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La nuit de l'Ivress(e)

Trouver un bon bar à vin ce n’est pas toujours évident. Il y a certes beaucoup de terrasses à Paris où l’on peut boire allégrement mais ils ne proposent pas toujours de tapas ou alors on a le choix entre l’assiette de fromages ou celle de charcuteries. 226 mots de plus



I love it when you have a good retail experience. Especially when it catches you by surprise.

In these days of a highly competitive marketplace, supermarket shopping and generic availability of product, it will always be a combination of product, price and service which will compel us to part with our money. 485 mots de plus


Feeling groovy

A small confession to start with – this week’s wine features a grape I’d never tried before. When I tell you what it is you might think  325 mots de plus

Food And Drink

Easy as ABC …

For this week’s wine I have chosen to focus on chardonnay, a grape that has been revered for centuries – ever since Benedictine and Cistercian monks planted it in the picturesque, walled vineyards of Burgundy. 367 mots de plus

Food And Drink


On Tuesday I participated in another great group activity at the institute (again, food related). This time it was…a wine tasting! (A dégustation du vin, if you will.) I wasn’t really sure what to expect for this, but it was actually really cool and a lot of fun. 732 mots de plus