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Some news from France CXLXIII

Ok so the saga continues early in the week, cool humid foggy in the 10’sC 50’s F and no sun yet but no rain either. Not bad after all, the week started ok doing my planning for business travels to come. 1 805 mots de plus


My travels in the Morbihan XV

And finally Sunday, quiet on the city and mild temperatures in the 50’sF 10-12C bit cloudy sun wants to but can’t; and leisure time awaiting some football/soccer games. 833 mots de plus


Wintery morning

I moved to Lorient a few years ago now and during my free time I’ve learnt to discover more of Lorient’s surrounings, there are really wonderful places around here. 692 mots de plus


Some news from Bretagne XIII

And this is my Bretagne, now for the last 6 years of my life. Wonderful coves, harbors ,beaches and great forest of king Arthur fame. I am in the Morbihan dept 56 the only one in France ,name not French ::) but Breton. 718 mots de plus


Cartolina dalla Bretagna...parte 2

Lo scorso articolo mi sono dimenticata di citare i luoghi. Rimedio subito.

Scorso articolo: le foto sono state scattate a Saint-Quay-Portrieux

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