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Zer Gut Zer Gut

Guten Morgen !

Ici, c’est l’Autriche.

Notre décision commune de passer l’été chez Mozart, bien qu’inattendue, a été motivée par des arguments bien précis.


De Plukker Single (Double) Green Hop 2015

Each year, Joris Cambie, organic  and multi-generational hop farmer and recent brewer, picks a day to brew his green hopped Single Green Hop beer. When that day rolls around, whatever hops that are coming off the picker are used. 271 mots de plus


Pfriem Brett Brux Pale - Bottle No. 2 - 7/4/2016

Well, six months have come and gone and it’s time to review the 2nd bottle from my case of Pfriem Family Brewers Brett Brux Pale. I got a case, courtesy of Josh Pfriem, just after it was released. 589 mots de plus


Dupont Deux Amis Lost Abbey

Everyone seems to like the idea of a collaboration beer. They’ve become a drinkable symbol of the cooperative and friendly ideals of the craft beer movement. 405 mots de plus


Drinking with the Belgians: Brouwerij De Brabandere in Portland, Oregon Edition (July 19th, 2016)

The Belgians are coming to Portland, Oregon! If you’ve ever followed me on instagram or facebook, you’ve seen me label photos under the « drinking with Belgians » phrase. 304 mots de plus


Tilquin 2014/2015 Oude Mûre À L'Ancienne

Tilquin is the newest of the Gueuze blenders to join the select group of this dwindling tradition. While Pierre Tilquin maybe the newest member, his beers are already garnering praise worldwide, developing a cult following. 276 mots de plus



El « reto » ; beber cerveza de al menos cuatro estilos de cerveza este fin de semana veraniego. PIlsner, Pale Ale, Porter, Gose, Vienna, Witbier, Stout, IPA…en fin, opciones hay muchas, ¿quién se apunta?

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