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biscuits aplenty

I can’t express how much I love biscuits. I’ve been baking them since I could hold a spatula and they have continued to make regular appearances at my table. 400 mots de plus


Happy to SEA you!

Today I have never felt so English.  I wore my red dress (on accident, I admit) for Red Nose Day (a huge day of fundraising in the UK), made my own tea (WITH THE MILK AND EVERYTHING) twice during school and once when I got home, and took a walk by the sea to watch the sunset.   1 094 mots de plus


Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

Bonjour. I am pretending it’s summer. I made these peanut butter cookies last week and as I was making them I suddenly remembered that I used the exact same recipe when I was 12 and just getting into baking. 429 mots de plus


Wild Grapes

What tree may not the fig be gathered from?
The grape may not be gathered from the birch?
It’s all you know the grape, or know the birch. 957 mots de plus

Pumpkin Cinnamon Crackers

A few weeks back, I shared my first attempt at making crackers with you guys. They were a huge hit with my taste buds, and because they were just so easy to put together, I said that it made me enter into a cracker-making spree for the next few weeks or so where I tried out several other flavors & recipes. 927 mots de plus


24th March - On This Day In History


1874 Harry Houdini (escape artist)


1976 Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery (British military leader)

On This Day:

1924 Greece becomes a republic

Have a good Friday, 24th March… 31 mots de plus