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Is BLEU valid? First observations and concerns

One of my projects this summer is to do a systematic review of the validity of BLEU.  In other words, I am reviewing the research literature in a way which is supposed to be objective and repeatable, to identify and summarise studies which assess whether BLEU scores correlate with human evaluations. 1 079 mots de plus

Audio Schmaudio

I am such a wimp when it comes to audio recording. My makeshift sound booth is HOT and I stand too long and my feet hurt. 244 mots de plus


Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

On Sunday I had the family out for a meal. Two roast chickens, mashed potatoes, stuffing, the works! Everything was scarfed up except the chicken. As usual I’m a terrible judge of how much people eat and overshot the chicken. 589 mots de plus

Main Dish

Achieving Open Vocabulary Neural Machine Translation with Hybrid Word-Character Models

Paper author: Minh-Thang Luong and Christopher D. Manning
Computer Science Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305


The paper proposes a hybrid neural machine translation model concerning both words and characters, which mainly contributes to the translation of rare or unknown words. 818 mots de plus


Gnocchis au gorgonzola

Fatigué·e ? Il faut faire un dîner, mais en 5 minutes ? Point de panique. Les gnocchis sont là.

Pour le moment, partons du principe que vous avez acheté un paquet de gnocchis au supermarché. 210 mots de plus

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