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Rurik Sinclair

Rurik Sinclair is currently 13 years old in SA24

Physical Appearance: Rurik is as blonde and pale as a person can get.  He is slender to the point of being lanky and awkward.   293 mots de plus

Sasha Sinclair

Sasha Sinclair is currently 15 (to turn 16) in SA24

Physical Appearance: Sasha has many of the same features as the French grouping of the Sinclair clan. 534 mots de plus

Torsten Sorrenson

Torsten Sorrenson is a tall, blond Norwegian wizard with a semi-mysterious past. He will vehemently deny that he is related to those Sorrensons, but various things that he has left lying around his apartment in the Irish wizarding village of Bun suggest otherwise. 45 mots de plus


Although I am working on perfecting my skin in order to never wear makeup again, meanwhile these are the products that transform my look on daily basis. 63 mots de plus

Folding Wooden Table

Great vintage find by ChestnutStSmallHouse (22.00 USD)

Best At Home Hair Lightener

Welcome back, friends! I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my hair this season. I finally decided on jumping on the silver trend bandwagon! 365 mots de plus


Robert de Saint-Loup et M. de Charlus

A une autre génération, sur une autre tige, comme in acteur qui reprend le rôle joué jadis par Bressant ou Delaunay, il était comme un successeur — rose, blond et doré, alors que l’autre était mi-partie très noir et tout blanc — de M.

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