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Day 59 - Giving Californication a Second Chance

Quite some time ago, my buddy Tippin introduced me to the show Californication. It was a show I got really in to along with  333 mots de plus

Life Update

Everybody Runs. Again.

It will be April 2054 again real soon. The small screen adaptation of Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report is on its way.

Set 10 years after the movie ended – so that’ll have to be the year 2064 – and the disbandment of the whole PreCrime institution, Fox’s new TV series will focus on ex-precog Dash and his detective friend Lara Vega. 252 mots de plus


Mind the TV gap

Ever since Breaking Bad, True Blood, Dexter, How I met your Mother, The Office, and the L-Word have ended, I’ve been on the prowl for a new show to binge on. 1 039 mots de plus

Today I will

Today I will
do the dishes
with a little Californication
in the background
because I need a good
filthy laugh
I will burn my lunch… 55 mots de plus


Thoughts on Californication

Someone once told me that much of media’s appeal—news, shows, movies—was that it gave the middle and lower classes a window onto how the richest live. 729 mots de plus