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Fleeting Ideas

There are three layers of ephemeral here:

The ripples eventually disappeared, and the surface of this lake at Trent Park went back to being perfectly still. 104 mots de plus


Cover Etching!

My sister designed a computer program that etches book covers! Here she’s doing The Stolen Dragon of Quanx!


The White Wallet

The White Wallet by Pamela Grey, Illustration by Stephen Tennant , 1928 via

Stephen Tennant


‘Can you take that off?’

‘What? My Hijab’

‘Yes…see I can’t allow you to wear it during school hours…it will give a negative impression’

‘Oh’ … 185 mots de plus


Escape the Night

« She was listening so hard that it was as if her eyes and her hands and every pore in her body had suddenly developed audient power; but there was nothing to hear. 18 mots de plus

Graphic Design

Architecture in the Twentieth Century

A comprehensive guide to twentieth century architecture, beautiful large format photos and an expanse of information on architects and their work. I love dipping into this book. 12 mots de plus


Blondes, Books and Bourbon - A WDB Anthology, by R. M. Ridley

I had the great pleasure of being a co-author in the anthology in which Johnathan Alvey made his first public appearance. Now, the amazing Mr. R. 2 101 mots de plus