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Using book design elements in your marketing

Any marketing bod will tell you that branding is important.

The trm brand coves all sorts of different things, but one of the main visible aspects is a consistent image. 73 mots de plus

Resources For Authors

Book design

Two books that I have designed are shown here. The more complex by far was Wildlife of a Garden: A Thirty-Year Study by Jennifer Owen, published by the RHS (2012). 174 mots de plus


now in print: Never See the Night

An interplanetary biologist locks himself in a fortified research lab with an alien octopus, stranding his teammates outside in the path of a ferocious hurricane on a water-covered world. 74 mots de plus


#bookreview The Butcher's Hook by Janet Ellis. Longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize 2016 

This a beautiful paperback published by Two Roads, with foil highlighting on front and back covers, and sprayed edges.

From the inside cover:

Georgian London, in the summer of 1763. 390 mots de plus

Book Review

Book Design

Mural Software House (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

Mural Software House (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

Mural Software House (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

Mural Software House (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

Mural Software House (Rawalpindi, Pakistan) … 20 mots de plus


Come along and get yer book on

Welcome to Get a Spine, a blog about books and all things book-y. This isn’t a book review site, there are many others who do that better than me. 236 mots de plus

Book Design

monograph - children books design / monografia - design de livros infantis | design

Graphic Design Graduation Project – Part 2: Monograph 
about children books design with the collaboration of Cosac Naify publishing company. At ESPM, São Paulo, Brazil. 238 mots de plus