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Born This Way Gets Season 4 Premiere Date at A&E — Watch Trailer

Born This Way will return to A&E this summer, when the critically acclaimed docuseries kicks off Season 4 on 234 mots de plus


Born This Way, Not My Fault.

I recently saw a memory on Facebook which prompted this piece.  I’d linked to a piece by rampant homophobe, Bill Muehlenberg, which linked to a… 742 mots de plus

Why Unscripted TV Is Best Reflecting True Reality (Column)

Reality TV is the hope of the future.

As production costs boom, unscripted series offer templates of how to keep budgets under control. And while Hollywood loves to talk about diversity, people with disabilities (or PWD) are invisible on most films and TV shows, with the exception of reality TV, which focuses entire series on them and, equally important, includes them in its ongoing series. 529 mots de plus


You Be You Boo

Happy Friday!
This one is for those who don’t fit the mold. Weirdo, geek, nerd… all the labels that meant we are Other.

The older I get, though, the more I realize all of us have felt Other at some point. 211 mots de plus

Funky Friday

Foundation Test: Too Faced Born This Way

Hello all!

I have been using my upcoming wedding as justification to buy more expensive products. Since I am doing my own makeup, I told myself that I needed to find the perfect foundation – and that I was willing to pay for it. 461 mots de plus

Beauty Products

Blue word dose, Purple prose?

Thoughts as what have been spinning through my head all week bring to recollection my old Live Journal days. There was a time I used to document all (and I mean all) of my rather explicit exploits. 158 mots de plus


~A Stranger (ii)~

Last time I wrote about a stranger came to see me at the pub. Now there is another case.

Lately, there was another stranger approached me for lunch. 731 mots de plus