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three, two, one, go! go vegan!

Hey, first post? That’s cool. Let’s just dive right in.

Starting your vegan journey isn’t easy.

For me, at least. I guess it’s important I highlight that. 1 251 mots de plus


Welcome to Quoteablackgirl!

My freshman year of high school, during finals. I’m standing in front of a class of over fifty people, a group bigger than I have ever presented in front of before, presenting my project. 338 mots de plus



FROM losing all the chances to write down a write up online. Finally fixed my laptop’s bug infected a year back, settled down in my study table and at last created an account in this globe. 117 mots de plus

3 secrets to simplify personal branding

A proven strategy designed to help you develop a story about who you are, what you do, and what makes you interesting.

I was in a marketing workshop recently and the presenter asked the room if anyone actually thought of themselves as a “brand.” 938 mots de plus


Sheri Jordan


Sheri Jordan is a writer and technical editor with Aquent LLC. Since 2002, she has worked for several of Aquent’s Fortune 500 and government clients. 106 mots de plus


Lo lasciai

Quando lo vedevo, mi squagliavo.
Era bellissimo.
Lo chiamavo « il figone ».
I capelli neri, ricci e lunghi.
Proporzioni testa-gambe-busto perfette per i miei standard. 31 mots de plus