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Shampoo Is History...Or...HairStory

*Roaring applause because of my witty puns*

Okay. Down to business. First thing: foaming shampoo is bad for your hair. Bam.

This itself isn’t exactly news – at least, not in the hair community, or the hair stylist community (that’s why your hairdresser, if you have one, may caution you not to wash your hair too often). 1 836 mots de plus

Monthly Wish List

Okay so I don’t have a huge list this month because if you watched my last Video (click!!) you would see the huge haul I had and all the goodies I purchased for myself! 276 mots de plus

Sephora Play! June Box!

Hi friends! Today I have the Sephora Play! June subscription box to share with you all!

The emphasis for this month are summer items! There is a really cute print for the beach and swimming! 592 mots de plus

Kat Von D

Holy Grails of Hair (Summer 2017)

Summer is a hard time for hair. I don’t know about you but I feel like my hair in the summer is so unmanageable! Living in Florida with wavy very delicate yet thick hair has always been a major challenge for me. 753 mots de plus


how I grew out/maintain my hair

Here are some basic tips/tricks I’ve learned along the way as well as some of my favorite products to use in caring for my hair. 303 mots de plus


Alison's Articles // Recently Purchased

Good Morning to all my wonderful readers out there! So, I was bad and ill prepared my blog post for this week (I had a pretty good idea in mind too, but it will have to wait). 168 mots de plus


The beginning of a beautiful friendship: Bumble and Bumble.

You know when you’re on a night out in a club and meet a girl in the bathroom that is everything you’ve ever been looking for in a friend? 436 mots de plus