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Hybrid Wars: Geopolitics of the Central African Highlands and the Great Lakes

Rwanda and Burundi straddle the African highlands in the central part of the continent, occupying an ultra-strategic position along the transregional border between East and Central Africa. 10 297 mots de plus


Biblical leadership skills

Civic leaders in Burundi are gaining and passing along biblical leadership skills! How? Why? Read on!


In Burundi: Mass grave dating from 1972, discovered in Burundi

The republic of Burundi has discovered a mass grave which contains bones and skulls of people in the Gasenyi locality of Mwaro central province.

The mass grave which dates back to 1972, was discovered on Wednesday, by contractors preparing the ground to build a new school. 165 mots de plus

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German East Africa #35 (1911)

German East Africa (Deutsch-Ostafrika) was a German colony in the African Great Lakes region, which included what are now Burundi, Rwanda, and the mainland part of present Tanzania (formerly known as Tanganyika). 5 126 mots de plus

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Africa in 2016 - a short review

2016 had a lot of political events happening across the African continent. From electoral crises’ to humanitarian situations which challenged the Africa-developing ideology. This article will look at some of these big events that happened on the continent in the year 2016. 802 mots de plus