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Here are the world's biggest charity donors... we're talking billions

We all give money to charity – be it your cousin’s sister-in-law’s 10k run round Daventry or your brother’s Movember.

These following people however did not just hand over a few hundred pounds – they have handed over billions of pounds to charitable organisations across the world. 799 mots de plus


Bill Gates Dismisses Solar And Wind Energy, “Can’t Do The Job” …Cost “Beyond Astronomical”!

No Tricks Zone — June 28, 2015

Another prominent thumbs down against wind the current renewable energy craze, this one from Bill Gates.

The UK online Register here reports that the technology guru is not impressed by fad renewable energies wind and sun: “Renewable energy can’t do the job.

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Anagnorisis -- Ignorance To Knowledge

Richest Saudi says he will donate entire $39B fortune — including all his spare cash — to charity

Saudi Arabia’s richest man said Thursday he intended to give his entire pounds 20-billion (about $39 billion Canadian) fortune to charity.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the nephew of King Salman and owner of an international conglomerate of hotels, media and other companies, said he would hand the money over to his personal philanthropic foundation. 214 mots de plus


Bill Gates Foundations' Birth Control Chip

In a move that has set alarm bells ringing in this mans head. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is about to start trials of its Birth Control Chip. 385 mots de plus


On Philanthrocapitalism - Part Three

To continue with our analysis of Philanthrocapitalism we will return to the book, and a character who appears more than a few times throughout its pages. 2 113 mots de plus

Paddy Vipond

Contemplating the Contradictions of Charity within Socialism

Concerns about the rights and wrongs of charity often stimulate debate. Is there a difference between the natural desire to help others and organised, impersonal charities?

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