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Sport | Fahrradtunnel in Besancon

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En ce dimanche ensoleillé, Cartel Concerts nous a donné rendez-vous dans la salle parisienne de la Flèche d’Or pour nous retrouver en tête à tête avec… 1 182 mots de plus


Avallon, France - Armored Car Heist: Up To 15 Armed Men Speed Off With $9.5M In Jewels After Night-Time Ambush On French Highway

Vice News: Armed men have stolen jewels worth at least 9 million euros ($9.5m) from two high security vans in France, in an ambush involving at least 15 attackers at a highway toll booth in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 78 mots de plus


A Besac Winter

Having written about my new year’s resolution in my last blog, I feel obliged to mention its progress. Luckily, as it would have been pretty embarrassing to admit that I’ve already failed, I have actually managed to embrace it and enjoy my region and the time I get to spend here rather than constantly thinking of other places and other times. 915 mots de plus

Year Abroad

L'arrivée de la neige!

Je suis super heureuse: après viewing beaucoup de photos of Leeds in the snow, finalement there is some here too!

La semaine dernière involved possibly the most hilarious lesson I have experienced jusqu’à maintenant; evidently mes élèves étaient in agreement, since one of them filmed ce qui s’est passé on their téléphone portable! 994 mots de plus

Resolution pour la Rentrée

As much as I am definitely not one for New Year’s Resolutions (I don’t believe anyone actually keeps them and if they do it was probably wasn’t enough of a challengers start with), this is the first time I’ve ever felt like it was worth attempting one myself. 1 298 mots de plus

Year Abroad

A Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had an absolutely lovely Christmas! And that everyone has a very enjoyable New Year’s Eve and a great 2015 and beyond. 533 mots de plus