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Top 5 Hidden Gems of Tagaytay For The Foodie In You

When it comes to concocting your eating out adventure in the cold and cozy place of Tagaytay, we are sure that the most popular ones won’t be out of your list such as Bag of Beans, Sonya’s Garden or any Bulalohan right in every corner.   777 mots de plus



Le Logis du Paradis is a lovely old classic Charentais property from 1712,former cognac estate. It is near a small river and in the midst of the vines of the Grande Champagne Cognac region. 300 mots de plus

www.weacceptpets.co.uk Baytree House B&B, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway

Baytree House B&B is a beautiful, award winning historic townhouse situated in the historic market town on Kirkcudbright.

Baytree House B&B accepts Dogs & Small Pets; you can view this Bed & Breakfast on our website  212 mots de plus


Prini in Manali: The perfect abode for a peaceful getaway

By Manas Yadav

मनाली के मनमोहक पहाड़ों और मौसम में ३ दिन गुज़ारने के बाद भी कुछ कमी सी लग रही थी,दिल कह रहा था कि अभी दिल भरा नहीं… अंदर के घुमक्कड व्यक्तित्व को कुछ कसक सी थी,इसी कसक को दूर करने के लिए मनाली से आगे जा कर नागर होते हुए ऐलीओ(Aleo) के पास प्रीनी(prini) नामक एक छोटे लेकिन अद्भुत से गाँव में में पहुँच गए… 95 mots de plus

Bed & Breakfast

The Rainbow of Home: Vancouver Island

We lived on Vancouver Island for three months during our first year of marriage. A few years ago, my husband’s family moved to the island, planted some palm trees in their front yard, opened up a bed and breakfast and called it home. 1 131 mots de plus

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It’s a Fun and Festive Fall in Albuquerque!

The air has turned crisp in the evenings and mornings, fall flowers are vibrant and the skies are filling with hot air balloons.

We love fall at the Mauger, and Albuquerque has much to entertain, from the State Fair to the Duke City Marathon, there is something for everyone. 344 mots de plus

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