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Le pôle Nord de Saturne est passé du bleu au jaune à l’approche de l’été

En quatre ans, le pa´le Nord de Saturne est passa dune couleur bleue a une couleur jaune, un changement qui sest opara a lapproche de lata. 53 mots de plus


Writing Updates

Despite the fact that the cold is making me want to hide in bed until spring, the writing is going pretty well. There are times that I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels, but I am making progress. 204 mots de plus

Matter #76 - Saurian skin

Enamel on « black » terracotta.
Email sur argile « noire ».


Chapter 2.1- Dating Fun

Indigo got a job at the local police station.

Bleu started dating one of her co-workers

Indigo headed down to the local library to study logic… 94 mots de plus

The Starfish Family

Eating in Amsterdam ... Again

I had previously shared some good eats in Amsterdam here, but I wanted to note and report on a few of the places we visited this time. 569 mots de plus

Chapter 1.16- Passing the torch

Bleu found the trampoline and started bouncing on it

Azul practised his speech

Indi played video games

Lavender went fishing

Chris found the water slide… 73 mots de plus

The Starfish Family