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Communication Breakdown

I used to work, in the UK, for a large American automotive manufacturer. Britain and America: two nations divided by a common language. We rarely had problems understanding each other though. 901 mots de plus


#ThursdayThoughts Fergie - #LifeGoesOn #BTS (link in bio)...

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More About Me

Found this list of questions as a post on the GoodReads website in the Young Adult section…

posted a list of questions that you can answer if you are bored or something or just for fun.

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Heading Off To Work

A – Z of Me #3

S is for sushiSushi has to be my favorite food. I haven’t been able to have any while being pregnant and I am so excited to have some in the (very) near future. 305 mots de plus


today's events unfolded like this

Last night my sister texted to tell me that she had the flu and could not join me in the Atlanta March on Saturday. She and I were both crushed. 945 mots de plus

Spiritual Direction

Patricia not Pat

My name is Patricia Toomey. I am not a boy, do not call me Pat. I am not a burger, do not call me Patty. I have been telling people this for most of my life, but it has become a more predominant problem as I have continued through my collegiate career. 176 mots de plus


Bio: Lyssa Coleman

Hi everyone!

My name is Lyssa and I am a Junior at Monmouth. My major is Sociology and my minor is Criminal Justice. On campus, I work for the Office of Public Relations that is located in Wilson Hall as a photographer and I am also involved in Greek life on campus. 75 mots de plus