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The Inns and Outs of Tourist Accommodations

On Thursday November 17 the City of Langley hosted a presentation entitled the “Inns and Outs of Tourist Accommodation”  Approximately 25 people attended the meeting with the majority being tourist accommodation operators.  77 mots de plus

Greystones Bed & Breakfast-“a hidden gem in the heart of Oban”

They call it “a hidden gem in the heart of Oban,” and, indeed, this describes Greystones Bed & Breakfast perfectly. For the lucky guest who stays here, tranquillity, exquisite décor and the warm hospitality of Suzanne and Mark Phillips await – not to mention one of the best views in Oban! 31 mots de plus


Experience A Special Bed And Breakfast Accommodation For Travelling Comfortably

There is a high requirement of bed and breakfast accommodation in the UK and most of the tourists are looking for a classy accommodation in different tourist spots. 422 mots de plus

Bed & Breakfast Landford

Book Review: Living In Italy: The Real Deal by Stef Smulders

If you have not figured it out yet, I love ALL things Italian and it is not just because I am Italian…LOL  I was once again honored by an author, Stef Smulders, asking me if I would mind reading his book Living In Italy: The Real Deal and providing a review for it.  508 mots de plus


Albuquerque's Best - The Mauger Estate B&B

While we usually bring you great information about the city, or fabulous recipes, or outstanding accommodations and service, today we bring you an historic recap of one of the city’s finest bed and breakfasts.  401 mots de plus

Bed & Breakfast

Top 5 Hidden Gems of Tagaytay For The Foodie In You

When it comes to concocting your eating out adventure in the cold and cozy place of Tagaytay, we are sure that the most popular ones won’t be out of your list such as Bag of Beans, Sonya’s Garden or any Bulalohan right in every corner.   777 mots de plus



Le Logis du Paradis is a lovely old classic Charentais property from 1712,former cognac estate. It is near a small river and in the midst of the vines of the Grande Champagne Cognac region. 300 mots de plus