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The Sun: Burning Questions - BQ #27 - Woke fascists', standing up to China & revisionist history Winston Peters reveals all

Bizarre in many ways

August 04,2020 – Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of New Zealand Winston Peters appears on this week’s podcast talking about China, the new woke movement and New Zealand’s upcoming election in September. 34 mots de plus

what’s your greatest achievement? (g2)

I tend to feel like this is a loaded question.

It seems asinine if I say AND if I don’t say, my children, for example. 407 mots de plus


The Sun: Burning Questions - BQ #23 - Laurence Fox on cancel culture, Wokeness, related issues and his acting career

July 10,2020 – Laurence Fox talks to the Sun’s Steven Edginton for the series ‘Burning Questions’. The pair discuss several issues of the moment.

Nursing and Racism: Are We Part of the Problem, Part of the Solution, or Perhaps Both?

One of the first « lessons » in my now-long-ago nursing education was « the nursing process. » This was in the early 1960s, almost a decade before anyone spoke of nursing theory, but the University of Hawaii (my alma mater) had modeled the curriculum on that of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) which was designed around the ideas of Dorothy Johnson. 1 695 mots de plus

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Burning Question #64: Distracted Driving

Yesterday I was almost hit by a mail truck. The driver didn’t even see me. He can blowing out of a side street. I got out of his way by about six inched and he kept going, almost hitting a parked car. 165 mots de plus


Questions of Faith Podcast

If you’re curious about something in the faith-realm and would like to ask a pastor (but maybe have been afraid to some reason), please shoot me a question in this anonymous Google Form. 27 mots de plus


cleaning (g2)

I gave the blog a little facelift. I needed it. I needed the words bigger and clearer, and something… different.

I removed things we weren’t really using and I’m trying to figure out how to expand on things I wish to see used more. 8 mots de plus