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Glenn Greenwald talks about "privacy" and "love"

At a talk held in Ottawa October 25th, Glenn Greenwald responds to audience member, Jennifer Dales’ question about privacy and love. Video by Jase Tanner for  58 mots de plus

Being Human UK

How I'm Spending My Week

As I stated in an earlier post, this week will be a bit erratic as I am attending the Television Critics Association Summer Tour (TCAs). On Sunday, I saw NBC’s offerings for the fall and got a chance to interview Lenora Crichlow from  29 mots de plus

Diva Gals

SciFi4Chicks: Saying Goodbye to BEING HUMAN

We just didn’t want to let it end, but end it did!

Dorin and Heather do a duo-cast to talk about the final episodes of… 80 mots de plus


Splintered Scenes and Being Human

(Warning: contains spoilers for both the UK and US tv shows Being Human)
I’ve been thinking about story-telling lately. Sometimes when I’m writing, a scene will come out two ways; plot-wise, both versions are identical. 1 704 mots de plus


Favorites of 2013: TV Imports, Scores, and Shows We'll Miss

Today, we’re wrapping up our favorite TV shows of 2013 with our miscellaneous categories: Imports, Scores, and Shows We’ll Miss.



{BBC One}


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Sleepy Hollow

Inside the snow globe

In Being Human, ghosts are like snow. Like embracing someone who’s just come inside on a cold day. They bring grey sky in the door, and the clean air; they etch you with frost and ice crystals, making your cheeks red and your breath into clouds. 381 mots de plus