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Getting to France - Long Island to JFK to Paris to Besancon.

Bonjour  de Paris, mes amis et ma famille. I can’t believe I’m here. It kind of feels like I’m in a weird, foggy dream right now. 1 143 mots de plus


Lesson 2: Visiting a crêperie

Shortly after arriving in Besançon, the American assistant and I stumbled across a lovely little crêperie. We were tempted in by the great value lunch menu of a galette, a crêpe and an espresso for about 10 euros and now it’s become one of our favourite lunch spots. 194 mots de plus


Lesson 1: Rowing!

It’s been really sunny in Besançon over the last week or so, t-shirt weather, perfect for… falling in the River Doubs.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been learning to row in a… 563 mots de plus


Bienvenue au festival des Lumieres d'Afrique

Le festival des Lumières d’Afrique édition 2015 ouvre ses portes demain 7 novembre à Besançon en France. Ce festival qui regroupe les réalisateurs africains depuis 1996 donnera ainsi l’occasion à tous les représentants du continent de présenter et défendre leurs œuvres jusqu’au 15 novembre prochain. 292 mots de plus


Is cheese France's national dish?

The second week of my holidays was spent near to Besançon with French friends who my dad met when he was working as a language assistant some 35 years ago. 620 mots de plus


Hyuro. Valencia/Spain. Graffiti Artist.

Website: http://www.hyuro.es/blog/

For those of you who like to click, click here.

Hyuro is Valencia Spain-based. His name comes from a mix of his two surnames (last names). 80 mots de plus

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