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Researchers say Zika virus could be spread through kissing

  • Brazilian researchers said Friday that they had found the “active” presence of the Zika virus in saliva and urine samples, raising the possibility that the infection could be spread through kissing and other contact involving bodily fluids.
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What Legacy?

I’m not sure I even care about a legacy.

Yeah, but when you’ve left the industry, will your efforts or writings be remembered?

My friend an I were having a discussion about our influence in the IT industry.

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Professional Development

Zika Virus Was Patented in 1947 by Rockefeller Foundation

And here’s the other viewpoint and valid reasons it may be a bio-weapon. Use a bio-weapon to kill people and create a vaccine for it to kill more people :) See how that works everybody? 42 mots de plus


What We Know...And Don't Know...About The Zika Virus.

Everybody is freaking out about the zika virus. First, there’s the problem of the blood test. Apparently zika can  mimic dengue and other viruses. Add to that the fact that some people are asymptomatic and the most reliable blood test needs to be done within a week of showing symptoms and you can see the problem. 709 mots de plus


Windows Dropping The Free Upgrade Soon

According to, Windows 7 and 8.1 users have six months left to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade. The software was release on July 29 and it’s good for one year. 93 mots de plus


It’s easiest to fail when you are at the top,

at the top,
most become too comfortable to have alternative plans, in case things go wrong, 58 mots de plus


Voice of Reason @realDonaldtrump @glennbeck

Voice of Reason @realDonaldtrump @glennbeck

When the likes of Whoopi Goldberg or a Hollywood celebrity uses their megaphone of stardom to taint the election process, it sets me on edge. 907 mots de plus