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Time to say goodbye...

It actually feels so weird saying it, but yesterday was my last day as a language assistant here in Besançon! I have officially finished!

After the best 7/8 months, it finally hit me this week how sad I am going to be to leave. 405 mots de plus

Besançon, Paris, and Au Revoir

Travelling + friends + goodbyes + planning for the future = busy! These past few weeks have been a bit crazy, but I’ve been having a great time seeing my friends all over France. 490 mots de plus

La Vie Française

Is This My Cliché Moment?

*The horribly unflattering picture of me is really just for my mom, bare with me here! Also, I don’t know why my smile is so crooked or why I don’t know how to take a selfie!* 864 mots de plus


The Travel Diaries #3 (Day 10-13)

Not long and we wished Cecilia and Ioannis could just adopt us. They were in their thirties, had a house and a steady job, but their exterior circumstances belied how adventurous they actually were. 3 795 mots de plus


DIY : A Sirocco Retrospective

By Charles Paratte

(Version française en bas de l’article)

DIY has been the magic word for a while now. Although there is an unofficial rule saying any DIY has to be made of concrete, here is the story of DIY made of wood, the Sirocco. 1 396 mots de plus


Experience the real France, in Besançon

For a first-time visitor to France, spending some time in Paris is a must.  But if you really want to know France, you’ll need to venture away from the capital, and visit one of its less-traveled regions, the places where tourists don’t usually go.   842 mots de plus


Besançon Conducting Competition

Michael is excited to be competing in the 2017 Besançon Young Conductors Competition in 2017