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Project H - IS Home Where The Heart Is?

Every one seems to write poetry, so that is kinda not novel really is it?
An Idiot, writing poetry, living in a home away from home, in her virtual home, with all her heart? 593 mots de plus


1940's girl

Had a great day yesterday, photographing my daughter Zoe in a 1940’s theme!

40’s girl

40’s girl

40’s girl

40’s girl

40’s girl

40’s girl… 27 mots de plus


Tremontaine Season 2

Season two of Tremontaine, the prequel series to Ellen Kushner’s Riverside novels, is on its way from Serial Box, beginning October 19.

You may recognise the style from the covers I did for Season One (see also Tor.com’s… 113 mots de plus


Cover Reveal! - Ethereal Lives by Gem Stone.

Today I got the best birthday present ever.

I came home to find an email containing my compleated cover for Ethereal lives,

and I love it!! 138 mots de plus


Charley Harper's Cookbook

Charley Harper, the mid-century illustrator most famous for his minimalist birds and wildlife, was given an interesting commission early in his career: illustrate Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two Cookbook.  59 mots de plus


My Experience So Far with BookBub for THE MANNEQUINS

I’ve been trying to get a BookBub promotion for my Kelsey Porter Buddhist thriller series or my YA Deaf Flying series for well over a year. 347 mots de plus


Disrupted Plans

( Photo credit: Anne Worner via Foter.com / CC BY-SA )

It was a beautiful day here today, finally, more like fall than summer, and it looks like there are more days like that in my near future.   246 mots de plus

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