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Squad Update at Caernarfon

Caernaeron Town boss Iwan Williams has reshaped his squad following an inconsistent start to the season, with the additions of Alex Jones, Keighan Jones… 121 mots de plus

Holiday Pay...

This week I booked my annual leave online and today I received an email to say that my manager has approved it! Now, anyone who’s been employed for years probably won’t understand what all the fuss is about, but for those of us who are usually self-employed, the thought of being paid your full salary while roasting yourself on a beach thousands of miles away from the office is almost too good to be true. 100 mots de plus

Chooks and much more

Family member Heather Hawkins sent me the link to the Essendon Poultry Society website.

Bruce Tyzack’s research uncovered considerable information about William Baker Tyzack’s son Thomas William Tyzack.   461 mots de plus


Yellow-fronted canary serenade

This little guy gave us a spirited solo performance.  He was up pretty high and didn’t stay still for too long, but it was nice while it lasted. 19 mots de plus

Get Your Pants On, Mrs. B. It's A Tornado Warning!

Gill and I have certain traditions when we are together during the summer holidays. Foremost among them is the ‘Playing Tornado’ game.For those of you not familiar with this quirky exercise, I’ll explain. 1 156 mots de plus


July 31, 2016 | A Job + Experiments + A Film = ?

This was a long and detailed dream so I can not remember most of it now so a large part of the beginning and middle are missing, except for part of the dream where I was probably inside The BP Library working at my shelver job when a male patron with white skin started talking to me about gun control, and how he thought that rifles should not be as restricted and should not be in the gun control laws. 800 mots de plus