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Journal #40 (in which Brian comes back)

In bed, in the half light glow of scattered clocks, my mind feels itself, runs its fingers under my skull, over my brain membrane for the— 1 723 mots de plus

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Everything put together "Faith"

Taken from the 6th Season of Californication

Everything put together falls apart sooner or later

Strange ,Weird but true everything falls apart sooner or later thats just a universal truth our health our body our friends after a certain period of time things just start to go off .Not everything can stay the same in your life…

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What if God told you to be a better person but the world wouldn’t allow it?
Such is the dilemma facing Joe Smith, a run-of-the-mill white-collar businessman who survives an office shooting and is subsequently touched by what he believes to be a divine vision. 60 mots de plus

David Duchovny

Malibu: Dream on Californication

Press play and get the Californication mood


Throwback Thursday everyone! This day has brought me some good memories from Cali on a beautiful sunny day in Malibu. 402 mots de plus



San Diego, California, has been my home for three months now.  I can hardly believe it!  I’ve done more in that time than some people do in years, because I feel like every weekend is a vacation.  782 mots de plus

Hard Rock Music Time Machine – 3/2/17

Hard Rock Music Time Machine – 3/2/17

Each Thursday, Hard Rock Music Time Machine takes a journey back in time to feature a variety of songs that date back as far as the ’70s. 989 mots de plus

Hard Rock Music Time Machine

Regret: How to Feel Better About the Road Not Taken

You’ll always feel nostalgic whenever leaving behind anything that provoked strong emotions in you.

Nostalgia combines the pleasant memory of the past with the cold realisation that a desirable aspect of that past is irredeemably lost. 529 mots de plus