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Day 8 - I made biscuits and my neck hurts

Tuesday 28th April 2015

Day 8

I made biscuits and my neck hurts

Time is moving very slowly but at least it is moving!  Last night I made biscuits to fulfil a sweet craving which made me happy, but the last couple of days my neck has hurt so I’m still feeling a bit sorry for myself.  197 mots de plus


Pretty vanilla biscuits

I decided to move on from cake to biscuits to give myself an excuse for some decorating :-)

This is the first time I’ve used royal icing to decorate biscuits and I hope to get better with practice! 495 mots de plus


Viennese Fingers

These biscuits are buttery, delicate and delicious. This biscuit mixture can be piped into beautiful shapes. I piped them into fingers but they can be piped into the shape of roses. 141 mots de plus

Mary Berry

28th April - Today In History


1924 Kenneth Kaunda (founding president of Zambia)


Benito Mussolini (Dictator of Italy)

On This Day:

1937 Pam Am flies the first commercial flight across the Pacific… 11 mots de plus

Bushwalker Biscuits

Yo Dad, it’s your birthday. Just in case you’ve forgotten (because old age does that), you’re sixty today. Jeez that’s not exactly spring-chicken material any more, is it? 657 mots de plus

Rolled Oats

Week(end) download

Wow, I cannot believe April is almost over! This has been a very big month for me with getting an internship, starting a Spanish course and celebrating my one year anniversary. 508 mots de plus



Tenía melaza negra desde navidades (para hacer la tarta navideña estilo inglés) y eso es una forma fácil de utilizarla. Si no, también se pueden hacer con « sírope de árce » aunque el color saldrá más claro. 136 mots de plus