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The Arrest

A diary as a best friend

The Arrest

Anne Frank starts writing in her diary on her 13th birthday and also writes tales during the hiding period. 457 mots de plus


Who am I?

Hello! This is my very first blog post! Let me tell you a little bit about myself! First, my name is Alex Trani, and am currently enrolled in Lehigh University as a freshman! 223 mots de plus


#2 Why did I name it that?... huh

Hello again,

I am in a different mood today -so yeah. Here we go.

It seems everyone is stuck in this, some sort of time loop. 542 mots de plus

A Tag That Says That This Blog Relieves You From Other Worldly Problem

Chicano Batman

Four young Angelinos in vintage formalwear, playing songs that blended Brazilian Tropicalía with early ’70s psychedelic soul came together in  2008, called themselves Chicano Batman and never looked back. 362 mots de plus


Catch Your Curiosity

My name is Jason Robbins, a creative leader with 20 years experience developing engaging human experiences of strategic measure. Delivering influential, culture resonant content that aligns with critical business goals of revenue, response and resources.  142 mots de plus


Mohamad Kebbewar - Surrey Muse

Mohamad Kebbewar is an Aleppo-born Syrian Canadian poet, fiction writer and designer. His poems and short stories have been featured in various literary publications across the country, and he has presented his work at many gatherings in Metro Vancouver and Calgary. 137 mots de plus


My People

There is a lot of research being done about the « information bubble » or more specifically « filter bubbles ».  The idea is that our view of the world is being filtered so that the only information we receive (from social media) is information that will not challenge our existing world view.   690 mots de plus