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Beck Diet Solution: Day 1

Note: This post may be triggering to individuals who have struggled with eating disorders.

Day 1: Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

The first task Dr. 529 mots de plus

Mental Health

Weight Loss meets Psychology: "The Beck Diet Solution"

Full disclosure: I’ve struggled with my weight since college. I was thin as a teenager, and never thought I would be one of those people who gained “The Freshman 15”–but it happened to me. 379 mots de plus

Mental Health

Was it?

The repeat dream on Wednesday (? euphoria has muddied the date for me, but I definitely know it was mid-week) was ever realistic: another gentle Beck-infused one. 272 mots de plus


Aysgarth Force!

Volunteer archivist Ian Gregory discovers another contemplative image in the glass plate negative collection:

We have amongst our many slides at Buxton Museum, an image of a low waterfall in a wooded setting. 220 mots de plus

Social History

Valentine's Day Jams

New playlist time and this is a Valentine’s Day special which makes me worry it will turn out like a bad soundtrack to a Zach Braff movie (ha) but I carry on in the hopes it won’t. 111 mots de plus

Pale Moonlight

These posts start to mean nothing to me after a while, I do so much of them. The pristine ocean of consciousness that punctuates every mind starts to be my main mode of transportation so that I follow the rules in an unwavering fashion, but paying special attention to the moon and the tides. 647 mots de plus

February 12 • 22 • 10 songs on shuffle

Sorry for the late post! Sadly, I imagine it will be the same situation tomorrow. Stressful times at the moment! ☺

  1. Groupie Love- Lana Del Rey…
  2. 41 mots de plus