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BTS' Answer, "Idol" and "Mic Drop" collect new RIAA certifications

BTS gathered a collection of RIAA certifications in the past weeks.

Love Yourself: Answer is the band’s first album to be certified by the RIAA, selling at least 500,000 units to be certified Gold. 155 mots de plus


1007 ❄

Lost track with BTS schedule that I didn’t know that today was their LYtour concert in Osaka ~ so glad that they made ARMYs day brighter and lighter with their music, amazing performances and so so so great osaka-dialect speaking skills tonight!!!! 241 mots de plus


Ex Bastard Boyfriend - Part 2

Author : Namitsutiti

Tittle : Ex Bastard Boyfriend

Cast : Kim Taehyung BTS & Ji Yeon

Genre : Sad

Rate : T

Length : Chapter… 1 169 mots de plus


Being Their Wings

Sabtu, 29 April 2017.

Hari yang aku tunggu-tunggu ini akhirnya tiba!

Pada saat itu aku bahkan nggak percaya bisa berada di tengah-tengah keramaian para penggemar yang lain. 1 417 mots de plus


the prowess of lee min ki + seo hyun jin

SIGH. I miss Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin already. JTBC released a BTS clip and I hope it isn’t the last one. Please release a BTS special!!!! 289 mots de plus