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Way Cool Wednesday: 8 March 2017

Hello, one and all, and welcome to another Way Cool Wednesday! Herein, we shall once again be diving head first into some random fun stuff that I’ve stumbled upon in my travels through t’interweb. 408 mots de plus

Way Cool Wednesday

Chatroule Nazi-ism

Tonight we’re discussing the shithole known as fucking Chatroulette.
Literally the place where moderators are fucking Nazi’s.

So this is another talk about banning, bans, and shit like that pointed directly at the moderators, and pseudo-moderators in white hats with their fucking dicks out that get to overrule the website they use. 380 mots de plus

You Need a Laugh- F&%$ing delivered-Boom- Steve Kardynal is Awesome

Lets not even waste time with my words like a golden path leading to this video…

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