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DE powder for red mite on canaries

Some DE to powder under the breeding cage trays and in to nests etc to kill any mite that may encounter it.

The Man at the End of the Pew

I’m a crow when it comes to singing, though we have some excellent
canaries in our family (real singers, in choir and out, and they know… 139 mots de plus


First egg of the season!

Good morning, I had my first egg this morning of the season. It was in the Mosaic yellow agate topaz nest and she is sitting nicely. 39 mots de plus

Canary nest pans sorted!

So I am trying the carbolic soap method to stick the nest pan liners in to the nest pans as it is apparently very offensive to red mite. 11 mots de plus

Seven yellow canaries must be good luck

We see them all the time but they usually don’t sit still for long.

Bright yellow plumage with a bandit mask and a sinister expression. 7 mots de plus

Welcome to Feathered Variety!

Hello and welcome to Feathered Variety. My name is Jon Martin and I have very recently started back up in the bird keeping and breeding hobby. 130 mots de plus

Livin' La Vida Loca...

As I’ve never held a proper salaried position before, and am therefore unfamiliar with the concept of annual leave, I genuinely thought I’d used up all of my hours when I spent half of December in The Canaries – but apparently not! 179 mots de plus