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What is darkness?

According to the dictionary, darkness is « the partial or total absence of light » or « wickedness or evil », both of which definitions apply to the word ‘dark’ in my site name. 54 mots de plus



– Just looks, no touch. ‘What silence is able’
In the center of the room, sitting at the table
In the bottom of the dish, food and sadness… 40 mots de plus


Tips to Help Schools Prepare for Statutory Sex and Relationships Education

With the opportunity to respond to the draft sex and relationship (SRE) guidance now closed; what can schools do now to prepare for the introduction of mandatory SRE? 561 mots de plus


Finding Myself Again

Hope you’ve all had a good day! So far my illness seems to be fading and I’ve just been doing some work before I’m a Celebrity starts (it keeps me distracted okay). 280 mots de plus


Black Friday in 4k - The TV Guide

Black Friday is almost here, which means it’s officially the start of the holiday shopping season. Have you made your list yet? When I think Black Friday, I think « it’s time to upgrade my TV. 314 mots de plus


Getting ready for the holidays!

Thanksgiving, giving thanks, for thanks, for grateful, for listing, for creating the switch plate on the train of thought that might allow the track to change and run toward that which inspires, allows grace, reprieve and the space for us to give thanks. 26 mots de plus


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