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polvo para hornear

clabber girl silent she sits
alone in her roundness
waiting for years to make
the finest of biscuits
at last she was seen
on a lonely mostly remote… 18 mots de plus


Two-Ingredient Biscuits

RECIPE #117, DAY #139

ORIGINAL RECIPE: « Two-Ingredient Biscuits » in Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking by Nathalie Dupree*

TIMING: 20 minutes. No joke… 454 mots de plus


Wet Welsh Biscuits

We left for Cardiff at 8am on Thursday morning, leaving our beloved cats in the safe care of our neighbour. At 10.30am I received a call, she hadn’t got a key to our house, fortunately the panic, frustration and rage that followed that news was fleeting and not representative of our whole 3 day trip, quite the opposite, it were marvellous! 766 mots de plus

Food for Friends: Tahini Cookies

Tahini Cookies are tender and melting; almost shortbread-ish if it weren’t for the sesame seeds that pop and crackle between your teeth. They are sweet with sugar and honey but somehow savoury and salty too. 806 mots de plus


Seasons Of You

Like an autumn breeze in the middle of July, you came and calmed my mind
Like an autumn leaf you brought color in my life and flew by… 86 mots de plus

Choc 'n' Nut Shortbread

Came to me in an epiphany it did. Made entirely out of leftovers from other cookery projects, this one was a straight-forward mix.

I am a fan of good biscuits. 193 mots de plus