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Microsoft Windows briefest of histories

I received a mailer from Dell today. They say it’s their back-to-school issue. At the top it says, « Dell recommends Windows. » Under the company name you read, « Be the first to get Windows 10. 876 mots de plus

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a review of one of my favourite websites.

okay, i will level with you, this website is awful. but awful in the way that coyote ugly was so awful i watched it twice. i love it. 582 mots de plus

10 richest people of all time. You wont believe who takes the crown!

I know you probably think Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or maybe some Saudi Prince are the richest people of all time. Well…you’re wrong. They don’t even make it to the Top 10 list. 989 mots de plus


AI Isn't Evil

Paranoia of artificial intelligence afflicts many people. No doubt there should be caution used in its application but AI being the demise of the human race is not likely to happen as it’s portrayed in today’s media. 699 mots de plus

Artificial Intelligence

Here's how to upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally here and it’s the best version of the operating system we’ve seen in a while. Even better, it’s a free update if you already have Windows 7 or newer. 443 mots de plus

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What windows can teach politicians!

There’s a lot politicians could learn from buying windows. Not some high-tech Bill Gates thing, just your plain old glass variety.

As you know, we are very keen on… 218 mots de plus

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