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Patchwork Cover

There are so many cute things we can make with just a bunch of little pieces of fabric sewn together.

This is a little patchwork cover I made for my daughter to keep her hand-lettering sketch book in. 360 mots de plus


Not from this world at Exohumanjournals.wordpress.com

This book is about some stories that certainly are not from this mundane world! funny, dreamy and naughty and maybe few more.

Check out the details in Troy’s (our) Store:


gehenna parables at exohumanjournals.wordpress.com

The cover is still being finished, I just shared a picture from the book, the cover department is peacefully laid in the hands of the master, Troy David Loy. 30 mots de plus


Troy David Loy's (and sharmishtha basu's) Book and digital art store "exohumanjournals"

Looking for a few alien-looking and cool fractals as free downloadable wallpaper, or for sale as print products in various media, sizes and aspect ratios? Curious to check out a budding writer’s latest fiction on Amazon for Kindle? 53 mots de plus


Troy David Loy and Sharmishtha Basu for you!

Troy David Loy has graciously allowed me to use his store to sell my works. So, if you like any of the books here feel free to ask him.

Wish us luck!


New Cover Design

So here we are, a new look and a slightly new title as well.

This isn’t necessarily the finished cover. It’s more in the way of a sketch. 247 mots de plus