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RAW Reviews // Hell or Highwater

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Were you a fan of The X Files? Or perhaps you were hooked on the dramatic hilarity of Californication? If you answered yes to either of the above questions (or even if your answer was no), chances are that you know David Duchovny. 253 mots de plus


3 Lbs: Lost for Words

Sometimes TV series come, take a peek, only to get completely massacred by the ratings. Before you realize the show even exists, it’s gone forever. Swept right off the face of the Earth. 656 mots de plus


My Adventures in Pop Culture

It’s been a long time since i’ve blogged, actually the last time was back in college, almost 15 years ago.  I’m a lover of books, video games, music, movies, TV shows and pop culture so I plan this blog to mostly be a record of what I consume and my thoughts on it. 796 mots de plus


Let it Rain

Some of you may be aware that a guy named David Duchovny put out an album last month. His name might sound familiar to you, he’s done a little acting in shows like  1 734 mots de plus


Californication Reflection :: Out Of Class Essay 1

California even if many consider it as a place for prosperities and the realization of dream, the RHCP does not agree on it entirely. This dream has been corrupted by the industries and companies trying to make a profit, especially the Hollywood businesses. 118 mots de plus