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Just Why?

I have a growing problem, it’s a backlog, a video game one. I have a habit of buying games when I am already playing 5 or more (Trying to anyway..) titles across different platforms. 276 mots de plus


Richards Elementary School Visit

After postponing my visit due to bronchitis, I was able to visit Richards Elementary in Columbus, Indiana last Friday. The visit was a huge success and I was able to maintain my voice throughout, though it was quite scratchy by the time I left. 175 mots de plus


Why I'm Not As Cool As My Instagram

According to my Instagram, I’m a pro snowboarding, adventure seeking, slim and slender yet fast food eating, high life-styling, stiletto wearing, fashion forward wannabe model. However, despite this alluring facade and string of top notch filters, I’m nothing more than a sweatpants enthusiast who enjoys far too many documentaries, multiple trips to local fast food restaurants, and weaseling my way out of any preplanned gym visit the second my alarm shatters my lucid dreams. 1 087 mots de plus

Pretty in Pale

This is the story of a girl who was told all her life that pale wasn’t pretty.

For years she basked in the Florida sun only to end up with burnt skin and freckles that could be mistaken for constellations. 500 mots de plus


A New Chapter

Today? Today was productive. I finished up my community service hours and went to a nutrition club I used to go to. Hoping an old friend would be there, I wanted to see him. 543 mots de plus