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#RaiderNation #RHOA Sasha Pieterse - #Brigitte...

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#RaiderNation #RHOA Sasha Pieterse – #Brigitte…

My Top 10 Songs of 2016

Once upon a time, I felt like absolute shit. Face in hands, collapsed onto someone that I trusted very much, I cried my soul out. Drenched in tears (and snot), the person lifted my head off his shoulders, looked into my eyes and recognised the surrender that curled up in front of him. 648 mots de plus


Musings (3): Gender Role

PHƯƠNG VINH HÀ: Tính Biệt Giác Sắc (性别角色)

Gender là một vấn đề nhạy cảm và không bao giờ có hai chữ « tuyệt đối ». 4 967 mots de plus


I Quit Smoking

*I was a regular smoker but not a heavy smoker.*

**This is literally just a recount of my own personal experience.**

***Everyone is different and I cannot stress enough that there is no one-size-fits-all process (or if there is, I most definitely did not follow it).*** 906 mots de plus



Most of the time, she easily gets worried

She’s a girl who loves to read

To her work and craft, she’s learning to be dedicated… 114 mots de plus


Tarta Hípica con la Campeona Brigitte Van der Hagen

Tarta elaborada para la Campeona de Hípica Brigitte Van der Hagen, con su caballo y sus mascotas.