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Our national language is our identity, heritage

On Sunday I attended a church service in Nairobi where I learnt an important lesson about our national identity and heritage.

I learnt the importance of not only knowing but also the understanding of being able to speak fluent Swahili. 521 mots de plus


Scots aid charity Sciaf confirms two child sex cases

Image copyright Sciaf Image caption Sciaf issued a statement on its website regarding the two alleged cases A Scottish international aid charity has confirmed it has dealt with two cases of alleged sexual misconduct involving children. 22 mots de plus

Over 50's

Awaken memories

All it takes is a movie or a book to bring back to life forgotten memories

I wish I could draw, because all I have is his picture in my mind. 660 mots de plus


Black Panther the movie: a spotlight on Burundi

In general, Marvel has surprised the world with the African extravaganza touch of the movie Black Panther. This is the first movie from Marvel with such a magnitude to have a predominantly black cast and a… 420 mots de plus

Report: Politically Motivated Killings, Arrests on Rise in Burundi

In Burundi more than 500 people have been killed in the past year, most of them by the ruling party youth wing and security forces, according to a recent report from a Burundian human rights group.

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Crime Against Humanity