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A Brief History of Time/The Elegant Universe. Folio Society Edition [Book Design]

For those science buffs who want to add a good looking book to their collection, look no further. The Folio Society editions of A Brief History if Time by Stephen Hawking and the Elegant Universe by Brian Green are a must buy. 238 mots de plus

Book Collecting

All the Seasons (and Especially Summer)

Happy summer, everyone! To celebrate the turning of the seasons today we’re sharing the book that deals exactly with that: seasons, how they change and what natural and cultural phenomena go with each one of them. 94 mots de plus


Total football: a review

Du Malone writes: I came across Sanjeev Shetty’s Total football (Aurum Press, 2018) when searching online for books on the topic of total football. 484 mots de plus


Making a Mock-Up – 2

Tutor feedback said to try cropping the image other than a full bleed to allow legibility of the secondary text and to try dropping in some colour into a few of the images. 885 mots de plus

Illustration Level 1

The Origins of Hospitals in Gdańsk

The Poor, the Sick, the Orphaned. Hospitals of Gdańsk from the Middle Ages till Modern Times is a book we designed for the Museum of Gdańsk… 115 mots de plus


Double-page spread

This two part exercise aims to understand the relationship between typography, the grid, and the page in more depth by analysing existing layouts and creatively developing alternative ones. 1 225 mots de plus