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Loveless review - eerie thriller of hypnotic, mysterious intensity from Leviathan director

Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev has rendered another masterpiece in this apocalyptic examine of a failed marriage and the subsequent disappearance of a child

Cannes 2017… 71 mots de plus


Ep.19 - Malakai : Producer & Director Owner of Malakai Creative

Based out of Los Angeles & Phoenix, Malakai is a director & creative vested in visual storytelling that empowers those with a voice.  The goal for Malakai is to be all things fearless.   286 mots de plus

Women In Film

Cannes 2005

Paris Cannes 2005

Jag vet än mindre än förra året vilken gång i ordningen som jag besöker Paris efter Cannesfestivalen. För nytillkomna läsare kan jag ju upprepa att det omedelbara skälet att uppsöka Paris då, är att samtliga filmer som visats i festivalens sidoserier nu kan ses under några intensiva dagar. 6 129 mots de plus


द स्क्वेअर : समस्यांचं चौकटाकर वर्तुळ

(स्पॉयलर्स अहेड : लेखात जरी फार मेजर स्पॉयलर्स नसल्या तरी एम्बेड केलेल्या व्हिडिओमध्ये त्या आहेत.)

पिफमध्ये ज्या काही चित्रपटांची बऱ्यापैकी चर्चा होती. त्यात गेल्या वर्षीच्या ‘कान फिल्म फेस्टिव्हल’मधील (Cannes) ‘पाम डि’ओर’चा (Palme d’Or) विजेता ‘द स्क्वेअर’चाही समावेश होता. 44 mots de plus


24 Frames review a mesmeric glimpse into Abbas Kiarostami's mysterious mind

The Iranian director has made a posthumous marvel with this bizarre, experimental ghost-film that even sets his hated cinema seats to decent use

Cannes 2017… 72 mots de plus



In the online #euFilmContest, participants are asked to recognise films or other audiovisual works that received support from the Creative Europe MEDIA programme. The most successful ten participants will get a chance to win a trip to the 71st Film Festival in Cannes (8–19 May 2018). 11 mots de plus

European Union

Chinese, UK Firms In Animated Deal; Cannes Sands Beaches Ahead Of Fest Rush - Global Briefs

China’s DeZerlin Media and the UK’s Zycon Media today signed an ambitious co-production agreement to co-finance and co-produce a slate of animated features and TV series for the global market. 511 mots de plus

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