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B&Bs That Float My Boat

A good B&B is often a better bet than a similarly-priced hotel. We love this way of staying, but it can’t be just any old, any old…In order to qualify as ‘good’, the place has to offer more than the bed and the breakfast promised in the title. 1 737 mots de plus


Besançon Decks

As far as I know, there are only a few Besançon-style decks on the market. I’ll start my survey with the most affordable and accessible deck, a re-creation by Evalyne Hall. 424 mots de plus

Tarot Decks

My Top 10: Places to Eat or Hang in Besançon, France

Studying abroad isn’t easy at first. I’ll say that much. So this Top 10 is for all of those planning to study abroad in Besançon next semester or anytime in the future, based on my own personal experiences. 783 mots de plus


Au Revoir, For Now

So, I’ve always liked astrology. Whether or not I know it’s completely accurate is a different story, but I’ve always found some comfort in reading about my star sign and thinking to myself, “Yeah, that sounds like me.” 595 mots de plus


From the Archive: Destination Spotlight, Besançon, France

This is a second in a series of blog posts that I will be doing to talk about where I am going during this trip, why I am going there, and what I’m expecting to see. 241 mots de plus

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