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Delicious Nankhatai from ChinsKitchen

If you are from Mombasa, you have most probably grown up eating buttery, melt in the mouth, golden cookies called Nankhatai as they are one of the most famous type of biscuits found in Mombasa. 414 mots de plus

Sweet Treats

Chocolate chunk cookies

Well it was a day of cooking today – along with a lemon cake and these cookies I also made chocolate pancakes and butternut squash curry for tea! 267 mots de plus

Food And Nutrition

Review: Heart Shaped Strawberry Fleck Pocky

Happy Valentines Day! ^_^

Whether you celebrate the day or not, you have to admit there’s something awesome about the shops being filled with yummy pink/red, heart shaped, love filled delights. 359 mots de plus


Bulimic Babe Bakes Biscuits!

Pictured above are my three so far attempts at baking in the UK. Growing up, I loved baking with my mother and grandmother. I also enjoyed cookie baking with friends; in primary and middle school my close friends and I would experiment with food by throwing together ingredients, baking them, and hoping for the best. 268 mots de plus

Sugarless Biscuits


I don’t mean to boast (which means I’m going to), but I’m very pleased with this recipe, which I found in a book from 1767 entitled… 1 387 mots de plus


Valentines Giant Cookie

My Hubby and I don’t tend to celebrate Valentines day, however as I love to bake and he was out  in the morning, I decided to treat him and make him a giant cookie. 404 mots de plus


Valentines Day Red Velvet Cheesecake for Two

Here’s my Valentines Day treat for the family, although we don’t care much about Valentines Day at all. Anyways, as red is one of my favourite colours I was happy to make something to suit this day. 290 mots de plus