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How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

For those of us who are bookishly inclined, we’ve all found ourselves going through times where we just can’t bring ourselves to read. Our book just ends up sitting there, looking at us sadly as we struggle to work up the motivation to pick it up and get back into the story. 824 mots de plus


Our Miscarriage: Tears Mingled With Hope

A little over a fortnight ago we were beginning a long-awaited holiday in North Devon. Recently, we’d shared with friends our special news, Beth was pregnant with our much longed-for first child! 516 mots de plus


Love Comes First

Recently, as I was reading through Isaiah 43, I had a verse stick out to me. 

Isaiah 43:4 ,”Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you. 768 mots de plus


Oriental and Fine Area Rug Cleaning in Montrose CA

Oriental and fine area rug cleaning in Montrose CA is a necessary task for those who own either old Oriental or fine rugs or newer models. 769 mots de plus

stealing trolleys, burning books and falling into a crab cage (a video too!)

My first week of pure freedom couldn’t have gone any better. With a slight chemical of madness in my veins, I was going to do everything in my will to make the most of this week of just plain nothingness into complete freedom. 1 760 mots de plus



Strange evocations galloped through the week. Lying on my grey sofa my face feels exasperated as it melts off next to me, staring for answers into the restless abyss of my mind praying for resolve. 1 439 mots de plus