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The X-Files: Darkness Falls

Yes. Foggy forests. Double yes: green little – no, not men – bugs. Fireflies with an anger management problem? Tiny glowing aliens? Anyway, a bunch of eco-terrorists, who call themselves ‘monkey-wrenchers’, vanish right after dark. 562 mots de plus



Spoilers for Season One to Season Seven

Ok, not exactly teen tv but honestly other than the co stars being a little older and the odd threesome there is nothing here that teens should shield their eyes from. 609 mots de plus


The White Buffalo stomps through raucous old and new favourites

A few years ago, in a Bruce Springsteen review, I wondered why artists who moan that fans « only want to hear their hit, or what they already known » don’t do like Springsteen and continue to make music that sounds like hits, or fan favourites, each time they release an album. 491 mots de plus


Californication (XXX-Files)

Sex & The City voor mannen in Los Angeles. Dat is in een notendop de inhoud van de comedy-serie Californication. In Nederland alleen uitgezonden op… 344 mots de plus

Film En TV

American songwriter includes Calgary in Canadian tour stops

Jake Smith has played with artists like Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Grace Potter, Steve Earle, and Dave Grohl. I see kindred spirits in each of those artists, many of them intense and  determined in their chosen craft. 674 mots de plus


David Duchovny Knows You're at His Concert to See Mulder, Humbly Hopes You Enjoy His Music Anyway

« I’m not an idiot, » says David Duchovny, « I know why I get to do it. But that doesn’t mean the music sucks. » Duchovny, best known for his portrayal of Special Agent Fox Mulder in  1 320 mots de plus


IN-N-OUT Burger, Los Angeles, California, USA

The In-n-Out Burger chain started in Los Angeles, California and despite a loyal following hasn’t expanded further East than Texas. The reason for the slower expansion is because they don’t franchise their stores and they haven’t gone public. 396 mots de plus

Restaurant Review