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Cover Mockups Watch that Rat Hole

This was another set of Mockups I designed after a call. The author wanted something simple and eye catching. I believe it is kind of an autobiography about when he was a journalist chasing stories about business real estate. 57 mots de plus

Book Cover

My Book Cover

I am in love with my cover. What I like about it is that the concept is simple, but the details are intricate. I really like the colors of the sun, the orange, yellow and red mixed together in a very realistic way. 127 mots de plus


Book cover evaluation and reflection

  1. I think that I have been able to meet the needs of the brief as I have been able to successfully design a book cover to an allocated book in the short amount of time given, also to measure it to an actual book size when presenting and use all of my own work other than the Penguin logos and barcode.
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Cover Love

Okay, so the dress isn’t exactly fitting well, but it’s nice to see a Victorian era dress on a book set in the Victorian era! And the colours are pretty. 29 mots de plus


Cover Mockup - This Way About

This author actually ended up going a completely different direction with this cover, but I just love how this version turned out. I wish I had more minimalist covers like this that I could do something similar with. 17 mots de plus

Graphic Design

Justifying my type choice

For my final book cover I chose to use the typeface ‘Georgia.’ Therefore I have decided to post some background information about the typeface and also the reason why I decided to use it. 378 mots de plus