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Living in Paradise?

Alright, alright, alright…boys and girls it’s time to get back on this right??
Trust me I’ve missed this as much as I hope you did too!!! 375 mots de plus


The Great Island of Dogs

Las Islas Canarias, Spanish islands off the tip of Morocco, are a dream destination for us food-lovers and sun worshippers. Gran Canaria, the third largest of the islands, not only has a wonderful ring to its name but is also named after man’s best friend – the Dog. 595 mots de plus


Classic Canaries 2: Trying to talk to Buckle.

He treads across the floor to a corner of the squalid room which does indeed contain a cage of fine contented chirping birds before cheerfully scattering a handful of seed for them. 422 mots de plus


Finally at anchor

We have a couple of days left at our Las Palmas Marina mooring. But last evening we felt it was enough – we needed to enjoy the freedom of anchoring so we wrestled out of our tight slot. 136 mots de plus

Sailing Notes

The Classic Canaries 1: Bikle's Barvellous Morning.

Bikle is sat at his mahogany desk, tapping away cheerfully at his state of the art computer, when a lovely blonde pops her head around the door. 576 mots de plus


Classic Canaries Preamble.

Gentle reader, it is many years since the ‘classic canaries’ sketch was first constructed. The premise is simple and will be familiar to all aficionados of 70’s and 80’s sitcoms. 303 mots de plus