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DIY : A Sirocco Retrospective

By Charles Paratte

(Version française en bas de l’article)

DIY has been the magic word for a while now. Although there is an unofficial rule saying any DIY has to be made of concrete, here is the story of DIY made of wood, the Sirocco. 1 396 mots de plus


Experience the real France, in Besançon

For a first-time visitor to France, spending some time in Paris is a must.  But if you really want to know France, you’ll need to venture away from the capital, and visit one of its less-traveled regions, the places where tourists don’t usually go.   842 mots de plus


Besançon Conducting Competition

Michael is excited to be competing in the 2017 Besançon Young Conductors Competition in 2017


B&Bs That Float My Boat

A good B&B is often a better bet than a similarly-priced hotel. We love this way of staying, but it can’t be just any old, any old…In order to qualify as ‘good’, the place has to offer more than the bed and the breakfast promised in the title. 1 737 mots de plus


Besançon Decks

As far as I know, there are only a few Besançon-style decks on the market. I’ll start my survey with the most affordable and accessible deck, a re-creation by Evalyne Hall. 424 mots de plus

Tarot Decks