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2 Quick Ways to get More Engagement on your Blog (1 min read)

1. Offer your readers an immediate and interesting action. How?

  • Provide live help: When users head to a specific page on your site, ask if they are aware of a new cool feature.
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The Marriage of Opposites

I always left my window open at night, despite the warnings I’d been given.

Visually stunning, to start out with a cliche compliment. A book that could very well be turned into a TV show, but is vibrant, bright and visual enough to not necessarily need the obvious image to accompany the story.

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Review of Marked in Ink a Tattoo Coloring Book by Megan Massacre

Marked in Ink is a tattoo coloring book made by tattoo artist Megan Massacre. She used to be on NY Ink on the TLC channel and I’m a fan of her work, so I was quick to request this one when I saw it was available on Blogging For Books. 125 mots de plus


How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog (4 min read)

Ever sat down in front of a blank screen and thought, “What am I going to write about today…?” Well an editorial calendar is just what that’s for! 485 mots de plus


Tainted By Our Choices

Tarred by our choices is a contemporary romance that has flashbacks, sex, environmental awareness, and a slight fixation on dessert. Potentially all at the same time. 199 mots de plus

My Writing

Relax and relaxation....

Well the joys of half term are over, the girls have been back to school for two days now, and don’t I know about it. Meadow has came home both days being meltdown central. 213 mots de plus


35 Copywriting Tips & Tricks from the Pros (10 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Amber M.

Founder & Owner of: A Not So Jaded Life

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