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Charming Insects

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Found Poetry from a gardening magazine. It reads:


five petal
CHARM… 52 mots de plus


Juju vous fabrique: un isoloir

Un isoloir, toi. Oooohhhh! Ça sonne full politique et kinky, hein? Mais trop pas. En passant, allo. Je sais que j’ai manqué à l’appel, dernièrement. On achève déjà le mois de la rentrée pis j’vous ai pas jasé ben ben. 289 mots de plus


Title video

I shot this video (and chose it for my blog) for a very specific reason:  it captures the spirit of bricolage and multimodality.

The hand you see is one of the wonderful teachers at… 107 mots de plus

About Me

Welcome to "Bricolage...by Doctor Don"

Ready or not, here I blog…

Welcome to the inaugural post of « Bricolage…by Doctor Don. »  I thought it would make sense for my first post to address the title and my process (so far) for trying to capture who I am and what you’ll find here. 511 mots de plus

About Me

"Enter the Imaginarium" from Bricolage Production Company & ScareHouse

Enter the Imaginarium is Bricolage’s newest immersive theater endeavor, and it’s a departure in certain ways from their previous forays into the genre. For one thing, although there’s a rich story woven into the experience, … 535 mots de plus

Theatre Review

Get Campy With Brian Edward In Person & On Film At Bricolage

Does the mention of wire hangers trigger your Faye Dunaway impression? Is Valley of the Dolls one of your favorite films? Do you know what happened to Baby Jane? 122 mots de plus


Class, Tues, 9/06

Spelman, Repair, Chapter 2

  • Fastwrite: In Chapter 2, Spelman describes three different approaches to the repair of objects: (a) Willie’s, (b) Fred’s, and (c) Louise, Elisabeth, and Irene’s.
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