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Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan.


The Duxbury Merchant, 2004 - 2016, (A Detail)

Wood, metal, mosaic, ceramic, seashells, sea detritus, plastic, resin, found objects, cloth, paper, thread, copper wire, paint, metallic powder and adhesives over sculptor’s foam

13′ x 8′ x 5′


Beta Mode: Not Quite Ready to Go Live

This is just a placeholder post until we’re ready to start generating content. Eventually, we’ll develop a welcome post and start lining up content (would love for us to aim for the beginning of August). 171 mots de plus

Doctoral Studies

Autism: poetry makes sense

I’ve tried a lot of art forms*, but poetry is one of the few that enhances my perceptions of the World. Poetry, especially writing poetry, clarifies things I didn’t know I knew. 1 903 mots de plus


Il pleut, il pleut encore, bergère!

Mise en contexte: il pleut. Vraiment, il pleut, pas genre la p’tite pluie cute genre « on va sortir avec nos parapluies pis nos bottes pour s’amuser pareil. 1 599 mots de plus



Created this bricolage from lines on pages 187, 310, and 225 (in that order) from The Sirens of Titan, as well as all the neat junk I keep around for things like this. 45 mots de plus

Kurt Vonnegut