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Blow up!

First week icebreaker challenge- using sheets of plastic and celotape to create made blow up inventions :) 

vino e panini con Michelangelo


sometimes it’s necessary to mess with (reality)

our obsession with logic compels us

to mow our lawns every Sunday –

we’d all paint the grass if we could… 59 mots de plus


drake, boom, mind blown, finger gun, blow up Gif For Fun

drake, boom, mind blown, finger gun, blow up Gif for Fun at your Time


The Girl on the Train Review

Cinema rarely paints train travel to be the unreliable and tedious slog that it really is. Strangers on a Train, The Great Train Robbery, Murder on the Orient… 876 mots de plus

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You have to have a party, when you’re in a state like this …

It was quite a walk from North Woolwich station, and Millie and I shuddered every few steps as we scurried along the Woolwich Road. 4 548 mots de plus


Type in Motion: Part One

Some of my favorite typographic film titles

If you are a follower of Stunning Proof, you know that my teaching and ideas about design and storytelling have been inspired in great part by film  and title sequences. 1 017 mots de plus