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C1 Espresso

Located in the heart of Christchurch’s central city, C1 Espresso has become the preferred cafe for many cafe enthusiasts. This is understandable with its eclectic collections of retro memorabilia and the pneumatic tubes – which is what makes this cafe stand out from the rest popping up around the CBD. 195 mots de plus


Daniel's Bench

The vendor ( sub-divided Warleigh Woods into lots for sale on to individuals interested in owning a small woodland.   As part of the “package” a bench is in a clearing. 15 mots de plus


Le "ne" expletif

Quelques exemples
Je doute qu’il ne revienne.
C’est pire qu’ils ne l’avaient imaginé.
Nous partirons sans lui, à moins qu’il ne soit à l’heure.
Il est beaucoup plus vieux qu’il n’y parait. 677 mots de plus

And now I'm back! From outer space!

At long last!

Like the prodigal son—well, okay, not really—I have returned. And this time, I would like to be back for good!

What’s been going here? 274 mots de plus


LEAGOO C1 is the RM99 feature phone to get

You might say « hey, I just need a dumb second phone for calls », then the LEAGOO C1 is here just for you. It comes with a 2.4-inch colour LCD with a 1.3MP rear-facing camera, and all these are juiced up by a heft 1,000mAh battery.  28 mots de plus


In the Wild: C1 Corvette

A beautiful C1 Corvette at the local brewery. Two toned and wonderful. It pays to live in California when I get to see classics like this in such good condition. 8 mots de plus

In The Wild