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The Upper Hand

« You’re so lucky you have the upper hand! »

I’ve been told this countless times. « At least you’ve got the upper hand!« . 738 mots de plus



So since this page has been lacking in the beauty department I though I’d talk about something beauty related, perfume. As you may have noticed below in my post about my love for aromatherapy I am big on fragrance. 299 mots de plus


Dear Future Brigitte

Dear future Brigitte,

I hope that you’re at least 30 years old before you read this. If you’re reading this and you’re any younger than 30 (you probably are) then I want you to stop right now. 476 mots de plus


Long Distance Friendships

You’ve been travelling for a few months now. You’ve met some amazing people. Some you did not exchange contact details with, and some you did. Of those that you did, some you will occasionally like Facebook profile pictures of, and some you will actually keep in touch with. 458 mots de plus


Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder in Brigitte

Hey beauties!

Today I finally got some free time to write about Gerard Cosmetics Star Powder I received in the colour « Brigitte » from DressYourFace masterclass in Dubai. 203 mots de plus


Another Rambling Millennial

Following on from my last post (Schmalentines Day), I’m going to continue to saturate the blog market with yet another post on an overly written about topic:  805 mots de plus


Sunday beats: Brigitte

The new clip of the duo « Brigitte » mixes anime and 70’s pop art for a perfect illustration of their music… Candy for the eyes and the ears! 9 mots de plus