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Review - Midnite Vultures

Let’s kick off this program with one of my favorite albums: Midnite Vultures by Beck.

Beck is an enigma, able to transcend genre conventions and change his tune every album like a 90’s David Bowie. 954 mots de plus


I'm A Loser Baby So Why Don't You Kill Me

Work was unbearable yesterday. My day job seemed to last no less than thirteen hours before I was able to clock out and head home. It took three hours for my water to boil so I could make some macaroni and cheese for dinner. 1 018 mots de plus


Photos: Beck Kicks Off His Summer Tour at Milwaukee's Riverside Theater


After performing a couple shows earlier this summer, Beck kicked off his summer tour in Milwaukee, WI tonight at the city’s beautiful… 137 mots de plus



So a couple of days ago I wrote about Baby Driver. I really liked it, but had some gripes.

But since then I’ve been listening to the soundtrack (which I still love because frankly you’d be a monster to not enjoy such a smooth mix of classic funk and soul amongst other gems) a lot, which, in turn, has got me thinking about the film even more. 538 mots de plus

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