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Part 3: The Battle of Crecy

Hello everyone, in today’s article we will be looking at one of the most famous battles of the Hundred Years War and one that marked the end of the supremacy enjoyed by the heavily armored knights of Medieval Europe: The Battle of Crécy. 1 798 mots de plus


Photos From France

I had intended to write about les cheteaux in the Loire Valley today, but jet lag got the better of me, so I’ll share a few photos instead. 116 mots de plus


Castles of the Loire Valley

Tiếng Việt

Rising turrets, lavish ballrooms and beautifully manicured gardens, the castles of Loire Valley offer a glimpse into French high society hundreds of years ago. 1 751 mots de plus

Mer to Blois

Well today’s walk was supposed to be around 10 miles as a bit of a lighter day than our first two but somehow it didn’t quite work out like that! 616 mots de plus

Nous Sommes en France!

Now we’re installed in our first rental, on the Ile de Ré. The closest open-air market is pretty small, but has everything we need – bread, fruit, vegetables, and the… 446 mots de plus



We’ve been in hotels for a week, lovely but Internet
has been either slow or dead slow so impossible to load up a post. We’re now… 706 mots de plus