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Child hood favourites - The jammy dodger

This recipe is simple but very effective, it can be altered easily to created different themes and  great fun to just mess around with!!! s:-) 413 mots de plus


Blood Orange and White Chocolate Afghans

Afghan biscuits are the best thing New Zealand has to offer to baking. Despite being unheard of in almost every other part of the world, it’s a fact that they’re well in line to be the best biscuit ever. 785 mots de plus


My first catering order: the official photos

Thanks to my assistant/media consultant for finally getting these photos ready! 23 mots de plus

'Sweeet' Promotion

Last year the ATL team at Grey London helped raise the McVitie’s core brands sales by 13% with the ‘sweeet’ campaign (view here). The social media chatter and PR coverage showed how much the people loved the ‘sweeet’ ads. 189 mots de plus


Searching for Stonehenge and Paradise (In Honour of Holy Week)


Time will not deign requests,
least of all answer threats;
hand’s methodic, indifferent,
perpetually…… insistant,
to the impendings, portendings-
and ultimate endings, 205 mots de plus

The Eiffel Tower

Today marks the 126th year since the official opening of that icon of Paris and indeed France – the Eiffel Tower.

Hands held transfer visions… 100 mots de plus