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Some news from France CLXXII

This is another day in the saga, and due to Ophelia storm off the Irish coast we are having a different day here in Brittany. It was announced sunny and warm but it turn out grey humid cool and temps in the 15C or about 60F.  2 531 mots de plus


Nipping out for Cidre

There’s been an obvious hiatus in my posts of late and I have so much to share it’s hard to know where to begin. The most fascinating days of Transcontinental No4 are still in draft and I can’t wait to finish those but I’ll start with a trip I made to Brittany back in June. 2 109 mots de plus


When France is on strike ,the world shakes ::)

Indeed this is a national pastime , I am convince. Here in my belle France going on strike looks like a party a great event to be out ,and to tell each other of the mess we found in our days at work or travel. 1 124 mots de plus


My travels in the Morbihan ,XXXVII

Well here is another Saturday and I am at home, the early morning was cold already at 6C then went up to 18C and a bit more sunny. 618 mots de plus


American Pride & French Prejudice

Americans are really proud. Proud of who they are, proud of where they live and proud of what they do. They also want to share it to others, which creates a very strong community spirit. 816 mots de plus

Aztecs Abroad

A Walk in the Bois d'Amour

If you go down to the ‘bois’ today, you’re in for a big surprise!

The Bois d’Amour, an hour’s walk through a dense and ancient forest, begins right in the heart of Pont Aven’s village. 264 mots de plus


That Petite Maison in Pont Aven

It’s hard to say adieu to the sweet little houses that become your home for a week or two. Much more than hotels, B&Bs, agriturismi or apartments, little rental houses minister comfort and care to the weary traveller. 272 mots de plus