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Lanzarote – Costa Teguise

Three weeks, very indulgent. Sun, cloud, wind, alcohol, water in bottles, poor pans, sand and, for my part at least, shade seeking. 1 281 mots de plus

Inland Waterways

El Mirador: a holiday poem from the Canaries

That perfect moment, pausing on the palm-fronted terrace

Coffee for me, milk-shake for you

Overlooking the golden sands stretched out below

A stiffening breeze menaces untended glasses… 43 mots de plus



Don’t cure too many madmen,

You may need us yet.

How would you know where Hell was

If you didn’t hear us scream?

And where your Heaven was once, 28 mots de plus

NaPoWriMo April '16

27 April 2016 -- #haiku

mall pet store
the song of canaries
drifts by


Classic Canaries 16: Mr Cutler's New Clothes.

Of course Buckle’s blow is rather less efficient than the others and serves to only knock Bikle over onto the two other unconscious persons.

Bikle: “How! 1 082 mots de plus