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Street Art in Besancon

Summer’s coming, and soon Besançon will host the 6th annual Bien Urbain, an art festival that runs from June 3 through July 30th.  Several fun events will take place around the city center, including the chance to meet visiting artists from Spain, Russia, and the Netherlands, and attend a variety of workshops.   115 mots de plus

Street Art

Latest direct action news from France

Latest direct action reports from the ongoing revolt in France. All of the following communiques were translated into English by Contra Info

Toulouse: Police station attacked with Molotovs – “We’ve had enough” 1 077 mots de plus

Direct Action


This is a map of the five places you’ll read about as Francis and I sojourn in France!

Why These Places?  We started Sojourner Tours in 2013 to make it easier for international travelers to discover the deep French countryside where Francis grew up. 121 mots de plus


It's been a whole year?

Well, let’s just say that A LOT has happened in a year & I have neglected the blog, but I’m back to share it all with you! 219 mots de plus


Expats in Besançon: Getting Acquainted

One of the toughest changes I have ever gone through in my life was moving to a new  country away from the life I once knew. 1 015 mots de plus