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CRYSTALSMOOTH® - anti cellulite range

macom® has evolved from being the leading provider of post surgical compression garments supplying to cosmetic and plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors throughout the world to becoming the ‘go to’ company for all things shapewear related. 320 mots de plus


Cellulite: how does it perform and what to do to get rid of it?

A true nemesis of ladies, cellulite spares no one particular and impacts the two slim ladies and curvy ladies. To stay thin and to get rid of this ugly orange peel is the want of all these who endure from it. 38 mots de plus

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9 Cellulite Treatments That Don't Get Rid of Cellulite

Tired of that classic « orange peel » cellulite appearance? You’re not alone. About 90 percent of women have cellulite, but effective cellulite treatments are few and far between. 1 048 mots de plus


How to Remove Cellulite from your Body

Brush your skin with a body brush. The body brush helps your skin in multiple ways. It removes dead skin, boots your overall circulation, and even improves what’s called lymphatic flow. 295 mots de plus


AHAVA Body Firming Kit

After my first pregnancy when I saw cellulite on my belly, I accepted them as a gift from my pregnancy and started enjoying moments with my daughter. 278 mots de plus

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Learning To Be Comfortable With Cellulite

Ahh cellulite – you little devil. Lumps, bumps and imperfections are unavoidable; but they features that so many of us struggle to come to terms with. 919 mots de plus


How to Detox Through Your Skin

They all have one thing in common which is to stimulate the lymphatic system and create blood flow to your skin to move and transport toxins out. 1 039 mots de plus