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Assignment five: Your choice

This final assignment is an opportunity to consolidate the understanding you’ve gained so far, reflect on the work you’ve enjoyed and your achievements. It allows you to create certain parts of the brief yourself so that you have the maximum capacity to show off your interests and talents. 1 880 mots de plus

Graphic Design

8: Eight-word Poems submitted for proofing

I have been working quickly with this one. I spent part of today proofreading a printout, then making the necessary edits. I have already uploaded the interior and book cover PDFs for review; the next step will be proofing. 69 mots de plus


An unexpected development—coming soon!

I thought I might collect my eight-word poems from August in chapbook form—until I discovered they took up about 140 pages or so. So…


#bookreview The Break by Marian Keyes published by Penguin Books

Amazon blurb:

Marian’s brand NEW novel is nearly here, pre-order yours . . .

Amy’s husband Hugh has run away to ‘find himself’. But will he ever come back? 537 mots de plus

Book Review

So many updates

I took most of August off to be with family before my youngest heads off to college.  Taking a break meant I didn’t keep up on updates. 664 mots de plus

Project Update

วิธีเดินทางกับแซลมอน - Come viaggiare con un salmone

Umberto Eco เขียน
นันธวรรณ์ ชาญประเสริฐ แปล

สำนักพิมพ์ อ่านอิตาลี
ออกแบบ antizeptic
วาดภาพปก เฉลิมพันธุ์ ปัญจมาพิรมย์

พิมพ์ ภาพพิมพ์

สิงหาคม 2017

Book Design

5 Steps to Self-Pubbing

In 2011, I embarked on publishing my first collection of short stories – also known as my terribly-rushed-graduate-thesis – through Amazon’s CreateSpace. While I was successful after many proofs, I hadn’t successfully mastered the art of self-publication. 1 509 mots de plus