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A Hidden Gem // Besançon, France

After spending a few days in Barcelona, I spent weekend in Besançon, France with another English assistant. Katie and I didn’t realize it was Easter weekend, so we spent most of our time in chinese buffet, walking in the wrong direction, climbing to the top of the citadel, or eating french-style loaded baked potatoes (twice in one day…oops). 117 mots de plus


Time to say goodbye...

It actually feels so weird saying it, but yesterday was my last day as a language assistant here in Besançon! I have officially finished!

After the best 7/8 months, it finally hit me this week how sad I am going to be to leave. 405 mots de plus

Besançon, Paris, and Au Revoir

Travelling + friends + goodbyes + planning for the future = busy! These past few weeks have been a bit crazy, but I’ve been having a great time seeing my friends all over France. 490 mots de plus

La Vie Française

Is This My Cliché Moment?

*The horribly unflattering picture of me is really just for my mom, bare with me here! Also, I don’t know why my smile is so crooked or why I don’t know how to take a selfie!* 864 mots de plus


The Travel Diaries #3 (Day 10-13)

Not long and we wished Cecilia and Ioannis could just adopt us. They were in their thirties, had a house and a steady job, but their exterior circumstances belied how adventurous they actually were. 3 795 mots de plus


DIY : A Sirocco Retrospective

By Charles Paratte

(Version française en bas de l’article)

DIY has been the magic word for a while now. Although there is an unofficial rule saying any DIY has to be made of concrete, here is the story of DIY made of wood, the Sirocco. 1 396 mots de plus


Experience the real France, in Besançon

For a first-time visitor to France, spending some time in Paris is a must.  But if you really want to know France, you’ll need to venture away from the capital, and visit one of its less-traveled regions, the places where tourists don’t usually go.   842 mots de plus