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The Jewel in Caesar's Crown

By Linda Tancs

Julius Caesar described the ancient city of Besançon in eastern France as the jewel in his crown. No wonder, considering its strategic location in the loops of the Doubs River among key trans-European routes.  78 mots de plus

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Sunday, walking in Besancon

Sometimes I forget how pretty this place is.  A day spent admiring the architecture in Besançon’s historic center is a good cure for that.

Much of Besancon is built of blue and beige Chailluz limestone… 46 mots de plus


Weather in Besancon

The weather in Besancon is  something that you can’t prepare yourself for. The French certainly don’t, a very cultural aspect that I have noticed, so if you want to become more French then you can certainly dress bizarrely for the weather. 271 mots de plus

CHEESECAKE au thé vert du Restaurant Toyodoo Besançon

Preparation des gotiés au restaurant Toyodoo, à Besançon. Réservez en ligne sur toyodoo.fr
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Read more: http://recipes2u.com/2016/03/02/cheesecake-au-the-vert-du-restaurant-toyodoo-besancon/

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Les Mémoires Se Réveillent et S'Endorment

This morning at breakfast, upon tasting a slice of Compté cheese for the first time in 47 years, I ambled down a narrow street of worn stones in walled Besançon; I distinguished the subtle differences in a five-mushroom entrée at Les Tables D’antan; I perceived the faint swish of Bourgogne in mouths at a tasting in a cave, I inhaled the fresh sweetness of grass in the field outside the farmhouse where I slept; I clapped the white chalk dust from my hand as I ended my class at the Centre de Linguistique. 56 mots de plus