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Cover Reveal: Reecah’s Gift - Written By Kathryn Jenkins

On the KJ Magical Design Blog I found the reveal of two of Richard H. Stephens books: Reecah’s Gift and Reecah’s Flight. KJ Magical Design did a phenomenal job with the covers. 167 mots de plus

Literary Blackboards

Last year, I did #LiteraryWhiteboardLettering, a project in which I lettered book quotes on school whiteboards every day that I gave a book talk to my students. 420 mots de plus


The Hummus book - Anna-Marie Ravitzki

I love Anna-Marie Ravitzki’s essay, especially written for our book’s Gaza chapter. Here’s an excerpt:

“…When I was all grown up, I went looking for angels in Gaza. 149 mots de plus


The Hummus Book

When I first met Karim, he told me, « As a child in Lebanon, an Israeli soldier made me stand facing a wall as he shot a bullet in the air, just like that, for nothing, and now here you are, in my home… » 175 mots de plus


#bookreview The Other Half of Augusta Hope by Joanna Glenn published by The Borough Press, HarperCollins UK

Synopsis via Amazon:

Augusta Hope has never felt like she fits in.

And she’s right – she doesn’t. At six, she’s memorising the dictionary. At seven, she’s correcting her teachers. 285 mots de plus

Book Review

#bookreview These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach published by Vintage Books


Enticed by advertisements for a luxury retirement home in India, a group of strangers leave England to begin a new life.

On arrival, however, they discover the palace is a shell of its former self, the staff are more than a little eccentric and the days of the Raj appear to be long gone. 188 mots de plus

Book Review

Stranger - Olivia Arthur

Magnum photographer Olivia Arthur‘s work « Stranger » is about Dubai, connecting its past and its present days. While she was researching for this project during her artist residency in Dubai, she found out about a shipwreck incident in Dubai in 1961 and lots of people died. 248 mots de plus