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Clarity or Mystery? Getting the Balance Right in Graphic Design

I’ve just watched this very entertaining and informative TED talk by Chip Kidd about clarity and mystery in graphic design.

Getting the balance right as a graphic designer is so important to be able to communicate the message effectively. 160 mots de plus

Research & Reflection

Judging a book by its cover. Cover buys

It’s every reader’s guilty pleasure: buying books solely based on the cover. This list is a combination of many things: book I’ve bought with little or no information but the cover caught my eye, alternate editions of books I already own or books that were already on my to-read list and decided I had to own the fancy or obscure edition because I have little self control when it comes to books. 287 mots de plus


What Do Lou Reed and Agatha Christie Have in Common

What Lou Reed and Agatha Christie have in common is the American-born, but British-raised illustrator Tom Adams. When Reed was searching for an artist to design his self-titled album for the UK market in 1972, he chose Adams. 272 mots de plus


Pro Interview #2: Mark Ecob

Mark Ecob is the founding designer of Mecob, a design studio providing a complete book cover design service, from design and illustration to consultancy and art direction. 1 316 mots de plus

Dmu Graphic Design Illustration

AD5807 - Book Design First Draft

I have now completed the first draft of my book design. I completed it using InDesign, and tried to go with my gut feeling as to the placement of images. 207 mots de plus

Book Development Workshop - 1 day intensive using Zoom

Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) has just announced my one-day (teleconferencing) book development workshop on Saturday, July 18th, from 9am – 4pm (PST). Included is a small break for lunch and we will be using Zoom as our teleconferencing admin process for this virtual workshop while we all continue to shelter-in-place. 459 mots de plus


AD5807 - Book Cover Design

Whilst my focus is primarily on the inside pages of my book, and making sure the flow of the images is suitable, it’s also really important to consider the front cover. 451 mots de plus