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Betty Binoculars- Susie Laverty & Emily Hamilton

Betty Binoculars is the debut from Dudley Doodle Books a new Devon-based Independent press with aims to create fun, quirky and gorgeous children’s books and build a support network of illustrators, graphic designers, editors, book designers and small printers. 308 mots de plus

Childrens Books

An E-book Cover Design Online Generator Uncovered


The proprietors of book shops can without much of a stretch demonstrate this equitable by taking a gander at the deals of the book cover… 533 mots de plus


AD5807 - Book Research: STANLEY/BARKER

As I have been researching photography books, I’ve come to see how often certain publishers have a distinct design style that can be seen across a range of the works they publish, regardless of the change in artist and content. 403 mots de plus

AD5807 - Book Research: School of Art

Continuing on with the book research I initiated in my previous blog post, I am now moving on to consider another photobook that I feel has relevance to my own work. 351 mots de plus

Author & Book Cover Designer

Publishers of chapbooks (left to right): Finishing Line Press, (c) 2008 (cover by Joseph Daniel Fiedler); and three dancing girl press titles whose covers I designed: (c) 2010, (c) 2013, (c) 2017.


AD5807 - Book Design Research

Whilst thus far my focus for this project has primarily been on the images themselves, and any subsequent editing, it is also vitally important that I start considering book designs. 767 mots de plus

Book Cover Design That Catches the Eye


A peruser’s creative mind can be invigorated with a book cover design at the spread; that is the reason the book spread fashioner has such an incredible commitment during the time spent making a smash hit. 614 mots de plus