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Brigitte Tips and Tricks

Brigitte is the newest hero to be introduced to Overwatch. Not only is she really fun to play, but she is also the most meta-defining hero to be added to the game. 479 mots de plus


So I'm hopeless at sticking to one project...

So. I suck at keeping my mind on one project. All the time. I flit between things, half finished until eventually I end up with lots of half finished things. 131 mots de plus


1 May 2018 Zürich and Winterthur

The first of May is a holiday in Zürich as it is France, but not in Vaud. And in Zürich, we saw a heightened police presence but nothing like the “casseurs” in Paris. 481 mots de plus

Competitive season 10 has begun and brings with it Brigitte

With the start of competitive play season 10 today, Brigitte has been released into rotation. While Brigitte was available in other modes before, she was locked out of competitive play so that her impact on the meta wouldn’t start mid-season. 114 mots de plus