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Like a Hole in the Head: Atlantoccipital Joint

My foramen magnum hurts
Like in my sleep my hair was pulled
Like a baby with a soft spot in its skull
I press it and it hurts… 524 mots de plus

Original Poem

Peer-Taught Phrasal Verbs

Image credit: teaching.berkeley.edu

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El estrecho límite entre juego y deporte

Propuesta didáctica ABP para nivel intermedio

Os presento una actividad que puede servir para practicar con el alumnado de nivel medio y alto B2, C1. Trabajamos descripciones, vocabulario deportivo y lúdico, los tiempos verbales y los textos expositivos medianamente complejos. 524 mots de plus


Upcycle and Recycle

In the past 5 years, I’ve lived in 23 houses, in 5 countries, and 4 continents, and if I have learned one thing, it is this: EVERYTHING IS RENTED. 305 mots de plus

Disappointment in the Big Apple

While I was in San Francisco for a week in January, I was offered a 4 week job in New York, travel and accommodation included, to facilitate some fundraising events. 985 mots de plus

Plastic Tupperware, Women's Health, and Toxins (Brief Overview)

It seems like every year there’s a new health scare, with a trend to avoid it. Gluten, gluten free, plastics, BPA free. It’s tedious to find reliable info, so in this article, I’ve read a bunch of stuff for you and boiled it down to this. 311 mots de plus

Moje francuskie seanse, czyli o oglądaniu filmów słów kilka

W cyklu Petits plaisirs co jakiś czas będę przedstawiała Wam moje propozycje filmowe. Będą to oczywiście produkcje francuskie, które miałam okazję obejrzeć czy to w kinie czy w domowym zaciszu. 901 mots de plus