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Chapter 2.1- Dating Fun

Indigo got a job at the local police station.

Bleu started dating one of her co-workers

Indigo headed down to the local library to study logic… 94 mots de plus

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Eating in Amsterdam ... Again

I had previously shared some good eats in Amsterdam here, but I wanted to note and report on a few of the places we visited this time. 569 mots de plus

Chapter 1.16- Passing the torch

Bleu found the trampoline and started bouncing on it

Azul practised his speech

Indi played video games

Lavender went fishing

Chris found the water slide… 73 mots de plus

The Starfish Family

Chapter 1.12- Birthdays Galore

Bleu decided to hang out in the treehouse and look around the neighbourhood using his binoculars.

Lavender did an opportunity at city hall and earned some money… 113 mots de plus

The Starfish Family

The Corresponding Blog Post

What’s up, internetizens? I have a story today but not here. It’s actually on another blog. I’ll get to linking and such in a minute. First, some background. 387 mots de plus


Chapter 1.11- Mini Me

Lavender favourite hobby is to go fishing, this time she decided to do it in her formal wear.

Chris loves to read and always has a book either on the sofa, living chair, dining chairs or on his bed to read. 88 mots de plus

The Starfish Family


as-tu déjà vu saigner la matrice de l’univers?

as-tu vu ce qu’elle engloutit?

as-tu vu éclore la laitance bleu qui baigne, autour de nous,

son ventre étoilé?