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Breaking Up is Hard to Do on Facebook

Yesterday, rather than working, I spent the day on Dave’s Facebook page, and ended up working all night. I’m exhausted, but I know that Dave ate at Terroni on Thursday, and really, that’s all that counts. 536 mots de plus


I Hate Radiohead

By Devon Hannah, Features Editor

Do you ever have those bands that you groundlessly hate? Bands that just get under your skin for no clear and justifiable reason? 644 mots de plus


The night I met Drew Jagger, he’d just broken into my new Park Avenue office.
I dialed 9-1-1 before proceeding to attack him with my fancy new Krav Maga skills. 430 mots de plus


Confirmed: Four new Beck films in the pipeline

Even though the last episode we saw – The Last Day – pointed to Martin Beck’s retirement, rumours began to circulate that that episode wouldn’t mean the end of the titular Swedish copper. 262 mots de plus


16th January 2017

Jean-Pierre Ferland – Le Chat du Café des Artistes
Language – French

Well, this track is one of my favourites on the Charlotte Gainsbourg album ‘IRM’, yet I hadn’t realised it was a cover. 124 mots de plus


*Written 1/3/2017 when it was one of those infrequent days I could convince myself and my heart that it’s okay we’re not together today…maybe another lifetime when he’s stronger and more confident and I have the patience, nay, the strength to wait without knowing what’s in store. 397 mots de plus


A hipster's letter to Kayne

(Jude writes a mini-column and submits it to his editor at the Hip Page) Dear Kayne, You have really done it now Kayne. When you “fake” interrupted Beck’s acceptance speech at the Grammy’s, you did something that you probably didn’t realize.

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