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James Patterson discussion leads to jokes because there is no way to seriously defend him:

Because they know James Patterson is a joke. A joke.

As you may have already seen, I’ve been in a debate among other librarians in the ALA facebook page about James Patterson. 75 mots de plus

Panda Turds

Your Book Cover Is Not Just Packaging

Which one would you pick up: a beautifully designed book or the same book but without a design?

Your book cover is more than just packaging. 98 mots de plus

Book Cover

Hybrid Book Packagers

Hybrid book publishers appear to be becoming more and more popular and successful, with the likes of Booktrope and Entangled Publishing making their mark in the publishing world. 387 mots de plus

Alloy Entertainment: Ghostwriters & Book Packaging... Spotlight: Paper Lantern Lit.

Okay! So I have been searching Alloy Entertainments website and I can not locate anything on L.J. Smith’s books and how they have known been taken over by a ghostwriter. 1 260 mots de plus


New: Book Review Feature Starting Soon

When people ask me what I do for a living and I reply I’m a book designer, they generally say: oh, so you design the book covers? 413 mots de plus

Photography And Olympus Pen

Tips for Nailing Your Middle Grade Audition

Here’s how it works: Typically, a book packager, literary development company, or publisher will have a concept or a series already in place. The editors have all sat around a table, throwing popcorn at each other and braiding one another’s hair and now have this idea that they are super proud of. 784 mots de plus