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If you don't vote...

…you don’t have the right to complain. Or do you?

This week, I was very excited to have planned and taught my first Task Based Lesson… 713 mots de plus

4 Days in Christchurch


Above Te Wai Pounamu

I’m flying to Christchurch. I didn’t entirely expect to be on this flight. As much as I am looking forward to seeing old friends, and checking out the how the rebuild is going, I’m ambivalent about my excuse to visit my hometown. 1 099 mots de plus


#51 C1 with Andrea at the Triangle

C1 Count = 11

C1 today with Andrea, who felt very familiar, but I couldn’t place whether I’d taken her class before. I think I may have seen her at the Monarch, or maybe taken a C2 with her there. 217 mots de plus


#50 C1 Bring A Beginner - CPYTT

C1 Count = 10

Teaching the class together was fun! I feel so supported and supportive of this community–my CPYTT class. Every one of us doing our part, holding the whole thing together, together. 162 mots de plus


#48 C1 with Kelly at the Triangle

C1 Count = 9

Focused on getting in my C1’s these days as we approach the wire here with Teacher Training. Today I took a class with Kelly, who–I found out at the very end of class–was teaching C1 for the first time. 251 mots de plus


#47 C2 with Andie at the Triangle

Today’s class, the Heart Chakra. This is my favorite chakra. Maybe my heart is more open, or maybe my heart is the only relatively clear chakra I have, but it is certainly one that I am able to connect with intuitively. 177 mots de plus


Don't cry over spilled milk

Let’s make your neurons work! Solution provided by the end of the week.