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Manual of Standards and Procedures for Management of Burundi’s Health Information Management System (French)

Manuel des normes et procédures de gestion du Système national d’information sanitaire, the manual of standards and procedures for management of Burundi’s health information management system (HMIS) documents and defines standards and functions for the HMIS, in line with Burundi’s National Health Information System Strategic Plan for 2011–2015. 239 mots de plus


Interview: Killings, abductions and torture spread fear in Burundi

As Burundi descends further into violence, killings, abductions, torture and arbitrary arrests have become a daily occurrence. The crisis erupted in April 2015 when President announced he would seek a controversial third term in office. 57 mots de plus


‘Intare’ Burundian Drumming Team

Fact File

Where?            Intare have performed all over Europe.

They performed in Coventry City Centre for the Embracing Africa Festival

in 2015.

When?             The group meets when they get a gig in order to rehearse. 648 mots de plus


UN to Burundi: protect ethnic minorities from violence; stop reprisals on civil society

The World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) has highlighted UN calls for Burundi to cease reprisals against civil society advocating for domestic and international justice in the country, where the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor is conducting a preliminary examination into alleged Rome Statute crimes since April 2015. 1 379 mots de plus

Buhari in crisis: Severe poverty and hunger induces unprecedented increase in crime across the nation

Poverty is so great it is causing life and death decision and often compromising morals and blurring the lines of right and wrong.  The President Buhari said Nigerians were suffering because of the sudden drop in the price of crude oil in the international market.President Muhammadu Buhari has admitted to United Nations Population Fund officials that his country is broke and going thru hard financial times due to ever dipping price of oil.   583 mots de plus

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