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July 31, 2016 | A Job + Experiments + A Film = ?

This was a long and detailed dream so I can not remember most of it now so a large part of the beginning and middle are missing, except for part of the dream where I was probably inside The BP Library working at my shelver job when a male patron with white skin started talking to me about gun control, and how he thought that rifles should not be as restricted and should not be in the gun control laws. 800 mots de plus


Classic Canaries 19: Combined Ending

The crowd too, look nonplussed at these developments, as far as they can see, there are two fabulous looking canaries on display, and why this drunken young woman is talking about giving the prize to a plastic novelty bird is beyond them. 2 174 mots de plus


Classic Canaries 18: Princess Yolanda

Unfortunately for both Alphonso and the prospect of any immediate progress towards an even vaguely functioning Bird Show, who should stagger around the corner of the beer tent, but General Stonewall Johnson, and he’s not best pleased to observe this vision of old dixie preening himself at the judges table. 2 106 mots de plus



Our most recent trip was to the sunny Lanzarote Island in the Canaries. This was a simple re-charge your batteries trip. It is a great time to go in May as it there is no extreme heat yet. 490 mots de plus


It's that holiday time of year - go to the Canaries, by plane or by book #free (7th in the #whodunit series)

There are reasons why Thirteen Fourteen Maids A-Courting is not listed in the column of my books, but I shan’t bore you with those now. It’s the most recent in the series,  although Fifteen Sixteen is almost ready to start its countdown, and hasn’t many reviews and I’d really like to redress that. 159 mots de plus

E J Lamprey

Visit to South Africa Part 2

The 3rd day of the show was a Saturday and the exhibitors were allowed to lift their birds at 1.00pm so as to allow them to get their birds home. 2 702 mots de plus

Cage Birds