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Developing one idea

I have chosen the design that looks like a time travel vortex/ black hole for my book cover. I think these designs give a good sense of perspective, it looks as I the reader is going into the vortex. 16 mots de plus

Four chosen designs

These are four chosen designs from my thumbnails that have been refined and are more detailed. I will be choosing just one of these images to develop.

Review: Closer to the Chest (Herald Spy #3) by Mercedes Lackey

It’s taken quite a few books, but I think Lackey is back on her stride with her long-running Valdemar series. While I still noticed a few editorial discrepancies, I enjoyed this novel a lot more than any of the previous books that featured Mags and Amily. 219 mots de plus


The Rising Tide

Full wrap cover art I created for Prashant Vaze’s debut fiction release ‘The Rising Tide’. If you like the sound of a thought-provoking science-fiction novel about the impact of climate change this will be well worth checking out. 204 mots de plus


Friday Feature: Cover Art

What’s the old adage, « don’t judge a book by its cover », right?

Well, as wise as that phrase may be, sometimes I DO judge a book by it’s cover. 222 mots de plus


Review: Valhalla (Stargate SG-1 #14) by Tim Waggoner

I enjoyed this book more than I otherwise might have, reading it so soon on the heels of watching Thor: Ragnarok in theaters. Any Stargate reading for me is a visit to a world I love, and this was a solid, though not necessarily memorable, entry into the media tie-in offerings for this world. 213 mots de plus