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Inspiration Take 2: More Book Cover Design

And to add to what I posted earlier this week, here are some updated covers and designs to peruse. The titles and author names are fictitious! 37 mots de plus

I Think It's Neat

Book Cover Wednesday

When I’m not writing, I’m designing. And when I’m designing, it’s usually a book cover. I design covers for my own books (those I’ve written, those that are just kernels of ideas, and those I might never actually write), for the authors in  141 mots de plus


Another 3 Things I've Learned from Publishing My First Novel

Well, the learning curve continues to grow with my « published author » status. I’ve been mum on this for a while, honestly because I was a bit embarrassed about it. 537 mots de plus

Writers - Steve D'Adamo


Titles are our first opportunity to catch the readers’ interest. What makes a catchy title? Alliteration, double meaning, rhythm, and rhyme can be part of it. 108 mots de plus

Reflections (2006): Study Trips

Reflections is an annual publication brought out by Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture. For 2006, the annual publication explored the college’s past study trips and the documentation work conducted by its students over the years.

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