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Two Teens Killed In Fort Myers, Florida, Club Shooting Identified as Stefan Strawder and Sean Archilles

Two people are dead and three remain hospitalized after nearly 20 people were shot at a nightclub early Monday morning. 417 mots de plus


Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner Advances In Lawsuit Over Name of Hasbro's Toy Hamster

A judge says that Harris Faulkner should be allowed to gather and cite evidence of what children think about when playing with a hamster doll named Harris Faulkner. 218 mots de plus


"The Fire This Time" Anthology Features a New Generation of Authors Speaking Out on Race

In 2011 Jesmyn Ward won the National Book Award for her novel Salvage the Bones, an exploration of one black family’s experience during the 12 days leading up to, and after, Hurricane Katrina. 501 mots de plus


I Died To Live

It’s a chilly winter morning. I can’t feel anything, but that must be because I’m dead. I know this because I see the people wearing black cardigans and sweaters. 1 011 mots de plus


Tarzan: The Late King of the Jungle

In my previous piece on King Kong, I referenced how The Legend of Tarzan (2016) failed to divorce itself from the racial baggage of the original series and its predecessors in film. 949 mots de plus


Affordable Black Lace Cover Up

I feel like I am getting and/or giving everyone weather whiplash…one week I am talking Fall and Winter clothes and this week, I am back in a bathing suit.   236 mots de plus


Kultural Appropriation

As we’ve all noticed there has been a huge uproar over the matters of cultural appropriation. Most of the modern population are familiar with the concept of cultural appropriation thanks to social media. 371 mots de plus

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