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Sekecup Dua Ribu

Kisah ini terjadi di Terminal Bus Bima-Sumbawa, di tengah perjalanan darat gw dan gebi dari Mataram-Lombok ke Labuan Bajo-Flores.

Pagi-pagi abis Subuh. Abis gw kasih tau ada toilet proper di deket musholla, si gebi langsung melipir ke sono bareng sama si cewe pelancong asal Prancis yang baru aja dikenalnya setelah casciscus ngomong bahasa prancis ama doi. 331 mots de plus

30 Hari Menulis

À bientôt, Paris | Je t'aime <3

Paris was beyond a study abroad semester for me. It had become my home and gave me the chance to explore Europe. Paris was also more than its charming cafe spots, wonderful tasting baguettes, or amazing metro system. 531 mots de plus


An open letter, 
To everyone that I’ve grown apart with, I’m sending you this letter to let you know that I still love you. I might not talk to you as much as I used to anymore, but know that I miss you so much and I’m rooting for you from afar. 656 mots de plus


Le retour

The return

There was an Indian family in the waiting room of the Atlanta French Consulate with two girls, one about 10 years old, with two braids and trying to answer the questions posed by the consulate lady behind the glass wall, and her younger sister, about 3, who continuously threw her mom’s iPhone onto the floor. 393 mots de plus


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Subject: Movie Night

Dear R,

Going home wasn’t really a bad idea. That was what we’re meant to do because you asked to be hosted for a few days since you’re staying in the city. 849 mots de plus