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Scientists made babies from mouse skin cells

A group of Japanese scientists from Kyushu University has successfully turned mouse skin cells into baby mice without the use of egg cells.

The technology skips over the usual method of fertilizing egg cells with sperm and instead uses a method to grow the cells with the necessary chromosomal pairs needed for life to begin. 574 mots de plus


John Bunyan and the Grace of Fearing God by: Joel R. Beeke

John Bunyan and the Grace of Fearing God by Joel R. Beeke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poor Christian man, you have scarce been able to do anything for God all your days, but only to fear the Lord. 407 mots de plus



Caro Diario,

come stai oggi?

Oggi torno a parlarti di un levasmalto per unghie, in particolare del Solvente per unghie di Benecos. Cercavo una soluzione più seria e alla fine sono capitata su questa referenza… 419 mots de plus


Back to School

A 45-minute subway ride from Times Square is one of the dirtiest bodies of water in the United States. This body of water is a canal called Gowanus. 377 mots de plus


Maíra Moraes Cardoso Leal é meu nome completo, para encurtar, Maíra M.C. Leal. Eu não deixo de usar os meus dois nomes do meio porque são os nomes da minha mãe. 202 mots de plus


Hello. I'm Kate.

Hello. I’m Kate.

Once, I was a college student. Then, despite being 22 and a navel-gazing dolt, I was a person with a job. Then, I got good at that job and discovered that I had a career. 271 mots de plus

A Ballet Autobiography

All about me…

Hello again! I suppose this post is still along the welcome theme but I felt it important to provide some context behind my real ballet musings & hopefully some elements of interest too! 432 mots de plus