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Au revoir Paris

After 9 months my time abroad came to an end! Paris, you were love and light! I enjoyed the challenges and growth I experienced and can’t believe I’m going back for my senior year. 16 mots de plus

Apple Slices

Voices in my head...shhh...I'm fabulous!

Ello Bobbin❀ ! 

Today I watched the first three lessons of Inking with Yuko Shimizu on Skillshare! I’m really excited and curious about all this! After viewing a couple of those 3:00 minute vids,( basically material checklist videos ) I have to say, I felt pretty confident about undertaking this endeavor…That is… 234 mots de plus


We adore Bisous by Bombay Duck

We are very excited to announce that we have the full range of Bombay Duck’s new Bisous collection in stock.  Isn’t it beautiful?  This lovely collection has pink, heart print pattern and can be used as an everyday breakfast set or for a pretty afternoon tea setting. 107 mots de plus

Twitter Tuesday : la sélection câlins

Dans nos bras !! Nous aussi on veut des câlins ! Le thème de ce #TwitterTuesday était #Hugs (câlins). D’ici, nous pouvons sentir un grand élan de chaleur et d’affection :) 22 mots de plus


2015, February 4 – 194 – bisous

bisous et bisous (5)
pour le jour et pour la nuit (7)
je les aime de elle (5)

kisses and kisses (5)
in the day and in the night (7)
I love them from her (5)


Bee-zoo, Bee-zoo

Ello from Seattle!

My name is Bisous.(Bee-ZOO) Its French… don’t over complicate it…
I currently live & explore around the very laid-back, Coffee addicts migration area, but scenically beautiful city of Seattle, Wa.  124 mots de plus