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Money Dilemma: Lost and Found

Imagine you found 5000 Euros on the street, what would you do with the cash?

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Money Dilemma: Setting up a business

You are an extremely successful business person and you would like to set up a new business to boost your retirement nest egg. What would you do?

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Money Dilemma: Inheritance

Imagine, you have been extremely fortunate as a great-aunt has left you a lot of money in her will. That’s correct; as a result of this inheritance you are no longer… 22 mots de plus


COLLECTOR’S CORNER: Bill Whited’s Corvettes

After almost two years of blogging about my automotive adventures past and present, it’s time to turn the blog in a different direction.

It’s been my good fortune to have participated in the collector car hobby by attending car shows, working on restorations, and driving in rallies. 2 087 mots de plus

Chevrolet Corvette

Resumen B2 C1 noviembre

Now that are B2 and C1 language and methodology classes are in full swing, we would like to take the opportunity of telling you about some of the activities that we have been doing in the CARLEE over that last two weeks. 362 mots de plus

Actividades Centro Lenguas

Step 1. I learned "Deklination des Adjektivs".

Ok, this topic is one which you usually learn at A2 level (or maybe already at A1). And it’s super easy when you have a table in front of your eyes, but it’s also very easy to forget to do « … 526 mots de plus