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La vie en rose

Valentine’s Day is coming, and someone might be expecting a gift. May I recommend impeccable pink roses and rose Champagne? Et beaucoups de bisous?


French Kissing

When I first started communicating with French friends in written form some years ago, I did not understand the subtleties among the possible closings of a message: 506 mots de plus


A patch of wildflowers 

‘ello Bobbin!

I’m still in a state of astonishment, induced by the intense color of that matcha ice cream you showed me a picture of in your last post! 285 mots de plus


Snail Mail from日本 BOBBIN<3

Hello Bobbin! (and Blogger Friends)

How are you my Darling? How has April been treating you? Can you believe April’s almost over?!
This year started pretty slowly, but now its practically… 257 mots de plus


Au revoir Paris

After 9 months my time abroad came to an end! Paris, you were love and light! I enjoyed the challenges and growth I experienced and can’t believe I’m going back for my senior year. 16 mots de plus

Fashion Blogger

Voices in my head...shhh...I'm fabulous!

Ello Bobbin❀ ! 

Today I watched the first three lessons of Inking with Yuko Shimizu on Skillshare! I’m really excited and curious about all this! After viewing a couple of those 3:00 minute vids,( basically material checklist videos ) I have to say, I felt pretty confident about undertaking this endeavor…That is… 234 mots de plus