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On Hip Tattoos and Halfway to 10k

So we finally did it. After well over a year of planning, talking, thinking, considering, backing out, dreaming, and conversing Allison and I finally got our hops tattoos. 1 059 mots de plus


Don't Be Cool

Without any kind of elaboration from Mau we’re forced to interpret each tenant.  And each of us will bring our own experiences and bias with that interpretation…so I’m suddenly, acutely aware of my own bias! 462 mots de plus

Hope Mills

growing up JW and how it contributed to keeping Erica hidden...

Let me start by saying I realize that nobody gets to choose the family they are born into and with that family comes certain ways of life and beliefs that as a child you have no choice to learn and embrace… After all you have nowhere else to go and know nothing except what your parents force down your throat. 795 mots de plus

Born This Way

And so it begins...

On the 25th of May several years ago in a tiny hospital in McCall Idaho those familiar words, « It’s a boy! » were announced.  What nobody knew at the time was that the doctor had no clue what he was talking about… 598 mots de plus

Born This Way

Lady Gaga Born This Way Heavy Metal Remix

Lady Gaga’ music is great, but sometimes all that happy pop music is just too much. It’s like pouring too much sugar in your lemonade; too sweet. 28 mots de plus

Do You Hear Nature's Messages For A Happier You?

« Listen to the voice of nature, for it holds treasures for you. »
-Native American Proverb

In our minds we have messages from childhood… 668 mots de plus

The Dark Place

No matter what I do, how many pills I take, positive thoughts I think, funny memes I read, there is a dark place inside of me. 138 mots de plus