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Birthday run

For as long as I’ve been active I’ve always done something on my birthday. its my tradition and usually a way for me to kick the day off on a positive note. 224 mots de plus


Islamic State terrorist group threatens to blow up White House

The Islamic State terrorist group in a new video released on Thursday threatened to bomb the White House and launch more attacks in Paris.


Ori Gersht - Time After Time

Knowing that I have an interest in flower photography my tutor suggested I look at Ori Gersht’s series, ‘Time After Time & Blow Up’.   It was not quite what I was expecting! 605 mots de plus

Exhibitions & Books

U.S. and Saudi Bombs Target Yemen’s Ancient Heritage

From The Intercept, by Roger Hodge

SHARDS OF BLUE, RED, AND GREEN stained glass, remnants of an intricate crescent window that is a 4,000-year-old Yemeni art form, glitter in the sunlight before crunching underfoot. 2 479 mots de plus

World At WAR

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The Red Room

Here is where the lights are soft

They paint our faces in cranberry,

Every finger melts into liquid

And feels its way,

In a chemical daze. 118 mots de plus


Don't Build Up Then Blow Up!

« I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control. » -Lysa Terkeurst

Boom! Hit me like a ton of bricks. 114 mots de plus

Becoming Me