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Review: Colors by Beck

Beck is done reinventing himself; his career has run long enough that it seems he has explored every sound he can explore. His sense of adventurousness now lies in how he easily oscillates from one mode to another, between albums, although in recent releases it hasn’t felt as crafty, rather feeling a bit perfunctory. 151 mots de plus

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Music to Your Ears: Pink, St. Vincent, Robert Plant, and Stars

It’s been a strange week as it’s cooled down – baseball is winding down, hockey is warming up. I didn’t really feel like writing anything about basketball because, frankly, I’m no expert in the sport. 1 212 mots de plus


What I'm Listening To - "Colors" By Beck

My relationship with Beck’s music has been pretty casualI really like and have downloaded a lot of his notable singles (« Loser, » « E-Pro, » « Devil’s Haircut, » « Nausea » & « Blue Moon, » to name a few) and some lesser known ones (« I Just Started Hating Some People Today, » « I’m Down »). 623 mots de plus

Beck - Up All Night (2017)


Last month, Beck released ‘Up All Night’ his new single from his new LP, Colors.  “Just wanna stay up all night with you / There’s nothing that I wouldn’t rather do”. 16 mots de plus


[KROQ THIS WEEK] Locals Only Sunset Series, KROQ Beer Fest, Hamer Toyota, Oktoberfest + MORE!

Wednesday 10/18:

Two different shows in 1 night! We’ll be checking out Beck at Ford Theatres and hanging out at the Hollywood Bowl for the final night of Depeche Mode! 342 mots de plus


Album Review: Beck - Colors

By Kieran Cannon (@kiercannon)

Ever since exploding into public consciousness with the sardonic slacker anthem Loser in 1994, Beck has established himself as one of music’s most notorious shapeshifters. 801 mots de plus


Beck - Room 302 (TV/DVD review)

Room 302 is episode 27 of the Beck series, but in many ways it marks a new direction for Stockholm’s favourite grumpy detective. New writers, a new – less space-age – set, new members of the team and a gorgeous but somewhat anonymous title sequence, tell us that there’s plenty of road left to run. 612 mots de plus