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Have You Got any Castles?

Director: Frank Tashlin
Release Date: June 25, 1938
Rating: ★★★½

‘Have You Got any Castles?’ is the second of Frank Tashlin’s three contributions to the Warner Bros. 303 mots de plus

Warner Bros. Films

Jamaica Inn (1939) - reviewed by George

Alfred Hitchcock’s 24th film is the tale of Mary Yellan (Maureen O’Hara), whose mother, on her deathbed, has told her to leave Ireland and go to live with the mother’s sister Patience (Marie Ney) and Patience’s husband Joss Merlyn (Leslie Banks), owner of Jamaica Inn on England’s Cornish Coast. 234 mots de plus


Past Imperfect - #519

Meanwhile, in one of those conservative states where people voted for Trump because they apparently relish alternative facts over progress, another wedding night ensues…

Deanna, left: “Darling, I couldn’t help but notice that your father is in the room as we are about to make whoopee.” 691 mots de plus


The Night of the Hunter (Laughton, 1955)

Charles Laughton’s The Night of the Hunter is justly heralded for its craft, and I’ll join in the lament that Laughton never got the recognition he deserved for this. 255 mots de plus

Today I Watched: The Night of the Hunter (Charles Laughton, 1955)

The Night of the Hunter (dir. Charles Laughton, 1955)

Score: 8 to 8+ out of 10.

Today I Watched

NOT-QUITE-BRITFILM: "The Old Dark House" (1932)

It’s the stuff of Gothic fiction:  travelers get caught in a torrential rainstorm in the middle of nowhere; they seek shelter in an isolated house; they soon come to realize that the inhabitants of the house are slightly mad if not downright homicidal.  1 491 mots de plus


Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) - Frank Lloyd

Although I’d seen this film several times before, I was looking for respite in some oceanic artistry, and so returned to watch Charles Laughton. Unfortunately, and despite Laughton’s fully convincing depiction of Bligh, upon which the film largely depends, the film fails narratively, as its screenplay turns solely on the act of mutiny. 101 mots de plus

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