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A writer exploring her medium

It is an exciting time to be living in as an author, exploring the medium of fiction in multiple formats. The electronic book feels so ephemeral, while the trade paperback feels more lasting and tangible. 418 mots de plus


Holy Spy audio

Holy Spy audio I recently artworked.


Book Cover Fun

I cannot recommend enough.  So very easy and fun to play with.  And talk about great ways to procrastinate!

Oh my goodness editing is cumbersome… 57 mots de plus



I’m starting to build up some stock as well as taking personalised orders from people now. This is in the hope that I can produce enough to possibly hold a market stall somewhere or start selling them online. 87 mots de plus


Forget Fabio: The New Wave of Indie Romance Covers

« The rapid embrace of self-publishing over the past decade has increased the competition among indie romance authors to put out professional, memorable cover designs that fit within the genre and adhere to current trends, but that stand out in a crowded market. 69 mots de plus


Ten Chances No Hustle Artists' Residency


Ten Chances, No Hustle Urban Artist Residency – 2013

Front and back cover, Ten Chances No Hustle 2013

K. Valentine CADIEUX, Daniel DEAN, John FLEISCHER, Ben GARTHUS, Kelsey OLSON, Peter McLARNAN, Emily STOVER, Chad RUTTER, Lee WALTON and Patricia HEALY McMEANS.

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Book Design