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Mousse au chocolat sans sucre ajouté

Recette de mousse au chocolat sans sucre ajouté

C’est un dessert simple et rapide ! Il est idéal pour les amateurs de chocolat avertis, les personnes diabétiques ou ceux qui souhaitent réduire leurs apports de sucres quotidiens. 784 mots de plus

Cathédrale orthodoxe russe de Paris ou l'incroyable épopée de la nouvelle cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité au temps de Vladimir Poutine

5 bulbes d’or pour éblouir Paris

La cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité à Paris est le symbole du grand retour de l’Eglise orthodoxe russe sur la scène internationale. 3 362 mots de plus

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Book Review: Chocolat by Joanne Harris

This is yet another book which came recommended by my reading group. Ok, so just a disclaimer – my reading group keeps on throwing details of good books which I hadn’t heard of previously left, right and center (every second) and a person needs to filter out the one with which he/she connects with. 678 mots de plus



Not chocolate.

Chocolat is a book by Joanne Harris. This relates to the book, not the film, in which some of the characters have been differently imagined. 504 mots de plus


Rewriting History: Carol Ann Duffy's version of 'her-story'

Her poetry, new and exciting, captivates very many age groups, across various social contexts. It was perhaps this freshness and relevance that Carol Ann Duffy displayed, even as a young poet, that caused Irish poet Eavan Boland, among many others, to celebrate young Duffy as « one of the freshest and bravest talents to emerge in British poetry—any poetry—for years. 561 mots de plus


A little sweetie

Organising dinners is one of my favorite activities, especially now in this episode of my life (spoiled with ‘time’, remember?). The hardest part of a menu remains the dessert. 92 mots de plus