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Festival de Cannes 70: Blow-Up, 1967

A sunny shout-out to 70 winners at the Cannes Film Festival to celebrate the 70th event which is just around the corner – in no particular order. 173 mots de plus


Blow-Up (1966)

DVD, Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni, with David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave

Antonioni . . . yeah, alienation, ennui . . . whatever.

Visually, it is something else: nuns and guardsmen at the edges of a frenetically and somewhat joylessly swinging London. 289 mots de plus


Film #597: Blow-Up (1966)

Despite my look at foreign language films being over, I’m still coming across English-language pictures that have been helmed by foreign directors. A case in point is 1966’s Blow-Up which was the first English language movie of Italian Michelangelo Antonioni but was set in contemporary London during the swinging sixties era. 792 mots de plus

Best Director


Husheng Zhou

Professor diBenedetto

VSAR 302

29 March, 2017

On March 25, 2017, I went to MOPA with my classmate Mo by public transportation because it’s much cheaper than take the taxi. 466 mots de plus

New Musical Express

There’s no such thing as bad press. But there is such a thing as bad photography. Presented here for your enjoyment are some pre-debut album… 268 mots de plus

Movies about Photography              

This past week my wife commented to some evening guests that I always have something to say about any camera that one appears in a TV show. 535 mots de plus