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Book Launch: THE QUEST OF THE EMPTY TOMB, #2 in the Kelsey Porter Series

Launching 2/28/15!
Book #2 in the Kelsey Porter Series

On the heels of THE HUNT FOR XANADU, Kelsey returns from Tibet with Desmond to begin a new life in New York City. 329 mots de plus


Heir To The North: Cover Reveal!

It’s here!

If you need a reminder, here’s the deal:

The Warlock Malessar destroyed Caenthell centuries ago, murdering the High King Jedrell and his bride, and cursing the land itself. 327 mots de plus

Malessar's Curse

Book cover project, part two

Anna Nagel has asked me to create images for her book called Fair Game. In this second part I am going to show the initial images that I edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. 249 mots de plus

東京。生活 -5 手作




The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton – a review

This is one of those books that I kept seeing everywhere. It has seemingly been on display in every bookshop window I’ve been past recently tempting me with the lovely looking cover. 529 mots de plus

Book Review

Are you a retweeter , reblogger

You know was I blog, tweet, even my videos on youtube, I am always left wondering just how much people care. Now this may be the neurotic in me or it may be my depression kicking in but when you read my blog or my  tweets and send them on down, just how much are you willing to click the links to my books and contemplate buying one? 291 mots de plus


Cover Reveal by Stacy Hoff

In my humble opinion, there is nothing more exciting to authors than the moment we first see our cover art. Since I am not only a writer but an artist, seeing each new cover is the ultimate creative experience. 479 mots de plus