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Blue Moon Cover Update

This may have come out of the blue–no pun intended?–but Blue Moon’s gone and had a cover update!

For those who’ve already purchased the book, the changes should be available on Amazon as soon as they finish reviewing it! 76 mots de plus

The Crucible

Cover Reveal...Over the Knee Anthology

And now…. for your visual enjoyment, the cover art for the Over the Knee Anthology, featuring my story, Silk and Decadence!!

Yummy, isn’t it? I love it and love the authors I get to be in this with. 217 mots de plus

Wendi Zwaduk

Cover Reveal and Teaser #3 for the Over the Knee Anthology!

Are you getting excited? I am. I can’t wait to share the full cover with you…but not yet!!! Here’s teaser #3 and the full blurb! 216 mots de plus

Wendi Zwaduk

Book Photoshoot#05: Red Queen

Since im not on ‘reading’ as of this moment, coz of work and reviews and some other stuffs, i’ve decided then to just upload and share my… 128 mots de plus


When does it pay to pay a pro?

I got some good news and some bad ones. The bad news is that the cover designer completely ignored my specific directions and came up with this revised version: 167 mots de plus

Shizzle, Inc.

Exercise – Making a mock-up – Ex8, part 3, I1

For this exercise you are going to mock-up a book cover.  From your book shelves or the library choose a book title that appeals to you  Read the blurb on the back of the book (or the whole book if you have time).  

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Cover Match: Red, White, & Blue!

Cover matches is a feature where I find matching covers and bring them to you! These could be as simple as being the same color, or as exact as having the same photo or text on the cover. 388 mots de plus