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This will be quick.


He was brilliant.

Talented beyond normal amounts of talent.

He lived his life. And now he’s gone.

His legacy is being poured out by those all around me. 296 mots de plus

Tegan And Sara announce 2016 North American tour

By: Staff –

In support of their highly anticipated forthcoming album, Love You to Death, (out June 3 on Warner Bros. Records), Tegan and Sara will hit the road this fall for a North American headlining tour. 486 mots de plus


Prince: un rebelde que inspiró a generaciones

El impredecible, icónico e irremplazable Prince se nos fue de manera estrepitosa, sin aviso. Todos estamos hablando del popular artista, quien a sus 57 años vivió una vida muy peculiar, con altos y bajos, pero siempre imponiendo su visión artística y musical. 728 mots de plus


Scugdale Beck

Scugdale takes its name from the Danish skygger meaning to overshadow, referring  to the sheltered nature of the dale.

And the waters of the beck that flows down the dale must have some mysterious properties, for it was in this secluded valley that Harry Cooper was brought up.  43 mots de plus

North York Moors


Well…..that could have been a headline you might well have read when this single was released in mid 1996.

It was a time when the mania and hype around Oasis was at its most ferocious with Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger having dominated the singles charts like no others in many a long time. 235 mots de plus