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Grieving loss

Struggles Are Catalysts For Awakening~ »Be aware of the need to be grateful for the suffering and struggles that are part of the fabric of your life. 728 mots de plus


Gedanken darüber, welches Nahrungsmittel gewählt werden sollte A) Huhn

Wenn du nicht vegetarisch wirst musst du entscheiden, welches Fleisch gegessen werden sollte.

A) Wie wäre es mit Huhn?

Hühner aus Intensivtierhaltung haben als Futter… 622 mots de plus


Writing bios that don't suck: 7 tips to get you rolling

Bios. They seem like such an innocuous, unassuming little task: all you have to do is throw a few words together for the top of your blog, your Twitter, or Instagram profile, or a longer one for a conference that you’re speaking at. 561 mots de plus


American Horror Story: Grindr

After coming back from Mexico, I decided to download all the dating apps out there. I had literally no experience with any of them since I met my now ex way before the swiping-right era. 604 mots de plus


Blog at first bite

Hi there & welcome to my new blog nutritionmuch!

I love chatting health, nutrition, wellbeing and science a bunch

I LOVE FOOD that’s colourful, funky fresh, FABULOUS, and has a flavour punch… 229 mots de plus


SheLa Nefertiti Morrison - Surrey Muse

SheLa Nefertiti Morrison is an award-winning writer and poet with a strong and distinct voice. Her writings have appeared in The Toronto Star, The Georgia Straight and XTRA!. 194 mots de plus



Hey guys, I just updated my bio. Please check it out!


Love, Elly