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On a beautiful fall night, I heard my name called out. I didn’t answer the first time but looked harder when I heard my full… 1 582 mots de plus


Week one is the hardest

Judge not yet lest ye be judged

I live my life by that code. Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt and I wait to make that call on someone’s character after I’ve seen them 7 or 8 times. 952 mots de plus


Hooping on the Jersey Shore

I LOVE getting up early and going down to a beach when I have the opportunity.  Last week, I did, since I was at annual gathering of friends in… 201 mots de plus


Golf claps

Ever notice how the audience on the green with golfers clap reallllly softly? I know my snarky friends will say it when they’re mildly  entertained or feel the need to be sarcastic. 482 mots de plus



I’ve never poached someone’s significant other and if I came across men/women who clearly stated that their relationship was « on a break » or they were freshly out of a long-term commitment, I dropped them immediately. 2 300 mots de plus


Where you should be are the voices of many expressing discontent. I understand that the emptiness is apathy and I welcome it: to neither expend energy loving or hating you, to caring less and less about your welfare. 574 mots de plus

Beck- "Up All Night"

Easy, breezy, Beck. Not really two adjectives that you’d expect to be attached to the chameleonic artist, but alas. « Up All Night, » from the  181 mots de plus