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Blue Hour Shadows

On that same night when I shot the fridge bridge during the blue hour, only a few minutes before, I noticed that the shadows made by trees under the street lighting were weird and interesting. 39 mots de plus


Blois By Night

Paris by night is rather exciting, mostly when the yellow vests have gone home to rest for a while. Blois by night isn’t bad either. 60 mots de plus


Fridge Bridge By Night In Blois

By now, you know all about the fridge bridge of Blois. But as I go there often and happened to be on location during the so-called… 94 mots de plus


Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Châteaux de la Loire

Château de Chenonceau

Diane de Poitiers’ gardens


Blois Louis XII wing

Blois Francois I wing

Blois – Gaston d’Orleans wing… 8 mots de plus


Château de Blois: a merge of four architectural styles

The trip to this little town, east of Tours, was one of the few trips I made on my own. Most visits done during my time abroad was arranged by an organisation so visiting Blois was quite special. 504 mots de plus


Fridge Bridge in Blois

In Blois (Loire Valley), if you get there by train, you will most probably cross the tracks thanks to a white metal footbridge (as it’s white I named it a ‘ 76 mots de plus