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Not sure . . .

I think it’s probably a weakening. And the patch of grass looks like a badly trimmed fanny. But your views would be very much appreciated.


You can't please everyone . . .

This is what I’ve discovered from sharing my book over on here and through various social media sites. I’m going to be honest here, when I first posted these two images a few days ago, my own firm favourite was the one on the left. 471 mots de plus


Anna Gain and the Same Sixty Seconds - Guy Bass & Steve May

Anna Gain and the Same Sixty Seconds is the latest collaboration from Barrington Stoke, books superheroes in a way because they focus on creating accessible books for those with reading difficulties especially dyslexia with a specialised font, careful structure for stamina, prudent vocabulary and cream paper. 618 mots de plus

Childrens Books

Sapientia Aedificavit Book

As promised last week, we are sharing with you one of our favorite designs of the last year: the book for the Castle Museum in Malbork, … 232 mots de plus


Judge Designers By Their Book Covers

Judging a book by its cover is meant to be a no-no, but don’t say that to book cover designers!

One such designer was Rudolph deHarak whose simple geometric shapes and modernist typographic work helped define an era. 22 mots de plus

Design & Photography

What do you think?

This is a relatively short post . . . you maybe delighted to hear. Here are the finalists for the cover design for A Garden of Bones. 246 mots de plus


Elements of Book Design: The Grid

One element of good book design, or page layout for any print or digital application, is the grid. The grid could be compared to the rough framing of a building. 529 mots de plus