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Velocibox REVIEW

I’m not one who gets easily discouraged by a game, so long as it’s goals are attainable. I love games that encourage another attempt upon failure rather than actively remind you of the mistake made. 618 mots de plus


Got a Case of The Mondays? Here's Monday Night's Hidden Gem Albums

M. Ward’s Hold Time holds some sort of hidden gem and continues to help me relax and gel on this less than stellar Monday night, hopefully it does for you as well. 118 mots de plus

Indie Music

10 Songs From America In The 1990s

Britpop partly came about as a rebellion against American rock. We sucked it up here, but strangely Britpop didn’t export well across the Atlantic. It’s funny now to think that the likes of Menswear, Cast and Sleeper were necessary as an alternative to any of the following songs from US bands. 793 mots de plus

Playlist for March 09, 2015

This episode starts off with the first set dedicated to the music in P.T. Anderson’s latest flick, Inherent Vice, a film adaptation of the Thomas Pynchon novel. 247 mots de plus


The Chemical Brothers - Born in the Echoes

Once thought of as leaders of electronic music in the United Kingdom along with acts such as The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers… 606 mots de plus


Scott Pilgrims back for the score

Not a bootleg, live recording or anything of the kind, this is a back cover for the official ‘blue’ soundtrack (Nigel Godrich score). As far as I could find this is only available in mp3 format and, unless I missed something, didn’t come with anything like a back cover for those who like to copy to CD. So I made one

Back Cover