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The Night of the Hunter

El reverendo Harry Powell es un asesino serial, que mata principalmente mujeres viudas. Cuando es arrestado por conducir un carro robado, termina en la misma celda que un condenado a muerte, Ben Harper. 605 mots de plus


Noirvember Feature #6 - The Big Clock (1948)

The Big Clock (1948)

Directed by: John Farrow

Starring: Ray Milland, Charles Laughton, Maureen O’Sullivan, Rita Johnson

This month’s selections just keeps getting better and better… 925 mots de plus


Lost Isles

H.G. Wells famously disliked Paramount’s 1932 adaptation of his 1896 novel The Island of Dr. Moreau (which Paramount execs re-titled, more colorfully, Island of Lost Souls… 1 650 mots de plus


"A hard world for little things"

The Night of the Hunter was the only film Charles Laughton ever directed.  Audiences in 1955 were completely unresponsive to his indelible blend of Southern Gothic, film noir, Expressionism, Grimm’s fairy tale, and good battling evil – and it flopped.   1 593 mots de plus

Charles Laughton and wife Elsa Lanchester Steal the Scenes in Witness for the Prosecution

In director Billy Wilder’s film, Witness for the Prosecution, Charles Laughton steals the scenes along with his wife, the wonderful Elsa Lanchester. He is the barrister with a big heart and she is his shrill nurse trying to take care of him. 33 mots de plus

Hitchcocks's Little-Known Film The Paradine Case Worth a Second Look

In The Paradine Case, a lesser known film by director Alfred Hitchcock, a barrister is hired to defend Mrs. Paradine when she is accused of killing her wealthy, older husband. 48 mots de plus