‘barquette marseillaise’ is a traditional boat used along the mediterranean coast for inshore fishing. Between four and nine metres long, the hull is pointed at both ends, giving rise to the boats being nicknamed ‘pointus’ by the fishermen of Nice and Toulon. 61 mots de plus