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How to Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

By Brian Fong

Exfoliating dead skin cells is one of the simplest ways to achieve the fresh and healthy glow of new skin. After all, that’s exactly what exfoliating is — removing the top layer of dead skin cells and allowing the new and healthier skin cells to rise to the surface. 431 mots de plus


Project Orange Skin - Kick Off

Here is the deal. Since I was a teenager I have been honored with orange peel skin covered with little maps of veins on my thighs. 140 mots de plus


The Slim On Fat Reduction, Cellulite Products

The operative drawback of excess fat from nearby areas under the skin by means of suctioning and a tiny cut. Without damaging your skin or other areas of the body the fat snowy engineering works to a target just the fat tissues in that place. 346 mots de plus

Looking at Cellulite Cream - Techniques For Newbies

Cellulite is among the common difficulties that plenty of individuals are experiencing today and lots of women are trying to eliminate it. Men also experience this kind of skin dilemma, but women are actually the ones who are very eager to get rid of this. 470 mots de plus

Cellulite Cream

Pink to make the boys…

Pink is possibly one of my favourite colours, it comes in so many shades and is perfect for a variety of occasions. There is, however, one occasion when pink is not acceptable and it comes in the form of pale pink leggings (PPLs). 254 mots de plus

Homemade All Natural Body Tanner

I have never had nice, smooth legs. You know those girls (maybe you’re one of them..I hate you) who have really beautiful legs? No bumps, scars, freckles, cellulite, just all one-tone and even? 632 mots de plus