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597. Malcolm developed an interest

Malcolm developed an interest in canaries. He was an enthusiast. His sudden venture into keeping and breeding canaries came right out of the blue.

He built a fairly large aviary, as well as smaller breeding cages. 154 mots de plus



 25th May 2015, 3.13pm: a sea of yellow and green, bouncing in unison.

“Kick it off! Throw it in! Have a little scrimmage!
Keep it low! 2 577 mots de plus


Play-off pandemonium

I’VE GOT MY TICKETS. Have you got yours? Back in March, we labelled the previous East Anglian Derby as the biggest in the two clubs’ history, with crucial points on the line in the promotion race it was hard to disagree. 889 mots de plus

Norwich City

The march of time by MarkHigham

Maspalomas beach

As Seen on 500px – April 30, 2015 at 04:51AM


Two defining moments and a heap of negativity

TWO GAMES AGO even the most cynical of you would have struggled to criticise the work of Alex Neil and our team. Following victory at Elland Road we had tasted victory five times in a row and not for the first time under the Scotsman. 1 010 mots de plus

Norwich City

The Journey begins

My last full day in Ireland before I set sail on a new adventure. I hope you enjoy following my journey