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Day 3/365 days of productivity

wake up :  5:15 am

It was a good day at first and then It was weird…

I can believe stuff like that are happening in a school…it’s very disturbing. 302 mots de plus

365 Days Of Productivity

What do you See? March 19/2019

Thanks Hélène for another great picture to work with on your What Do You See challenge.

The thumps in the night had him getting up to see what was going on. 333 mots de plus


Day 20. Sloth is not my sin but...#sol19 #solsc

March 20th:

Sleeping on my dreams

Like an elephant in the Antarctica

Or maybe doing something else.

Things happen one at a time… 67 mots de plus

Creative Writing

Photo Challenge #255

Nekneeraj has given us one of his own photos this week.
You can find all details of the challenge here

It was indeed a work of art, and from his bed he had watched its construction from the very start. 127 mots de plus


100 Word Wednesday: Week 113

This week, Bikukgurl has given us the same setting as last week’s picture but different characters.

The two sat side by side in companionable silence. 89 mots de plus


FOWC with Fandango — Radar

On the boat, we had to keep an eye on the weather, especially if we planned to take her out.
We used the Accuweather site, and I got pretty proficient at reading the radar screen as regards the timing of when bad weather would hit. 61 mots de plus