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The daughter of a cancer survivor

Every era has a disease or illness that defines it.  The disease defining our world these days is cancer. We may not realize it but we are surrounded by it; through our families, work, education, we know at least one person who has gone through cancer. 584 mots de plus


Randomness of Life

Life is a random sequence of events on which neither God nor humans have any control.  It should and must remain as random as it could be.  1 216 mots de plus


Did I just cast Ancestral Recall?

Magic Magic Magic. It’s all coming up Magic right now. I swear I spent most of the weekend absorbed in this game. I collectively streamed around eight or nine hours of GP Indianapolis, then went off this afternoon to draft. 980 mots de plus

Stream Of Consciousness

By James Walley, McGill University, Canada.

Having never spent a Christmas outside the bustling metropolis of rural Cheshire I was extremely excited, albeit slightly apprehensive, about spending the festive period away from home. 576 mots de plus

My Early 2018 Aesthetic! (And introduction)

Hey-ya guys! I am Lynn. This is my new photo blog! I have had this idea for AGES and I finally did it! Are you proud? 80 mots de plus


Vegan Challenge- Week 1 Conquered

Week 1

Blueberry, Banana and Kale Smoothie

PB+ Banana Breakfast Pizza

Miso and Ramen Soup

Chickpea and Broccoli Curry

Beet Hummus with Melba Toast

Garlic Mash Sweet Potato and Broccoli and Mushroom Stir Fry… 608 mots de plus

If you have a cold nose, a new study says your brain is working too hard and diverting blood

The next time you suspect you are overdoing things mentally, a quick check of your nose temperature could prove illuminating.

Scientists have discovered that a cold nose is a sign of thinking too hard. 467 mots de plus