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Everything That Rises

TV drama of a ranch boy starring/directed by Dennis Quaid
-Year: 1998
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Nathan ~14, boys 6-17
-Available on DVD: 115 mots de plus


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Las Vegas

What ancient Aryans looked like

There’s a much debated  controversial topic around the globe. Were Eur-Asian Aryans blond & red-heads? Many authors bring historic statements, records & myths etc. & they are vague, contradictory  for most part. 449 mots de plus

Goldie Curly 

Have you ever done things by pure curiosity ? Well I’m into that phase. I wanna try things that people don’t automatically expect me to do. 155 mots de plus


It doesn't get any finer than me, Whitney if you're looking for the hottest blonde Las Vegas escorts.

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Donovan’s Kid

Disney TV movie
-Year: 1979
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: girl Jamie ~13, others
-Available on DVD: VHS
B&W or color: color… 104 mots de plus