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Earlier today, I observed that if Bernie Sanders wins this Tuesday’s closed Democratic primary in Kentucky, “Sanders and his supporters will likely take advantage of a win here to promote the idea that there are still plenty of Democrats who aren’t comfortable with Clinton, and that the ‘Democratic establishment’ should agree to… 671 mots de plus

Best Concerts: Red Hot Chili Peppers @Outside lands Festival, San Francisco

This was the first time to go to a music festival in my life and the first time to experience the live music of the legendary band. 221 mots de plus


The Sluttiest Television Characters

I’m dubbing 2016 to be the year of the slut. Because while slut shaming is still a very real problem (and a big no-no), there’s really never been a better year to be a ho. 1 204 mots de plus

My Dear

Dear Hank,

With you, writing comes easy. All my thoughts go back to you, i sing and i dance and i laugh and i cry and i talk and i meet friends. 133 mots de plus

Guilty Pleasure of the Month - Netflix's Flaked

Despite the fact that I have cable in my life again, I’m really a creature of habit and find having hundreds of channels to choose from daunting and to be honest – way too much work to find something worth watching. 477 mots de plus

Top 5 Shows

As you may or may not have noticed, I have not been as punctual with the release of my blogs as of late. No, I’m not ill, working, or taken up a new hobby – I’d never do that to my devoted fans. 424 mots de plus

Creativity fueled by booze

« Drinking is the curse of the writing classes, » said the great playwright and author Oscar Wilde.

I count myself incredibly lucky that, from my days as an adolescent when my parents allowed me to have a glass of wine with holiday meals, to the present, alcohol has always had the desired effect on me and nothing more. 477 mots de plus