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Vocabluary building and avoiding ´the language learning plateau´

An important aspect of enhancing your progression is building up your vocabulary. Obviously we need to know more than one way of saying things or we will of course be very limited with our language use. 232 mots de plus



El día 30 de marzo empezará en el CARLEE un nuevo curso de francés para profesores de educación primaria y secundaria. Los objetivos del curso son los siguientes: 74 mots de plus

Actividades Centro Lenguas

Since the C1 section of the blog is only updated every other week, we know the withdrawal symptoms are real.

It’s been a hot minute since you last did some… 19 mots de plus


C1, E1:

I’m wearing the long dress with the wide hood tonight. The wind can’t reach to hit my face in the same way it kick into the hollows of my ankles and my knees as the soldiers walk me through the midnight storm across the airport tarmac and towards the plane. 950 mots de plus


To sit around

To sit around means to sit in a place doing nothing special.  Another common expression which means the same thing is: to hang around/about.

For example: 32 mots de plus


«Μάρτιαι Ειδοί»

«Αι ειδοί» είναι η απόδοση στα ελληνικά της λατινικής λέξης «idus» = ήμισυ, δηλαδή η μέρα που διαιρεί τον μήνα στα δύο. Ο όρος  « 20 mots de plus


To dress up

To dress up is a phrasal verb used to say that you are putting on more elegant clothes or wearing a costume.

For example:
Normally my sister wears jeans and a t-shirt, but last weekend she… 50 mots de plus