Étiquettes » Blanc

Domaine Ramonet, Puligny-Montrachet Les Champs Canet 1er Cru 2008

Imported by Wine Markets International, Woodbury NY.

Ten years on.

Emerald.  Raisin strudel, tree sap and muskmelon and the palate is as if shot from a hydrant.  20 mots de plus


Domaine Marc Colin et Fils, Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru 2008

Imported by Vias Imports Ltd., New York NY.

Ten years on.

Emerald.  An emphatic complex wine in every way, a treasure trove of jewels dissolving in the mouth.  18 mots de plus


Shining Light on the Dark Ages: paintings of Clovis and Merovingians

The remains of the Roman Empire collapsed across Europe during the fifth century, leaving the continent divided between many different warring tribes, and vulnerable to invasion by those like the Huns, under the infamous Attila. 1 220 mots de plus


Domaine Bruno Colin, Bourgogne Blanc 2014

Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines, New York NY.

Emerald.  Vibrant with aromatic persistence and confidence to burn.  Much more material than the ’13.  The exotic white fruit of the ’14 vintage is here, but the wine is balanced by a shock of acidity and clean earth flavors.  Now – 2022.


Domaine Latour-Giraud, Meursault Les Perrières 1er Cru 2008

Imported by Fine Vines LLC, Melrose Park IL.

Ten years on.

Lemon yellow with golden hints.  Tip to tail this packs a punch and is richly textured. 38 mots de plus


Wenger to Coach Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich are used to being a dominant club, both domestically and internationally. But things in Bavaria have gone from bad to worse and the German record-holders find themselves winless in their last four matches. 199 mots de plus

Premier League

Domaine Jean-Claude Ramonet, Bouzeron 2014

Envoyer Fine Wines, Laguna Hills CA.

100% Aligote raised in white marl limestone at 300 meters.

Emerald. Whippy and incisive: hedges and mints and the lemony splash leads into a suave stoniness.  6 mots de plus