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Cannes Film Review: 'Hitchcock/Truffaut'

“In many of the films now being made, there is very little cinema: They are mostly what I call ‘photographs of people talking,’” Alfred Hitchcock told his awestruck French interlocutor, critic-cum-helmer Francois Truffaut, in the indispensable monograph whose 50th anniversary inspired film historian Kent Jones’ “Hitchcock/Truffaut.” The master of suspense referred to his own style, which tried to dispense with dialogue in favor of conveying a story through a sequence of shots, as “pure cinema,” and even though Jones’ documentary relies heavily on talking heads, recycled clips and traditional narration, there’s no question that it embodies pure cinema of a different sort — namely, a complete and total immersion in the medium, by way of a career-spanning appreciation of Hitchcock’s work, designed to echo and extend the impact of Truffaut’s seminal book. 754 mots de plus


Cannes I Get a Witness?

I’ve just returned from having my film « Brutally Yours » at Cannes Film Festival with great connections for developing my feature film script. Adieu!

Celebs And Events

Henry Cavill Ditches Action-Thriller 'Stratton'

Henry Cavill has abruptly pulled out of action-thriller « Stratton, » five days before shooting was to begin, due to « creative differences » on the script. 352 mots de plus


Klip med poetisk fremdrift

Interview med klipper Olivier Bugge Coutté om « Louder than Bombs », publiceret på FILMupdate 17. maj 2015


Kunstfilm i indkøbskurven

Interview med administrerende direktør for Øst for Paradis, Line Daugbjerg Christensen i Cannes, publiceret på FILMupdate 22. maj 2015


Mine knæ var som gelé

Interview med Sofie Kampmark i Cannes, publiceret på FILMupdate 22. maj 2015