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Un-pray the Gay

un-pray the gay- but, maybe not today
because, little girls like little boys
-that’s just the way it is but, I always
thought that everyone else’s hair… 255 mots de plus


~Redefine urself: The Power of I don't think so~

(Soon to be written, sorry for getting you here yet has nothing to read lol :P)

Lesson Learn

'Cause Baby~ You Were Born This Way!

Happy Monday everyone! The workplace can be a space of discrimination and anxiety, but we here TwoLoveBirds believe it shouldn’t be! And we hope that this week you can be out and proud and supported in who you are! 36 mots de plus

14 Jan 2018: Lady Gaga

A lady at the dog park said that I should’ve been named Lady Gaga because my eyeliner game is on point. 👌🏼

Ingredients in your Foundation


Long time no write eh? I was totally in a funk and uninspired to write about anything. Plus the holidays are insane (though I stopped writing before the holidays…. 566 mots de plus

Makeup Review