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"The Hilarious Art of Book Design."-Chip Kidd

After watching this TED talk by American book designer Chip Kidd, I started to think about my book design in more tactile terms. My current design incorporated a lot of text as well as image, which went against his reluctance to fuse form and content to create a much more effective and striking cover. 104 mots de plus

Book Design Project Revisit: Process Work

One of the main projects I am working on this semester are project revisits, where we get to revisit projects from second year and redesign them using the skills we have learned in third year. 458 mots de plus

The Process of Preparing to Write

You might well ask – what does that headline mean – the process of preparing? This phase must have as many variations as there are writers practicing their craft. 989 mots de plus


Favorite Colors

Do you think Martha chooses her faves based on color, or is this a trend?

Beginning A Cover

The cover, it looks simple enough…right?


You would not believe how long it took just to get to this point…and just when I thought I was done…. 84 mots de plus


Blog Post: 'Souls by the Sea' is away!

The betas have it at last. Nothing left to do but work on the cover while I wait for their feedback. I have a simple image in mind and I’ll do it myself this weekend. 105 mots de plus

Souls By The Sea