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Brigitte Gabriel Reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America - YouTube

Just in case you thought the Muslim Infiltration and Sharia takeover of America was a crazy « Conspiracy Theory ». Read published Grand Plan.

Destination: SF Vintner's Market

Its like a farmer’s market, but for wine! Can it get any better than that?

Twice a year, winemakers from all over Northern California converge on the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco. 807 mots de plus


Het deuntje

Gisteren was het weer zo’n dag. Zo’n dag dat ik van alles wil doen maar er gewoon niet de energie voor op kan brengen. Het enigste wat ik op zo’n dag wil is in bed liggen, mijn dekens over mijn hoofd trekken en hopen dat zo’n dag vandaag snel voorbij is. 187 mots de plus


What If I Don't Want to Dress To Impress?

Why can’t men wear skirts?

Well.. They can. But they don’t (usually). Much the same way I do not wear a tie with my suit (usually). 984 mots de plus


Why Expiry Dates Aren't So Bad

I am rarely in it for the long haul.

I’ve been employed by 12 workplaces yet I’ve only resigned from 3*.

I knew my long-term relationship was going to end well before it actually did. 960 mots de plus