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Life's What You Make It, And Today We Chose The Best B&B

If the phrase, « life’s what you make it » didn’t mean anything to me before, it sure as heck does now. I am simple a girl working on the balance of a healthy and happy life. 530 mots de plus


One swallow does a spring make...

Uncannily, today (17th April) and on the same date last year and previous years, the first scout swallow has returned, swooping overhead at 3pm! It must mean our good friend ‘Miss Spring’ has moved in and paid a deposit…. 20 mots de plus

How does s455 tax apply to Directors Loans? what if you 'bed and breakfast' the loan?

Directors (participators in a closed company) often borrow money from their companies with the intention of paying a dividend to repay the loan.

If the loan is outstanding more than 9 months after the company year end, then an extra 25% corporation tax charge is due, this is the s455 tax which is refunded when the loan is repaid as explained in this blog… 190 mots de plus

Bicknell Business Adviser

East Main Guest House - Quiet Calm, Great Breakfast and Personable People in the Heart of Rock Hill, SC

While today’s post isn’t precedent-breaking, it is only my second travel review (the Minnis House being the first). I recently found myself needing a place to stay in Rock Hill, South Carolina (just below Charlotte, NC). 374 mots de plus

Bed & Breakfast

Upcoming Tradeshows & Conferences April-July, 2015


Dates: Wednesday, April 1


Holiday Inn By the Bay
88 Spring Street
Portland, Maine 04101

Conference Location: 68 mots de plus