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Take Your Protein Pills And Put Your Helmet On

So I… God damn it! I need to stop starting shit with « So ». I apologize. Anyway, I really need to remember to take my Ambien and get some sleep tonight. 407 mots de plus


Monday, bloody Monday

I’ve been avoiding blogging since the whole Brexit mess. It fills me with such anger and disappointment in the British people. Hate crimes are on the rise and allies are taking a fall. 529 mots de plus

Kalifornia (1993) Review

Even back in the early part of his career, Brad Pitt owned any screen he was on. In 1993 he is a fairly unknown actor, having been in… 486 mots de plus


Thoughts - May 29, 2016

Tomorrow I’m going back to work and I feel nervous and anxious. I’ve been taking my SSRI’s for little over a week now but they won’t kick in yet. 294 mots de plus



Earlier today, I observed that if Bernie Sanders wins this Tuesday’s closed Democratic primary in Kentucky, “Sanders and his supporters will likely take advantage of a win here to promote the idea that there are still plenty of Democrats who aren’t comfortable with Clinton, and that the ‘Democratic establishment’ should agree to… 671 mots de plus

Best Concerts: Red Hot Chili Peppers @Outside lands Festival, San Francisco

This was the first time to go to a music festival in my life and the first time to experience the live music of the legendary band. 221 mots de plus


The Sluttiest Television Characters

I’m dubbing 2016 to be the year of the slut. Because while slut shaming is still a very real problem (and a big no-no), there’s really never been a better year to be a ho. 1 204 mots de plus