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Regaining Mobility

As an orphan, Francine never really had anyone to care for her properly. An illness in the 6th grade resulted in her losing strength in both her legs. 212 mots de plus

Free Wheelchair Mission

SWATCH, Play International and street children

Play International, one of the first NGO’s in using sports for education and social change, just received a donation from Swatch who decided to support its… 276 mots de plus


Access to Finance Fulfills Dreams

CATALIST-2 began its work in the summer of 2012 after the successes of CATALIST, and will complete work in August 2016, with more than 300,000 farmers having benefited from the project. 498 mots de plus


Imiryango mu Burundi : Imiryango y’abatwa –imiryango y’abaganwa

Mu kurangiza ikiyago twari tumaze iminsi tubashikiriza kiraba ivy’imiryango, reka tubashikirize imiryango y’abatwa hamwe n’iy’abaganwa. Abo bose, bamwe bigira ko atabwoko bakukira mu gihe abandi nabo babona ko bakukira imiryango y’ubwoko bwose. 364 mots de plus


One year after the elections: a deceptive calm in Burundi? by Mimmi Söderberg Kovacs

The car stops and the driver turns off the ignition and leans back in the seat. Before us winds a long queue of cars and minivans in the afternoon sun. 3 605 mots de plus


Strength in what remains

Excerpt from: « Strength in what remains »
Author: Tracy Kidder
Random House / New York (2009)


For the rest of the summer of 2006, Deo worked on the underpinnings of a clinic in Kigutu. 1 020 mots de plus


Burundi Regional Parliament Member Shot Dead

A Burundian member of the regional parliament has been shot dead, in the country’s capital, Bujumbura, in what has been called an assassination. 215 mots de plus