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Returning residence

Its wonderful to come back to a place where I had have so many emotions already. Its my third year and every year something exciting happened. 91 mots de plus


Forget what you "can't" and just DO IT! 

Today I decided to go to board. Just two years ago I thought that I cant board and I broke the eight rip of my right ripcage. 229 mots de plus


12/7/16 Benny

Benny, a white male in his late 20’s contemplating life and death as we speak. Honest, compassionate, loving, grateful, but I can’t exclude his addiction either. 216 mots de plus


Balzami za ustnice

Mmmm, kaj pa pravite na balzame za ustnice?

Mislim, da so v teh mrzlih dneh res nepogrešljivi in zakaj jih ne bi nekaj podarili svojim prijateljicam? 296 mots de plus


Mantak and me - Part 13

June 1993 When I left Pattaya after the Fusion week I had been training with Mantak for over a year and pretty much decided that was the way I wanted to go.  265 mots de plus


Hi, I’m William V, I am 19 years of age and a boy. I am currently a sophomore at Rio Hondo College and one of the courses I’m enrolled in at this community college is CIT 125. 260 mots de plus