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BTS shows their softer side with track 'I Need U'

For everyone who are used to their strong hip-hop beats, BTS showed their soft side with their latest track ‘I Need U’.

‘I Need U’ is the title track from their third mini album ‘ 65 mots de plus


[Ficlet] Ttok Cake

A ficlet by Tiarachikmamu

Ttok Cake

Family, Life, Comedy | Teen | Kim Taehyung (BTS), Lucy Kim (OC)


« Kau tahu apa bahasa Inggrisnya kue ttok, Lu? 549 mots de plus


Prompt 01


taeminno | M | daddy kink

Dịch bởi Cối

Jungkook tự hỏi hay cậu nên gọi Yoongi là daddy.

» sugakookie. smut-y

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VIDEO | "No Turning Back" @IAmSubstantial @OtherGuysMusic @HipNott

Substantial and The Other Guys are cooking up a new single, or already have, and we get to go behind the scenes of the making and mixing of the song. 62 mots de plus


[Drabble] The Light

The Light

The Ark


by: siluetjuliet | Drabble: ±200w | PlayList Series

cast: Min Yoongi (BTS); Min Yoonra (OC)

 Rating: G | Genre: 304 mots de plus