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Nieuwhuys Alpaide Blond Cuvee van de Generaal

The town of Hoegaarden is famed for its eponymous beer which is now only a bland, pale version of its former glory. However, there is a new beer being brewed in the famed town for those who want a flavorful alternative. 184 mots de plus


Beer/Cider Photo of the Week: Mash Filter in Action at Trappistes Rochefort

I love old copper brewing equipment. It’s fun to photograph because you can really capture the rich tones of the metal. Additionally, you can see the patina of age as well as the signs of use. 125 mots de plus

Craft Beer

Heroes and Beers: The Session #118

Another month, another episode of the « The Session. » The Session is a monthly exercise in beer blogging navel gazing that is often quite fun to participate in. 844 mots de plus


Hot Stuff: Cheers! Culture You Can Drink! Belgian Beer Gets UN Approval - ABS-CBN Lifestyle

BRUSSELS (AP) — Next time you raise a glass of Belgian beer, rest assured: It’s a cultural experience.UNESCO added Belgian beer to the list of the « Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity » on Wednesday.Belgium is known throughout the world for its wide array of tastes, from extreme sour to bitter, produced in just about every city and village across the west European nation of 11 million people. 42 mots de plus


Westvleteren 12 (8/31/16) - Bottle No. 1 11/22/2016

Westvleteren 12 is a world classic beer and one that’s often lauded as the « best beer in the world. » It’s also one of the hardest beers to get since it’s only available at the Abbey’s gift shop and cafe or through the monastery’s special release days. 387 mots de plus

Craft Beer

Petrus Sour Quad

Petrus, made by Brouwerij De Brabandere, is most famous for its Aged Pale Ale. Aged Pale Ale started its life as the blending beer for the brewery’s Oud Bruin. 213 mots de plus


Beer/Cider Photo of the Week: Apples and Air in the Orchards of Eric Bordelet

Orchards provide a mixed light environment. Trees, by their nature, create a lot of shade. This often can lead to patches of light between the leaves that create a bit of flair that’ll wash out a section of the photo. 160 mots de plus