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Songs for Screens: The Best Ad Synchs of 2017, Featuring Peggy Lee, Sia, Cher, Lil Yachty and More

“Songs for Screens” (formerly known as “Synch This”) is a Variety column written by Andrew Hampp, a VP at New York-based music sponsorship and experiential agency MAC Presents and former branding correspondent for Billboard. 1 147 mots de plus


Hand Knit Holiday 2017

I’m often told I’m over the top or too much in the things I do. Often I respond, ‘ok…and?’ or I just keep on doing whatever it is I was doing. 381 mots de plus


Cold you say?

NONSENSE.  Nine of the fiercest men and one pup cold cocked Old Man Winter with a Monday morning beatdown.

The Thang


Slaughter Starter – 20 burpees OYO… 200 mots de plus

Twinkle Toes

Bright light city | Las Vegas

NB: Prepare for an image overload

Four years ago I spent my 30th birthday in Las Vegas and I loved it. I don’t gamble, in fact I’m fairly opposed to it, but I love the shows, the shopping and all the pretty lights. 847 mots de plus

Rainy day circuit

Five intrepid Pax braved cold(ish) and wet(ish) weather this morning. D2 wore, no joke, 4 layers of clothes. We did most of the workout on the covered sidewalk in front of OPES.   143 mots de plus

Twinkle Toes

The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit- Q’ed by Rubble

On a beautiful morning for a workout, 9 PAX members met up to get in the Christmas spirit.  The warm-up consisted of: 274 mots de plus