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I Messed Up Book Tag

I was tagged by Cate @ Midnight Biblio Blog , who has been tagged by Michelle, whom I tagged also but okay :) Thanks for this tag, it was fun answering these questions :) 480 mots de plus

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It's Only A Day Away!

That’s right! The big Pre-release Event at Gloyer’s Pharmacy and Gifts is only 1 day away! Come out and show your support for my new novel!


Arc Book Review: Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow

ashley | It may not be the healthiest of habits, but I’m endlessly drawn to broken people. Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow grabbed me in title alone. 692 mots de plus

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Reinventing the Library

Libraries have changed quite a bit since the Library of Alexandria’s time over 2000 years ago. Papyrus was replaced by handmade books, which were replaced by printed books, which are now slowly but surely being edged out by electronic materials. 323 mots de plus


Thank You Recent Echo Reader!!!

I wake up to start drafting and BAM!  I see that someone has read a few pages on Kindle Unlimited of Echo Vol.1!  Whoever that was…Thank You!!! 16 mots de plus




From one activity to the next, one class to the next, one stage of development to the next…

Life is crammed full of these inevitable shifts, and they can be daunting for the best of us. 657 mots de plus


What's the Secret to Attracting & Getting More People to Subscribe to Your Blog? (2 min read)

1. Free content

This value exchange is one of the most popular list-building techniques on the Internet. All the entrepreneurial pros are using it for one reason: it works. 518 mots de plus