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Event Review: A Taraji P. Henson/Luvvie Ajayi Event Ruined by Bad Hosting

The Oracle Group should be ashamed of themselves. I hope they are at home kicking themselves and face-palming for the remainder of the weekend for ruining an event with so much potential and wasting the time of beautiful black people. 1 439 mots de plus


Stupid is Forever

Have you guys read Senator Miriam Santiago’s Stupid is Forever? so while im sitting here sipping my milk tea, I keep smiling and laughing sheepishly while reading, people here might think im stupid hihihi… this is one of the most hilarious books that I’ve ever read! 629 mots de plus

#MDS #book #stupidisforever #ironlady

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ~ J.K. Rowling

My husband who knows I’m a geek ordered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in order to obtain it on the day it was released in France, which was some time last week. 511 mots de plus



I had an interesting idea regarding the overall story of my fantasy series. I am thinking of basing it on the points of view of two rival kings. 122 mots de plus

[Audio] Fred Smith Launches 'Dust of Uruzgan' Book

The first lesson of communication is that everyone digests information in different ways, and the savvy communicator has their content in multiple formats for multiple audiences. 215 mots de plus

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