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Come to an evening with Hampton Sides

On Tuesday, May 26th, Old Firehouse Books, the Poudre River Public Library District, and Colorado State University Library are joining together to bring another author to the Fort Collins literary community. 112 mots de plus


Finding Eloise - A tip for understanding your character more deeply #writer #writing #book #character #image #tip

Writing a main character who is so different from all my other heroines – indeed so different to anyone’s heroines – has been a challenge. But fortunately I have had some help. 309 mots de plus


Chapter IX of the P. and G. Klopp Story - Part II

Progress at School with Father’s Help

Our school and its yard was surrounded by a brick wall about two meters high and looked more like a prison than a place of learning. 743 mots de plus



Investigative reporting has its hazards,but trouble hits home for Irene Kelly when her estranged aunt is murdered and Irene becomes the leading suspect.With the police hot on her trail,Irene sets out to find her cousin Travis,her dead aunt’s son,convinced he’s the next target.But when Irene finds Travis,a camper-driving children’s storyteller with suspiciously deep pockets,things blow up literally.It takes several brushes with death,staying one step ahead of the law,and a few not-so-sweet reunions for Irene to untangle a complex web of family secrets and long-held grudges,and discover just who is killing off the Kelly clan and why.



Book Review

Searching far and wide...

The last few days, well actually the last few years, I have thought a lot about the meaning of home.

Many years ago a good friend moved to Africa, then Paris and then back to Zurich. 496 mots de plus



You can run from your past but you can never hide from yourself …

When John Callum arrives on the wild and desolate Faroe Islands,he vows to sever all ties with his previous life.He desperately wants to make a new start, and is surprised by how quickly he is welcomed into the close-knit community.But still,the terrifying,debilitating nightmares just won’t stop.Then the solitude is shattered by an almost unheard of crime on the islands: murder. 88 mots de plus

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This is what dreams are made of

This is what dreams are made of.
Stony paths that grind your knees,
silent rivers that strangle emotion.
Breathless views and rainy tears.
Glass windows with a blurry view, 87 mots de plus