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I was just outside, sitting in the sun. I’m tired and cranky this morning because of a laundry list of different little things that I let under my skin. 263 mots de plus


Body wraps and their benefits

Bella Gente Salon and Spa


Slimming Fusion Wrap – eliminate toxins, smooth cellulite – 55m – $110

Wedding and prom season is rapidly approaching. We want to help you have your body looking and feeling its best. 435 mots de plus

Bella Gente

Dry Body Brushing: Why & How

Dry brushing. I know, it sounds kind of weird. Most of us are used to exfoliating in the shower or at the spa, but rubbing a thick brush over dry skin definitely sounds a little strange. 652 mots de plus

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Elmiplant Bodyshape Remodelare Totală – pasul rapid către silueta perfectă

Corpul armonios, ce dezvăluie un aspect sănătos, a fost întotdeauna un etalon de frumuseţe. elmiplant înţelege perfect acest etalon care a rămas neschimbat şi vine în ajutor completând gama dedicată remodelării corporale Bodyshape cu lansarea gelului-cremă Remodelare Totală. 371 mots de plus


Defining Gel from It Works

My go to cream for EVERYTHING! Honestly this stuff does wonders on cuts, scars, varicose veins, wrinkles, cellulite… You name it!!

Everyone, not just every woman, but EVERYONE should have this. 149 mots de plus

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In search of the skinny me..

Does she exist? Is there even such a thing? I actually cannot remember the last time I felt happy when I looked in a full length mirror. 404 mots de plus

The Bikini Diet

This is the follow up to the anti-cellulite post I wrote a last week.  I have  put together a simple to follow meal plan with tips and supplements, to give you a bikini body in 30 days! 978 mots de plus

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