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Song: Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now Baby Blue

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bob-dylan-baby-blue – Handout

I’ve been quiet for a few weeks due to my exciting and terrifying new job in teacher training! 865 mots de plus

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Listas provisionales admitidos formación inglés C1

Reunida la comisión de valoración el día 20 de octubre de 2016, y finalizado el proceso de comprobación de la elegibilidad de las solicitudes, esta determina: 203 mots de plus

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Summary of functions of modals

These tables are a good reference to understand the different uses of modals in English. They could also help with rephrasing tasks which appear in the majority of official exams. 13 mots de plus

We can’t believe it’s already October and this is your first visit to the blog. Shame on you!

Here are some word formation sentences for you.   90 mots de plus



Oh my gosh. Hello there! How are you guys? It’s very obvious that I haven’t been posting at all for the past 5 or 6 months. 89 mots de plus