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My Journey Through a Lens | Out Soon!!!

As my third book: « My Journey Through a Lens » is almost complete, I am delighted to tell you all that this book is massive, and is the third, biggest installment in my… 568 mots de plus


Force Benedict PB

Updated new image into both front and back cover artwork.


Non Human thought

Non Human Thought: Jaques Graven

This is such an interesting read about the psychology of animals, how they communicate, patterns, their social units, migration, memory and their relation to humans. 88 mots de plus

Thoughts & Inspiration

Excerpts from Nikolai Gogol's The Diary of a Madman - 10 years

This book that I’ve created as a Grad student at Central St. Martins’ is celebrating 10 years! The experience of creating it was magical and it opened quite a few doors for me. 180 mots de plus

Book Art

6 books published in a year: now we are six!

It’s a little crazy, right? Our tiny publishing company, Impish Press, has launched six new books in the past year. After the writing, that includes all the traditional and hybrid indie tasks of… 196 mots de plus


Pioneering graphic designer, artist and archivist, Elaine Lustig Cohen...

…is recognized for her body of design work integrating European avant-garde and modernist influences into a distinctly American, mid-century manner of communication. She is a living link between design’s modernist past and its continually changing present.  132 mots de plus

Graphic Design

The headaches will be worth it

I generally love the layout and design phase of a new book. Psychologically, I know that the book is nearing its release date so I’m getting excited about seeing the finished product. 413 mots de plus