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Mommy is cleaning today, throwing out everything that sits around just waiting for us to knock it off the counter into the gaping jaws of the destructive dog. 17 mots de plus


Chapter 7 - Basket

Di Kampus, aku termasuk salah satu mahasiswa populer. Banyak mahasiswi yang dekat denganku mulai dari yang seangkatan sampai angkatan di atasku. Tapi sayangnya aku tak bisa mendapatkan hati pujaanku. 229 mots de plus

Love Story

Best Bike

« Aw how come you got the bike with the basket on the front? I call dibs on it for next time! »

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Spring Is In The Air

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Our First Easter Egg Hunt

I cant tell you why, but my first year as a parent I was overly worried about messing holidays up. Looking back on this it seems extra silly, since the first year of being a parent, the only ones who will remember what you did is the two of you :) 299 mots de plus