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#AtoZchallenge P

PIL stands for Pacific International Lines.
I like to think it’s for the band instead.

Did you just enter the onramp? In need of GPS?
This post explains it all.


Renewables Rejected: Community Backlash Forces Californian Counties to Ban Giant Wind & Solar Projects

Community hostility to industrial wind power is inevitable, when the community in question is the one that ends up with 300 tonne monsters speared in its backyard. 1 126 mots de plus

Big Wind Industry

Carrizo Plain: Day One

On the first day, clouds marked the sky. And it was good.

And we were wet with rain and frozen by wind and pelted by hail and splattered in mud, and we did not care. 53 mots de plus


Construction Update - Footings

At the new construction site near our office things are starting to get interesting.

The parking lot area is now surfaced and the construction team has moved to trailers on the site. 202 mots de plus