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New Book Cover - Of Smoke and Ebony!

New Cover Design

Some great Spotify song suggestions this week put me in a rather creative mood, resulting in a new book cover! Yay! Say hello to… 66 mots de plus

Book Cover

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but a neural network can

@tachyeonz : The idiom “never judge a book by its cover” warns against evaluating something purely by the way it looks. And yet book covers are designed to give readers an idea of the content, to make them want to pick up a book and read it. 14 mots de plus


Book Cover Spotlight - Winter Wonderland

Welcome to the Book Cover Spotlight!

Every week I’ll be featuring a set of book covers! Here you can learn more about the process that went into the creation of the book cover, get some insight into what genre these covers would be good for and get special deals on these featured covers! 698 mots de plus

Book Covers

In Cold Blood

Now that I have chosen Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood as the book cover I am going to design for this project and done some research into the original artwork and other personal covers I am a fan of, it is time to find out the key concepts of the book. 466 mots de plus


Could you please help me with your vote? (For a new book cover)

I have been thinking about redesigning the cover for one of my books for a while now. I’ve been busy though, with lots of new writing. 75 mots de plus

Personal Growth And Development

Book Cover: To Kill A Mockingbird

I started out making this book cover by researching a bit into the book, To Kill a Mockingbird. I ended up watching the movie of it, and that’s where I got the inspiration to create this cover. 350 mots de plus


Tremontaine Season 2 Episodes 11 and 12

(And remember, patrons on Patreon get early previews of some projects).

Here is the cover art for the next two episodes of Season 2 of Serial Box’s serialised prequel to Ellen Kushner’s Riverside novels,  248 mots de plus