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There may be hope after all…

Having started to worry about whether my extensive use of color visuals in the book I am currently working on would work well with CreateSpace, I was happy to find this video on YouTube today: 18 mots de plus


My New Blog

Hi everyone,

This is the first post of my new blog in which, hopefully, I will be detailing my endeavour to produce my first children’s picture book: Daisy Sunshine and the Murkins. 74 mots de plus

Picture Book Construction

Book design: Est Collected Reports from East Anglia

Last year myself and MW Bewick launched the publishing company Dunlin Press. We wanted a platform that promoted up-and-coming new writers and artists. We also wanted to celebrate the best writing, illustration and artistry without being tied down to commercial concerns or the fickle fads of fashion. 578 mots de plus


Delicious Foods

I do not recommend opening Delicious Foods until you have a solid block of time where you can just sit and read it for hours, preferably outside in the not too hot sun, drinking iced coffee, if you can—or a nice glass of iced tea if you’re into that.  958 mots de plus

Graphic Design

creative compendium

Be the most creative!
On each letter in the alphabet I developed a new idea. K stands for kerning, kerning is the space between the letter and should be used carefully, hence ʽkerning me softlyʼ.



It is a book in which I descirbe a person by using 5 objects. I chose my best friend from morroco who past away.
The book is designd in a similar style of his passport. 14 mots de plus