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Your mommy issues

From a dead sleep, I wake up and know the « mommy » issues you projected on me have nothing to do with me. Though, you should probably get that checked out in light of your attraction to much older women. 2 009 mots de plus


Glen Beck Called Out: Update

I published a post last week about Glenn Beck accusing a man cleared by the government of funding the Boston Bombing. He alleged that the government had labelled 20-year-old Abdulrahman Alharbi as a « proven terrorist » who funded the operation. 234 mots de plus

Daily News

It's amazing

Fear not me and not my wrath but the power I wield
a power that abides by my thoughts, feelings and needsIt’s not God though it does come damn close… 547 mots de plus


Running Song #7

Beck – Wow

Warm up / Mile 1. Your run will be like WOW. Giddy up.

Lyric Video


True love is letting go, love

Watching him now and knowing that was me a decade ago makes the truth I found, that will be the same truth he will discover, a terrible moment. 1 123 mots de plus


Long-Nose-Hiccups-Pants-on-Fire: Kdrama Pinocchio's media redemption fairytale.

What is a journalist?

Pinocchio, a Korean TV drama from 2014-15, seeks to answer this question. It follows the story of a boy whose family has been irrevocably wronged by reporters, and a girl who has an unusual syndrome called “Pinocchio” syndrome. 4 663 mots de plus

Turn it off

And now, folks, Trump TV

I have no doubt this is true, given Trump’s considerable history (detailed in the article) of launching businesses at the wrong time, and having them fail.   514 mots de plus

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