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I'm a loser, baby. 

Yes, everyone, it’s true. I am a loser. I started this fat girl project a few years ago with certain goals in mind. I wanted to let people know the mindset involved with being overweight. 678 mots de plus

Yes, I lied. I'm coming clean.

Oh, Beyonce. I do love her, but she gets it in the neck so much. This week it’s via the Beck vs Bey meme, which goes thus: 284 mots de plus

Flash Fiction

Dom Listens to Music: Beck - Morning Phase

This was necessary. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who issued an audible “What?!” when Beck not only won Best Rock Album at the Grammys, but Album Of The Year over the likes of Beyonce, Pharrell, and Ed Sheeran in a very tough category. 692 mots de plus


Wine: Eternal In Our Minds, Not On Our Shelves

I had a customer come in the other day looking for a bottle of Ridge Monte Bello. The thing is, he didn’t just want any old bottle. 32 mots de plus

Case Solution for Global Sources Ltd.: The Evolution of B2B

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Global Sources Ltd.: The Evolution of B2B

Authors :           Allen Morrison, Tom Gleave, John C. Beck… 283 mots de plus

Case redirects to Kanye West's Wiki page

As of this morning, you can type in the URL « »…

And it will redirect to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page. This is not a drill. 82 mots de plus