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#PhoneNews - The Android Team From Nokia Is Coming. See Their New Photos

​Ghen! Ghen!!!

Nokia is revving It’s engine and is almost good to go with its new Android smartphones rumoured to be released before the end of the year. 133 mots de plus


#PhoneNews - Nokia P1 Leaks Ahead Of Launch

Anytime from now, ‎we would be witnessing the official launch of a fully Nokia branded smartphone.

The Finnish OEM had been restricted from making any smartphone branded in its name since the acquisition of its mobile phone division by Microsoft in 2013. 136 mots de plus


Boys and their toys

Boys and their toys!  

At the end it turned out to be a nice trip.  But at the beginning…

The plan was to have a relaxing day out in – a lovely little town Bridgnorth on the river Severn, to have a ride in a cable car and to buy some souvenirs. 444 mots de plus


Activity 1.5

I start to play basketball since second of kindergarten at the College of Instituto Laurens, i didn´t like it when i start to play it, my parents make me to play it obligatory, my first number or jersey was the 12, it´s still been my favorite number. 53 mots de plus

Archimedes, six kettles and two horses’ heads

If you are planning a trip to Edinburgh or Glasgow, check whether your route goes past the Scottish town of Falkirk because not far from this town there is a unique construction – The Falkirk Wheel which was opened by The Queen Elizabeth II on the 24th of May 2002. 464 mots de plus


~ time, and me ~

Leaves randomly blown by the summer breeze,
Time, and me.
Leaves randomly blown in the light blue autumn sky,
Time, and me.
Down in the dark golden tree shadow ― 56 mots de plus


Aprueba EOI: B1, B2, C1 Exámenes

Save up to 25% with the Inglés Málaga Intensive 6 hour a week Summer Workout.

Practise in the summer, save money,  pass exams. Study with a friend and… 54 mots de plus