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Tre Fontane Tripel

Tre Fontane is the newest brewery to join the brotherhood of Trappist breweries. Their first offering is a Tripel. Thanks to my friend Kevin of… 271 mots de plus


From the kegs to the pedestrian walkways

This is a (involuntary) good advice found in Co Mayo: ‘stay on the pedestrian walkways’ and wear an inflatable jacket after drinking the black stuff (Guinness)… 35 mots de plus

Travel Tips for the Belgian Beer Tourist

Belgium is one of the top destinations for beer fans around the world. With a host of world famous breweries and bars, Belgium can fulfil your beery travel dreams. 2 559 mots de plus


De Dolle Oerbier - June 2014 Bottle no. 2

This is bottle no. 2 in my tasting series on the June 2014 bottling of De Dolle’s famous Oerbier. Here’s what I wrote about the beer in my first post: 426 mots de plus


Malheur Zestig

Brouwerij Malheur‘s newest release is somewhat of a departure for the brewery, although well within the range of the brewery’s innovative nature. The brewery’s history story matches that of many of Belgium’s family breweries. 371 mots de plus

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Strange Lighthouse

« Lighthouse for thirsty people »
« Phare pour personnes assoiffées »

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Daily Entry #28, Poker

Si vous avez bonne mémoire, la poker est, est, est… ? Une bière ! Bravo ! Le design de leurs canettes s’adapte aux ferias, et on peut y relever quelques éléments intéressants. 366 mots de plus

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