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Book Cover/Ebook Cover Design

Tool Used : Adobe Photoshop cc 2017

Project Info :
* Print Dimensions : Standard
* Color Mode : CMYK
* DPI Resolutions : 300… 14 mots de plus

Book Cover

Life of Toy Photographers, 2017

There’s a brand new book that I’m happy to announce! – Life of Toy Photographers, 2017

It’s a look back at the artists of over the last year. 45 mots de plus

Toy Photography

Metamorphoses (Notes 3.2)

Before the seas and lands had been created,
before the sky that covers everything,
Nature displayed a single aspect only
throughout the cosmos; Chaos was its name, 322 mots de plus


So, About That Book...

I’ve been procrastinating…

I suppose blogging about my dates comes more natural to me than writing about more serious matters like why I decided not to publish my book—well, at least not with the publishing house that had offered me a contract. 459 mots de plus

Cover Reveal!

This is the cover for my new m/m mystery romance, A Little Sin. (That’s Sheriff Avery O’Rourke.) Here’s the book description:

Sheriff Avery O’Rourke has tried to obey his strict Christian faith and lead a “normal” life. 206 mots de plus


I have been working hard on the novel, ALL FOR THE LOVE OF HANNAH. As I said before, it is coming along nicely. I have had to make changes in the storyline which is fine. 1 104 mots de plus

Author's Blog

Dreamy Book Cover Tag

So, I came across this lovely tag at Sofii’s blog  and I just couldn’t resist it. I love beautiful covers and although I don’t judge a book by its physical appearance, it doesn’t hurt anyone when I a book cover is able to catch your eye and make you go ‘wow, that book looks better than I do even when I’m wearing winged eyeliner’. 853 mots de plus