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Guess what?

Ya girl’s getting published again. (!!!!!)

Remember back a year ago, when I made that portfolio/elegy for my visual poetry class that I was super stoked about? 236 mots de plus


Khiatons Monthly Newsletter/Update-May 2016:Healthy Range

Spacefarer Nix Kaphale is no longer fit enough for space travel in this month’s #scifi #flashfic.

Science Fiction


Récemment, j’ai réalisé ce petit bricolage qui m’a servi pour décorer une pièce pour une fête. J’étais un peu sceptique du résultat puisque l’élément principal et du papier de soie. 347 mots de plus


When your Neighbor Gives you a Grill

My neighbor recently gave me three wheelbarrows of cherry wood and a Santa Maria grill. What is a Santa Maria grill? I am not going to pretend that I always knew. 442 mots de plus


Casă din carton și textile

căsuța din carton pe care am făcut-o împreună cu prietena mea Adi (7 ani), care va pleca curând în Anglia, într-o nouă casă

Continuing the Renovations -Attacking the Bedroom!

It occurred to me that I haven’t updated on the renovation process for a while. As with many projects, you take a huge leap forward, and then revelling in the new transformed state of things, it goes onto the back-burner, although really it isn’t finished at all. 995 mots de plus

Living In France

Inanna, a chapbook

Some nice news! A swatch of poems from Dumuzi will be published as a chapbook by Little Red Leaves. I’ve loved their books (fabric covers, hand sewn, venturesome poems) since I first came across them. 389 mots de plus