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Another day full of new experiences and meetings

Chinese language is so fascinating, when I am studying the characters and I make a mistake (a lot) than it motivates me to continue instead of stopping! 101 mots de plus


Transsibérien: jour 5 et fin du voyage

Ma dernière pleine journée en train. Même à y penser trois mois plus tard, je me sens un peu triste. Quel beau voyage!

Je me réveille avant 7 h avec le train garé à Oulan Bator pour dire au revoir à mes amis et me trouver un déjeuner. 807 mots de plus


Chinese Chequers

Ni hao everyone,

Fun fact about China: It is considered to be the most populated country in the world. Well, we can confirm this is true. 1 481 mots de plus


Chine - Immanent (Melodic Death Metal)

Formed close to where I live, Helsingborg, I am surprised I’ve missed Chine before, as this is their third album and they have been going since 2008. 116 mots de plus