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Life In The Fast Lane

You know, I thought that the switch from Surgery to Family Medicine would be the most drastic turnaround of rotations that I would have all year. 1 405 mots de plus

Black Man M.D.

HRW denuncia la represión de la oposición ante el referendum constitucional de Burundi

Varios miembros del Gobierno y de las fuerzas del orden de Burundi han emprendido una campaña de represión contra la oposición antes de la celebración del referéndum sobre la extensión del mandato del presidente, … 111 mots de plus

what I learned from a 72 years old man

Meet Eloise, a 72 years old man from NGOZI, a province located in Northern Burundi.

Eloise came in Bujumbura in 2016 to get his tumor treatment done at the hospital Prince Regent Charles in Bujumbura. 469 mots de plus


Pray for Our World: Burundi

Burundi is in central Africa between Rwanda and Tanzania.  It is one of the poorest nations with 70-80% living below the poverty line.  The country is highly in debt, and gained its independence from Belgium in 1962.  84 mots de plus


Radio Mille Collines and the Limits to Free Speech

Radio Mille Collines and the Limits to Free Speech   —by Jinny Batterson

Each of us beyond infancy is, I believe, a product of both nature and nurture. 868 mots de plus