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We bet you never practice the Speaking part of the exam when you are alone. You may think it’s weird, but it’s also quite useful. A good tip is to record yourselves while doing it so that you can go back and find your mistakes. 27 mots de plus


Nokia phones 2017 price, release date: Nokia Edge, C1, D1C, E1 .

The iconic logo and tagline of Nokia is displayed along with the potential look of the upcoming Nokia Edge Android smartphone. (Photo : YouTube/GONE IN 180) Nokia phones specs, price list, and release date have been highly searched online. 352 mots de plus

B2, C1 Alternatives for 'if' in conditionals

Hello! Here you will find a link to a multiple choice activity on alternative for ‘if’.

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Love is in the air: Love and Relationship Expressions

Image credit: Android Authority

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This is a lesson plan I designed for Valentine’s day so it’s a bit late but who’s to say you can’t learn about love any day of the year? 816 mots de plus

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Looking for love?

Are you looking for love or a special type of friendship?

Do people we get on well with have the same personality traits as ourselves? Or, is it more likely that opposites attract? 81 mots de plus


Snowy Birdhouse -Bootcamp

Snowy Birdhouse, image by Jennifer Dove – white snow is not white!

Copic Bootcamp


Little Birdie - Bootcamp

Little Birdie, image by Jennifer Dove, taught us about texturing and toning feathers.

Copic Bootcamp