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Ahh, Chatroulette. One of the internet’s many sordid corners that I have happily avoided until this day. Mostly because I didn’t want to see a random penis (I get enough of those on my phone, which is a story for another day) but also because I  355 mots de plus

The Project

[Day 72] San Francisco's Chatroulette on the Go

Living a non-driving adult life in Bay Area means that I will have to Uber a lot. On an average day, I take two Uber trips, and on days when I go out, I’d easily make 5 or 6 or even more Uber trips. 881 mots de plus


Kids Singing "Sweatshirt"by Jacob Sartorius on Omegle

via IFTTTTwo little kids were singing Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius on Omegle. I didn’t notice it until i was editing the video. It’s right at the beginning of the video. 95 mots de plus

I met my boyfriend on Chatroulette

When the average passerby discovers that my boyfriend and I live in different countries, I’m usually met with a series of gaping mouths, furrowed brows and genuine curiosity. 1 088 mots de plus

American In Ireland

Play: Lady of the House of Love. (Writing for the Stage Creative Piece)



BOY: Late teens.

GIRL: Late teens.

MAN: Late thirties.

Setting: Monologue sections will be performed with the centre spotlights on. 2 796 mots de plus

She Wants 10,000? | Omegle Trolling first Time

via IFTTTOmegle trolling for the first time. Made a lot of mistakes. Tried to edit as best as I could after 30+ minutes of the forest of dicks (really leaves you a little disoriented). 123 mots de plus

Top 21 Most Common Canadian Stereotypes - TRUE or FALSE?

via IFTTTThese are the top 21 most common Canadian stereotypes. Are they true or false? Some of these have been created by tv shows and movies, while others are just based on ignorance. 437 mots de plus