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Westvleteren 12 (8/31/16) - Bottle no. 2 6/14/2017

Westvleteren 12 is a world classic beer and one that’s often lauded as the “best beer in the world.” It’s also one of the hardest beers to get since it’s only available at the Abbey’s gift shop and cafe or through the monastery’s special release days. 338 mots de plus


Orval - Bottle no. 1 28/3/2017

Orval is a beer I’ve wanted to add to my cellaring project for a long time. The problem though: by the time Orval makes it through the importation process, the Orval is about six months past the bottling date. 485 mots de plus


Le Cercle Des Voyageurs - Brasserie Mondo - A Superb Traveler's Café in the Heart of Brussel/Bruxelles

Here in the Le Cercle Des Voyageurs – Brasserie Mondo, located in the center of Old Town Brussels right next to the famous landmark Manneken pis, you feel a cosmopolitan atmosphere with an elegant ceiling depicting a map of the world and in the wall there are many suitcases, actually it is a wall of suitcases. 206 mots de plus


Beer/Cider Photo of the Week: Orval's Arches and Ruins

Architecture can be hard to capture properly, especially if you’re close up and don’t have a wide-angle lens. You often have resort to looking for interesting compositions. 50 mots de plus


Petrus Sour Framboise

Petrus, brewed by Brouwerij De Brabandere, is a line of traditional Belgian beers. In the US, they’re probably most well known for their Petrus Aged Pale. 302 mots de plus


Fantôme Printemps

Fantôme Printemps is a seasonal saison or a saison seasonal or a saison saison*, if you’re into a beer wordplay…

Brasserie Fantôme may produce more variety than any other brewery of its size in Belgium. 176 mots de plus