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Billboard's Woman of the year - Lady Gaga

All hail her Gaganess  , it took  an incredible Oscar performance , a jazz album shocking our guts, a tour without any crazy props or onstage wardrobe  changes , and her new profound sense of fashion for billboard to recognize the spectacle Gaga presents before the world . 812 mots de plus


(Proud to be) born this way

Whether you like her or not, Lady Gaga is quite the performer. She is known for her elaborate, wild costumes and catchy, dance-pop songs. When I was a junior in high school, I was able to see her in concert. 518 mots de plus


~Low Profile Person~

Being a low profile person helps you reach the ‘ground’ easier and softer rather than being a high one. — Filipus Neri Mikel

មនុស្សសាធារណៈ ក៏ត្រូវការជីវិតឯកជន — ហ៊ាន សុជាតា

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The Only Me :D

Too Faced 'Born This Way' Foundation Review

*Apologies in advance for the iPhone picture quality, we’re in a hotel for the time being (you can check out my last post with a mini life explanation… 373 mots de plus


Ανοίγουμε μαζί: SEPHORA και HONDOS CENTER + Tιμές!!

Sephora και Hondos Center σήμερα και αγορές καλλυντικών, που αρέσουν σε όλες μας! Πάτησε Play και πάμε να δούμε μαζί το βίντεο!! Μπορείτε να γίνετε μέλος της παρέας μας πατώντας ‘Εγγραφή’, να κάνετε Share και Like στο βίντεο! 6 mots de plus

Vicky Smiles


No hay mejor manera de empezar la semana que probando productos, al menos a mi me encanta, y como ya habrán visto en instagram por fin tengo BORN THIS WAY by TOO FACED, lo que debemos saber de este producto es que contiene agua de coco que nos ayuda a recuperar la hidratación, rosa alpina que nos da un efecto saludable e iluminado al rostro, y ácido hialuronico para una apariencia mas joven, perfecta para el uso diario ya que lejos de dañar nos ayuda. 216 mots de plus


Welcome + Tiny Mecca Haul

To say that I ever thought that I would end up here is a lie.

My name’s Amelia and I am a self proclaimed beauty junkie. 615 mots de plus