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Hello, It’s me Marinne. I’m fifteen years old and I’m currently living somewhere in the Indian Ocean. This is my lifestyle and personal blog where I’ll be posting about lifestyle/Fashion/tips & Advice/ Journal. 121 mots de plus


About Me

Journalism major at Michigan State University with a passion for great music and sharing that music with others. My goal is to be an entertainment journalist one day. 7 mots de plus

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Hello World!

Hi there! My name is Matthew, and this is my beautiful fiancee, Haley. This is us out for a run in preparation for the BolderBOULDER 10K run we are doing this coming Memorial Day. 277 mots de plus



A slight variation on the memoir is biography. Biographies tell stories, too. A biography might be a full-blown book, particularly of a public or historical figure. 920 mots de plus

Fruit smoothie

Hello people! We are in the spring season and what is there of better of one fruit smoothie? I think that the fruit smoothie is at the same time, fresh, healthy, good and a valid compromise to eat fruit. 663 mots de plus


How Bob Hope learned to dance..

‘I grew up with six brothers. That’s how I learned to dance – waiting for the bathroom’ is a quote by  American comedian, Vaudevillian, actor, dancer and author Bob Hope (1903-2003). 103 mots de plus

Carole Edrich Dance Photography


Matt Miller is a Senior journalist major at Michigan State University. Originally from Fenton, Matt followed his parents to MSU and quickly got involved in television and online news. 45 mots de plus