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Poetry without words

Poetry without words – Just eloquence.

Because you can hear her body language

and you can feel the warms and the cools in her voice. 76 mots de plus


Ellevill Gaia Celia, dyed solid red

This Ellevill Gaia Celia has been dyed a solid red. Originally black and a coral/peach, this simple red dye gives it a dramatic new look! 95 mots de plus

Woven Wrap

God gave me boys

Went to the store today and a lady comes and taps me to tell me how well behaved my boys are👀👀👀they should be and thank you I tell her. 289 mots de plus

Black, White & Gold

Gold, black and white are always classic. This Bride knew her style and exactly what she wanted her wedding to look like, making it easy to take this theme into all of her stationary as far!

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