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27th September - On This Day In History


1722 Samuel Adams (US revolutionary) 


1993 James Doolittle (legendary US Air force general)

On This Day:

1821 Mexican Empire declares its independence

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History of Biscuit and its arrival in India as well as Kolkata

If your mornings start with crunchy pieces of biscuits dipped in a cup of tea you are one of the fortunate people of this world. Have you ever think about how biscuits were made? 389 mots de plus



The sun sought thy dim bed and brought forth light,
The sciences were sucklings at thy breast;
When all the world was young in pregnant night… 114 mots de plus

The Remains of the Day

We’ve just been Rainbowed. It sounds delightful doesn’t it, like strewing rose petals, sipping sherbet or riding to work on a pink unicorn.

OK, maybe not pink, but you get the picture. 329 mots de plus

Care Farm

Anzac Biscuits

My fiancee absolutely LOVES these, so of course I have to make them all the time :P They are quick and easy to make and another favourite for the kids to help out with in the kitchen! 144 mots de plus


26th September - On This Day In History


1888 TS Eliot (poet)


2003 Robert Palmer (singer and musician)

On This Day:

1946 First edition of « Tintin » published

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gluten free cinnamon biscuits

Oh my, I just had to share my latest little kitchen experiment with you, they are too delicious not to. It all started when my dad developed this yummy gluten free biscuit that my mum and I can both eat. 308 mots de plus