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Industrial Poet

Eun Ji, maybe we were destined
To write for money, like marketers
Who were once artists, once beggars

For an audience, like people
Who once dreamed of selling books… 114 mots de plus


Hello world!

So I’m one of those very weird people that doesn’t like to have free time or relax because then there is way to much thinking going on. 360 mots de plus


On dating - what I’ve discovered in the process

Since I have another hour to kill, here are my thoughts on what I’ve learnt about dating so far. Or even relationships in general.

When I only started the process, I did some rudimentary research and listened to my girlfriends who were recently through dating scene or still are on the scene for their inputs. 364 mots de plus

My all-time fav cosmetic product: #HomeMadeSoap

It’s made by my granny. It’s 100 natural, 100% bio, 100% inoffensive for my health. It’s my all time fav #CosmeticProduct : #HomeMadeSoap. And it performs magic for my skin! 54 mots de plus


Expo: la canapa nuova speranza dell'agricoltura

Non è quella da « stupefacente » ma la canapa per usi industriali, in cui l’Italia eccelleva fino agli anni Cinquanta, come testimonia la parcella di 25 mq inserita al Parco della Biodiversità, all’interno di Expo, tra le colture un tempo più diffuse nell’area padana.  38 mots de plus

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Facing a tough moral dilemma

G. told me about something he did years ago, over decade to be specific. The action was morally very wrong and directed at his then girlfriend, so, a related matter so to say. 264 mots de plus

Fall Style Guru

So the fall semester has officially begun! This means my internship as a fall Style Guru for College Fashionista has as well. With this said, my first post is a short bio about me and my style. 13 mots de plus