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Čar terena za basket

„Previše slučajnosti na jednom mestu“, kažemo gotovo u glas moj drug iz osnovne škole i ja dok stojimo pored terena za basket na kome je on basket igrao, a ja ga, sa ostatkom društva, posmatrala sa tribina. 460 mots de plus

Mislim, Dakle Jesam

Crochet Work Basket

Crochet Work Basket.

I love it, I get so much pleasure from putting away my latest project in it’s special work basket.

It was hard work on my wrists using yarn this thick, well cotton actually, but it was worth it. 136 mots de plus

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April 18th, 2018

April 18th

4:30 p

just sitting in the living room zoning out. Barbara Bush. refusing more treatment. COPD. must have wanted to put her on a respirator. 74 mots de plus


In need of some knitting

I haven’t been knitting much lately. To be honest, I haven’t hold my knitting needles for over a month now. With the birth of my demanding baby girl number two, my time for crafting became very, very limited. 175 mots de plus

Game 1 of the First Round of the NBA Playoff Recap!

In this weekend we had a taste of what we will be expecting to see in the next few months of great basketball.

On Saturday and on Sunday the teams that after the regular season have reached the Playoffs were competing to win their first game of the first round. 809 mots de plus


2018 April Card Class

What happened to our Spring??? At least we’ll be doing cards that will remind us what spring is supposed to look like! We’ll be doing a Mother’s Day card, which can also be a birthday card and we’ll also be using the Waterfront set to make a sympathy card. 42 mots de plus

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