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Photography and the Printed Page: Appraisal

Printed Page has been a complicated module, I don’t believe it has been smoothest module to complete. I found it very easy to come up with initial book idea proposals, but then found it hard to choose an idea and commit to it. 732 mots de plus


Photography and the Printed Page: Final Group Tutorial - (02/04/17)

Our last tutorial on the 2nd of May, we were split into two groups – one group would be with Adrian going through our final selection of images and discussing our rationale for the work. 262 mots de plus


There Was An Old Giant Who Swallowed A Clock - Perfect Picture Book Friday

Looking for a new read aloud? One that’s absurd—sure to make kids laugh? Look no further. But what’s truly special about this book is its design and illustrations. 243 mots de plus


Initial Ideas for my Book Design

It is essential for me to write ideas down on paper so that I can ensure I don’t forget them. Ideas come and go and during designing a project I often think of different things I can use to communicate the message I am trying to get across. 494 mots de plus


#bookreview The Alphabet of Hearts Desires by Brian Keaney published by Holland House @HhouseBooks @NetGalley

Amazon blurb:

A visitor calls with a gift and a message from the past in this literary, historical novel. In 1802 Thomas de Quincey, a young man from a comfortable middle-class background who would go on to become one of the most celebrated writers of his day, collapsed on Oxford Street and was discovered by a teenage prostitute who brought him back to her room and nursed him to health. 214 mots de plus

Book Review

Book Binding Techniques Research

The way in which the book is bounded is a very important part of the making process because I want to ensure that the right technique is used to best show off the book. 605 mots de plus


Photography and the Printed Page: Book Layout Design

For the inside of the book I wanted to continue the feel of a website in the book. Throughout the book I’ve used a lot of negative space to give the feel that it is on a computer screen and you have to keep scrolling through. 46 mots de plus