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Lines Written After A Walk Before Supper

Tho’ much averse, dear Jack, to flicker,
To find a likeness for friend V—-ker,
I’ve made, thro’ earth, and air, and sea,
A voyage of discovery! 196 mots de plus

Nostalgic Custard Creams

Custard creams (All4women.co.za): Baked this recipe today, as it appeared similar to a recipe I received (and lost) from an aunt many moons ago . This is nostalgia. 52 mots de plus


Jam Drops in Munich

Munich is growing on me. It’s a clean, structured city with a pleasant personality. The more we’re delving into summer the more I’m getting to know the place. 531 mots de plus



When it comes to shortbread, I am a BIG fan. Not as big a fan as my mum though, she is definitely a shortbread connaseur. I’ve made lots of different variations on shortbread in the past, in the search for that perfect recipe. 378 mots de plus


30th July - On This Day In History


1818 Emily Bronte (novelist)


1898 Otto Von Bismark (German Chancellor)

On This Day:

1898 Will Kellogg invents corn flakes

Have a good Saturday, 30th July… 8 mots de plus

Totally tropical pineapple and flamingo biscuits

I am obsessed by anything tropical.  I’ve got flamingo wallpaper in my flat, pineapple ornaments, and clothes covered in both.  So obviously it made sense to me to put my favourite things into biscuit form.  714 mots de plus


A Cheat's Jam Sandwich Cream Biscuit Recipe

When you’re in a hurry and need something that says « Yes, I have been baking for hours, just for you, » when you really mean, « I forgot you were coming over and there’s no time to run to the shop, » what you need is a cheat’s Jam Sandwich Cream Biscuit recipe… 148 mots de plus