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Mr. Cocky

Every time my friends ask me how my dating-life is going, I have the same answer. It’s filled with flaky guys that just stop chatting, overly sensitive idiots or dickheads. 867 mots de plus


Unfriended (2014) - Movie Review by Max Coulson


« What’s a troll »

« You know, an internet troll.  Someone who messes with people online. »

A movie that thinks its audience is fucking stupid!

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Trolling Omegle #2

(Seriously, guys on the internet will talk to *anyone* who claims to be female. I can’t believe how much they are willing to ignore if they think you might even just talk about their horrible dicks. 508 mots de plus


Real Life Hitman!

If you’ve been living under a rock you’re probably not aware that Realm Pictures exist. Well that changes today!

Along with all their other amazing content they’ve also released a few videos showing off a new style of entertainment which is literally mind blowing, live action games that you’re in control of in real time! 58 mots de plus