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Bretagne \ Port du Crouesty

Sometimes you don’t need to go far away to see beautiful places, and France has a lot of them!

Almost 4 hours away from Paris (by high-speed train or TGV and then by… 79 mots de plus


Some news from France CXLXVI

Hi y’all, here I am back. Today was cloudy windy and cool at low of 8C or about 44F, the rest of the week looks to be the same or worse. 1 866 mots de plus


A secret Cezembre island on the Emerald coast

The weather was exceptionally good during our visit and it made possible to organise a day-trip on a boat to an inhabitant island in the water area of Saint Malo. 557 mots de plus


Des tablettes gravées vieilles de 14 000 ans découvertes dans le Finistère

Des tablettes gravées vieilles de 14 000 ans découvertes dans le Finistère, Bretagne, France.


Extrait (journal Le Monde du 19 Mars 2017):

 la pièce maîtresse est le fragment 317, avec ses deux têtes d’aurochs, dont l’une est entourée de rayons, comme s’ils irradiaient du ruminant. 105 mots de plus

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Some news from France , CXLXV

Finished Sunday and nice mild weather of 12C or about 55F in Breton lands and about the same in Paris with no rain in sight. Just picking up some nice things to see and do coming up in France and especially in Paris. 1 476 mots de plus