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The Preliminary Reports of a Second Book

The cold and work have cooked my brain. Hopefully I can make enough sense for you to understand me.

The jist of the whole thing is that April was my best month so far. 664 mots de plus


   Cover art: Keith Mallett

Cover design: JT Lindroos

We hope you would agree that this is a striking new cover for Kevin Stevens’ novel REACH THE SHINING RIVER, with its soundtrack of jazz and blues. 95 mots de plus


A book in South Korea

My work just got published on the MAGNUS fiction book cover, from french author Sylvie Germain in South Korea. As it is often the case with the Munhakdongne publisher, the graphic design is pure and simple, a joy for the busy eyes!
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Cover Reveal! Falling Angels by Jen Winters

Paranormal Romance Author Jen Winters will be releasing the next installment of her Guardians Series on June 17th, and asked me if I was interested in participating in the cover reveal. 282 mots de plus

Give Indies A Chance

Interview With Anne Elisabeth Stengl: Cover Designer for A Wish Made of Glass

Many of you are familiar already with Anne Elisabeth Stengl. She is the talented and lovely authoress behind the award-winning series, Tales of Goldstone Wood… 1 027 mots de plus


Peter Doig’s « Reflection (what does your soul look like) » would make a beautiful book cover.

Book Cover

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First: Thanks for thinking of Nickum’s Nook as a place to share your writing with the world. 333 mots de plus