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West Opens Doors to US Alliance with Russia

More Western Leaders Urge US-Russian Cooperation

Introduction by Quemado Institute
September 19, 2015

A US alliance with Russia would mark a positive turning point for the people of Donbass. 1 666 mots de plus

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RT: McCain & other top officials accused of illegally visiting Syria

Published time: January 06, 2015 05:47

U.S. Senator John McCain.(Reuters / Yuri Gripas)

Several senior US and French officials, including US Senator John McCain, entered Syria illegally – without proper visas – on separate occasions, thus violating the country’s sovereignty, Syria said in a complaint submitted to the United Nations. 573 mots de plus


Daech, ISIS, ISIL, on en est où :Mise à jour de la situation du terrorisme en Syria et en Iraq par l'EIIL.

Sources: lejdd.frhuffingtonpost.fr, letelegramme.frpalestine-solidarite.org,

Image source: fr.muslimvillage.com 

  •  Esclaves sexuelles: Daech fournit le mode d’emploi

Daech, le groupe terroriste djihadiste qui se prétend « Etat islamique » a publié, le 3 décembre, à destination de ses combattants, un protocole indiquant comment ils doivent traiter les prisonniers. 1 744 mots de plus


A crime – and a French doctor’s career (part three and conclusion)

There has been a lot of teeth gnashing in the “humanitarian community” about the US interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan and especially how humanitarian operations got mixed up in military action. 658 mots de plus

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A crime – and a French doctor’s career (part two)

Born to a doctor and a nurse, Bernard Kouchner went to the Lycée Turgot in Paris, where he befriended Alpha Condé, future president of Guinea. He studied medicine and specialised in gastroenterology at the Cochin hospital, also in Paris – in 1968. 563 mots de plus

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A crime – and a French doctor’s career (part one)

I have another long-ish read for you, which I have divided into three parts. Part one is today.


The writing of a small piece I recently did for… 663 mots de plus

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