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Does the recipient need to be at home/work to accept the delivery when it arrives?

Yes, otherwise the driver will need to decide amongst the following best options:

  • Leave it at the door if the weather and location is suitable…
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My Basket of Grief

I can’t go on being strong;
Life’s music, no longer a sweet song.
I am gripped with grief
and wish to wither like a leaf. 359 mots de plus


How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You?

The people at the First U.P. Church of Crafton Heights are spending much of 2017-2018 in an exploration of the Gospel of Mark. On June 17, we considered a curiosity – Mark narrates the feeding of the 4,000 just after he tells us about the feeding of the 5,000.   2 073 mots de plus


Bathroom Cabinet Organization

You use it every morning and every evening, yet it is probably an overlooked area that you don’t think about decluttering and organizing. Today we are tackling the bathroom medicine cabinet. 429 mots de plus


New Pattern To Spiff Up Your Shelves!!!

The Perfect Shelf Container!!!

This is the perfect shelf sitting basket. It’s short and wide to fit lots of goodies.

The two-tone color combination can be personalized to your decor, and the decorative edging finishes the look. 46 mots de plus


El deporte

Los deportes son ejercicios que una persona hace para estar en forma. Hay muchos tipos de deportes… Puedes escoger el que, mas te guste o se te de mejor! 51 mots de plus