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Day 21: Facing your own mortality

Today was class day! It is always my favorite day for two reasons: air conditioning and Dr. Rajagopal. We had an 8 hour course on spirituality. 711 mots de plus

Mothering Sunday; the hardest day of the year*

Mother’s Day has always been very hard for me but this year is different, this year it could be catastrophic and I’m not looking forward to it at all. 749 mots de plus


Breaking Horses

Their equine grace and strength,
the beauty of a hundred wild horses,
galloping over grassy meadows,
blowing plumes of dust in their wake.

Their manes like rivers down their neck, 52 mots de plus


Pokemon go with friends compared to solo play is much more enjoyable.

for the last like 7-8 months I have been playing mostly as a solo player as all of my friends really quit the game around September, but recently I was able to get one of my friends to start up and play with me again and wow. 57 mots de plus


Walking in Strasbourg - 6

This was too beautiful a dressed shop window for me to resist. It was much later that I realized I had captured myself in the mirror. 10 mots de plus


Empty by Ritu #writephoto

It wasn’t often that she got to the beach ahead of the rest of the crowds, but today was one of those days. The morning mists were just clearing, and the sun was starting to shine. 49 mots de plus

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