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2015, February 4 – 194 – bisous

bisous et bisous (5)
pour le jour et pour la nuit (7)
je les aime de elle (5)

kisses and kisses (5)
in the day and in the night (7)
I love them from her (5)


Bee-zoo, Bee-zoo

Ello from Seattle!

My name is Bisous.(Bee-ZOO) Its French… don’t over complicate it…
I currently live & explore around the very laid-back, but scenically beautiful city of Seattle, Wa.  119 mots de plus


Have Fun...

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook


Riddle me this...(^_^)

A _ _ _ _ t
I start with A and end with a T.
I make many things that you can see.
With paper or paint, or clay or pen, 40 mots de plus


What exactly is a Bobbin or Bisous?

Who is Bobbin? and what is she recently Obsessed with (o.O)?

Who is Bisous? and why does she smile at random cups of tea (O.o)? 25 mots de plus