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I have fat on my body. It mainly likes to hang out on my thighs and belly. I don’t believe that my fat warrants me an obese BMI. 301 mots de plus

Dear You

PHAT Girls - New weight

In my previous post PHAT girls i mentioned that i gained a gang load of weight in 1 month.

When i started gaining weight in 2014 I was at approximately 60 – 65Kgs. 319 mots de plus

Mrs Ngoboka

On Being Beautiful

Somewhere there is a photo of me sitting on a swing at the school playground.  I was in the 3rd grade, it was the first day of school and my teacher wanted to take photos of all of her students.  1 791 mots de plus


Beauty Tips w Dr. Burkenstock: Dr. B discusses using radio frequency lasers to smooth out cellulite

Cellulite is where the fat gets squished between the collagen and fiber strands and pushes up through the skin. It’s congestion in the lymphatic tissue. All of us have it and we wish we didn’t. 173 mots de plus

Beauty Tips With Dr. B

A battle between wishes and reality

This morning I woke up rather content because I finally slept all night long. I threw the covers away and stretched yawning, but then I looked at my bum and saw cellulite. 394 mots de plus

The Truth About Cellulite By Joey Atlas Review

The Fact About Cellulite: Joey Atlas Reveals His Easy, Do-It-From-Property Naked Elegance Symulast Method For Acquiring Rid Of Cellulite On Your Legs, Thighs,buttocks and tummy.