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Blond Babbling 

Happy Monday loves!! Today absolutely feels like a Monday. My brain has been so scattered this morning and that got me thinking about today’s post! Over the last couple months I have been writing down (when I remember) any time I have a “blond moment”. 352 mots de plus

Maria Amanda by Nini1987DK

Photographer and headpiece designer: Mary Grace A. Dela Peña
Model: Maria Amanda Schaub
Designer: Maibritt Kokholm

For more photos please visit my FB page :) 12 mots de plus


Sherden Mercenary

This warrior character comes from a group of people known as the Sherden, one of several warlike « Sea Peoples » of European descent which swarmed throughout the Mediterranean Basin in the third millennium BC. 107 mots de plus



This is a woman born before original sin, » says Marion Roach about redheads. Brunettes are troublemakers, said Charlie Chaplin. But what are blondes?

-Kate, Stella, Gigi, Camille! 621 mots de plus


Pecos Bill (1948)

Disney western short film
-Year: 1948
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Bobby ~11, Luana 10
-What clothes: hats, fringes
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: color… 83 mots de plus