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Un vieux breton.

Jour 21.

Depuis ce lundi 24 avril 2017, je me réveille avec un arrière-goût âpre dans la bouche. Rien à voir avec mes excès de vin rouge (quoi que, finalement, tout est lié). 589 mots de plus

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XVI

And yes this is family Sunday in lovely Morbihan Breton department 56 of Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh in la belle France. Today cool and sunny, a great walk in town indeed. 457 mots de plus


Some news from Bretagne, XXIII

As a continuation of my last post on Commana and the parroquial enclosure, we had time and try to see always something else before returning home. 586 mots de plus


Go Finistére and visit Commana enclos Church

One of the Church religious enclosures in Brittany, this one in Finistére, on the town of Commana. We left early on a wonderful day that saw temperatures go up to 23C or about 72F and sunny. 816 mots de plus


Far Breton

A Classic Breton pudding, so easy to make! Everytime we visit our family in Brest, Brittany, a Far is produced. The recipe, although there are many variations, is the best one yet. 95 mots de plus


Some news from France CLII

And once again that pep talk about France. The sun tried to come up today but was up and down with temps in the 15C or about 62F. 1 870 mots de plus