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Trailer - The Killing of a sacreed deer by Yorgos Lanthimos

After his excellent The Lobster, Yorgos Lanthimos is expected to deliver a gripping and disturbing new drama. Teaming up again with Colin Farrell, The Killing of a sacreed deer has casted Nicole Kidman and Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, Trespass against us). 34 mots de plus


Good Time

Following a botched robbery that sees his brother arrested, a wily and reckless career criminal spends his night figuring out how to free him, making stranger and stranger bedfellows along the way. 1 005 mots de plus


Non-Guilty Pleasure Post: My Favorite Movie of the Year (So Far)

The opening title that flashes across the screen is sweeping and elegant and boldly pink. It almost acts as a trademark stamp to remind us that despite the backdrop of Southern woods and the pallid saturation, we are indeed in Sofia Coppola's hands. 644 mots de plus


Cannes 2017 Diary Day 3/4

Day Three – Tuesday May 23rd

Ok. This was it. Today I would finally watch a film, at the film festival I was attending. Wise to the folly of my previous ventures into the town, I located the pick up zone for the free shuttle and camped out with the crowd to wait for our ride. 3 782 mots de plus

Cannes Film Festival

Review: Okja (2017)

I’ve loved the work of South Korean genre-manipulator Bong Joon-ho since university. Criminally, we never got his last film SNOWPIERCER in the UK (at least not officially), so the fact that his latest, OKJA, has gone straight to Netflix is a real boon, a leap forward in film democratisation, whatever Cannes Film Festival says. 188 mots de plus


Cannes is one of the most awaited film festivals with a host of film line-ups and the Palme d’Or (Golden Palm), again one of the most coveted film awards. 27 mots de plus

THE BEGUILED - Civil War, without the War.

What I felt most surprised by in The Beguiled was the simplicity of its story arc and setting. The atmospherics Sophia Copolla creates seep out of the screen so well, with its quiet malevolence, moody lighting, and the on-edge performances of its characters, that by the movie’s end, that same technical brilliance completely outweighed any attempt at a rapturous story. 599 mots de plus

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