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Kakor Choklad

Tonight we’re having a new Ikea-bought biscuit. Kakor Choklad followed by a round of mini Daims. The Kakor Choklad are tasty, a treat biscuit for sure, but definitely worth purchasing and as with most biscuits all the better for being dipped. 299 mots de plus


Melting moments/ cookies / biscuits 

melting moments

Fabulous South African recipe

Melting moments biscuits dipped in milk chocolate


A Girl's Best Friend Is...

Diamonds?! What? No. Food!

We all know Sundays were made for brunch and that no brunch is complete without biscuits…and goat cheese grits…and breakfast sausage. At least, no brunch of mine. 267 mots de plus


Wildflower Café - Fine Dining in Blue Jeans

Everyone has his or her own idea of “fine dining.” For some it requires formal dress, white table cloths, too many pieces of silverware, and a waiter with a towel draped over one arm, accompanied by overpriced appetizers and undersized entrees. 774 mots de plus

Renaissance Bucket List

Unsorted Assortment

My childhood brand: Khong Guan (the product pictured is a biscuit assortment tin.)

I found this a rather amusing way to title this post – which is hardly a true post, really. 677 mots de plus

Try these - your tastebuds will thank you!

I never had peanut butter as a kid, and always assumed I didn’t like it (although I liked peanuts). In fact I only tried it for the first time fairly recently, maybe a couple of years ago. 229 mots de plus

Food Glorious Food

4th August - On This Day In History


1901 Louis Armstrong (musician)


1875 Hans Christian Andersen (writer of fairy tales)

On This Day:

1914 Germany declares war on Belgium, and Britain declares war on Germany… 11 mots de plus