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Kanye, wherefore art thou, Kanye?!?

Hey, buddy. Where are you? I’m super concerned because I usually count on you to ruin T.Swift or Beck or other nondescript white people having a good time at an award show but you really dropped the ball! 70 mots de plus

West Lets Beck Finish, Almost.

Kanye West mouth has ruined his art.

The first time I remember Kanye making news, not involving his work was 2005-ish. NBC aired a benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina relief. 1 444 mots de plus


I hate me, part 530,602

There was an in store performance at work (Jesse Malin) it was loud and pretty hectic, I was a little frantic. A middle aged woman came up to the back counter… 72 mots de plus

I Hate Me Review of 'That's Your Wife...'

Johnny Dowd – That’s Your Wife On The Back Of My Horse
-Phillip De Cleen  2015/03/26

Voor een stevige oplawaai van weerbarstige alt country en americana noir ben je bij Johnny Dowd aan het goede adres. 1 014 mots de plus


why did you make me care?

Why Did You Make Me Care?

Beck Song Reader  –  Performed by Hey Ocean!

Why did you make me care?
Make me want you there? 133 mots de plus