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I’m just back from a little trip in Brittany (France). The reason was to attend a family reunion. Every 2 years, families from my dad’s side who live all over France meet up for a 4 day long week-end. 209 mots de plus

May 26, 2015

This was the view from the nearest, beautifully named Plage de la Pissotte, beach (which was a 30-second walk from the house, and on which I got to do part of my morning run, thanks Lulu for making my fantasy of running on the beach come true :D). 23 mots de plus

May 25, 2015

Still in Bretagne for this portrait, they can’t all be beach shots! Amandine is now probably my most featured friend on here and she looks awesome playing the superstar with some sunglasses that we found laying there in the house ;) The O on her hand, which stands for… 17 mots de plus


I think I’ve found my soul mates

Hey friends, I know that you’re up to date with the fact that I finally found my niche in France, but I just wanted to tell you a little bit about what this really means. 539 mots de plus

Landscapes | Under the light of Eckmuhl

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