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Other People's Hard Work

Today, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at the actual dead trees edition of The Invisible Crown (available now, hint hint).   339 mots de plus

Writing Process

Cover Me Up, There's a Draft

This week in a brilliant session I completed my first attempt at producing a draft of something resembling a book cover.

The process of creating the cover image came relatively easily to me. 716 mots de plus


Quick Takes: T re e of Co d e s

Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer

Quick Takes: In an effort to finally review some books I’ve read in the past year, I’m gonna throw these posts up on the blog in a shorter form.  244 mots de plus


Designing Corsana by @C_Wellington2 #EpicFantasy #SwordAndSorcery #BookDesign #Books

Enter the fantasy realm of Corsana: The Phalanx Syndicate by Charles Wellington II.

Cover design (Original shield illustration by Paul Davies)

Print Cover Wrap Design (Original shield illustration by Paul Davies) 84 mots de plus

Book Design

Creative Industry Practice: Book cover and binding work shop

Today we had another work shop in CIP class where we looked at some different and easy ways that books could be bound at home with paper, card and glue. 148 mots de plus


Book Design

There’s something that I’m really coming to like about being with a small press: inclusion.

A little general background before we move on to specifics. Things like cover art and book design are business decisions. 569 mots de plus

Science Fiction