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My Two Cents Worth (August 23)

Bias Alert?

It seems that Fox News is running a “Bias Alert” special almost every other day.  While the Liberal slant in many of the mass media venues is well-documented and known, Fox News seems to love to forget that it is also part of the “mainstream media” and its own conservative slant is also well-documented and known.  151 mots de plus


Born This Way

I’m definitely late to the game on this but, Born This Way foundation by Too Faced is magic. Typically I’m a drugstore make up kind of gal because frankly I can’t justify spending so much money on one product. 157 mots de plus


5 reasons why Lady Gaga is the Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga’s next single is Mark Ronson-produced and out in September. We can’t wait. In the meantime read on for our top 5 from mother monsta: ‘One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me.’ 312 mots de plus


Too Faced: Born This Way Review!

I am so late for doing a review on this product! I picked up my second bottle a week ago and realized I still haven’t shared my thoughts on it. 766 mots de plus


Lady Gaga Announces New Single - "Perfect Illusion"

Lady Gaga new song, « Perfect Illusion » coming in September

All the little monsters couldn’t contain themselves when Lady Gaga announced over a series of… 99 mots de plus


Emmy's Reality Nominees Shift to Harder-Hitting Topics

With an with an ever-expanding spate of reality shows on TV, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that there’s been a gradual shift away from light and fluffy unstructured programs to series with distinct and often socially relevant perspectives. 1 176 mots de plus


Born This Way - First Impressions

In my last post I briefly mentioned that I had purchased the Born This Way foundation from Too Faced when I was in Birmingham last week, so today I’m going to share with you my initial thoughts about this foundation and how well I think it held up when I wore it the first time. 714 mots de plus