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Love, humility, sunlet

* I am going to do something really bold here and that is adjusting English vocabulary to my own taste. This post is about the lyrics of a song that plays a lot with Czech diminutives. 1 113 mots de plus

Czech Republic

Piatto del giorno dal 02 marzo al 06 marzo

Il piatto del giorno è un piatto unico che comprende tutte le prelibatezze citate nel menu ed ha un costo fisso di € 8.50. Per ordinarlo chiama il +39 327.2544520 oppure invia una e-mail a  131 mots de plus


Yay! It's March!

One step closer to Spring! 20 days till Spring. I cannot wait!

I have so much to do. I need to: get another cup of coffee, wake Aria up, get us ready for church, go to church… 309 mots de plus


Settimana del radicchio: pesto al radicchio

In collaborazione con il negozio di prodotti biologici Granaglie di Milano, questa settimana sarà interamente dedicata al radicchio.

Penultima ricetta di questa settimana: un pesto veloce e mille usi. Voi come lo userete?



Hello there.

My name, as you can probably tell from the address of this blog, is Cris Morris.
So, who is Cris Morris? Well, this blog, in part, is my attempt to really answer that question. 141 mots de plus


Miscellaneous (@Miscdaboss) #Broke&Famous the Biography, the tour, and upcoming album

Growing up in the hard streets of Memphis, Tennessee Miscellaneous has had his share of hardships. From multiple arrest, being shot twice and paralyzed for 6 months, to coming from two drug addicted parents. 214 mots de plus

St.Louis Hip Hop

About The Christina Lowe

The Christina Lowe | Storyteller, Marketer, Consultant

First and foremost, I’m a storyteller. Story is the basis of our human experience. We tell stories; we share stories; we create stories; we are stories. 154 mots de plus