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REVIEW: "Calvary"

The opening scene in « Calvary » wastes no time conveying the tone of the film – bleak, cynical, and disturbing yet with an odd touch of subtle dark humor. 785 mots de plus

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Musings On Marvel: Day Eight (Thor: The Dark World)

Director: Alan Taylor (Terminator: Genisys)

Budget: $170million

Box Office: $644millions

  • This is the third movie to feature Thor, and the eighth in this universe, do we still need to open with narration?
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Musings On Marvel

My Brushes with Greatness in the Twitterverse

It’s been five years and a few months since I started my Twitter account.   A slow and frustrating process, I’ve learned by trial and error what and how to tweet. 1 180 mots de plus

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Game #10 Preview - Dash vs. Salem

Game #10 – Home Game #3
Winston-Salem Dash (3-6) vs. Salem Red Sox (5-4)
Saturday, April 16 – 6:30 p.m.
BB&T Ballpark (Winston-Salem, NC)

GAME BACKGROUND: 650 mots de plus

Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel (2009)

This is a time travel movie, so the plot is tricky and sort of irrelevant. Three friends (Chris O’Dowd, Dean Lennox Kelly, and Marc Wootton) work at a sad theme park; two of them are very keen on science fiction; they are drinking in a pub and get caught in some sort of temporal anomaly. 108 mots de plus

Review: The Program

This article was originally published to The Edge on 19th October 2015

Stephen Frears’ true-life sports drama recounts the legend of Tour De France cyclist Lance Armstrong, following his career from his early attempts, his fight with cancer, and his subsequent seven year-long winning streak in the most gruelling event in cycling, if not in the sports world altogether. 449 mots de plus



Review by Derrick Carter

Running Time: 1 hour 43 minutes

MPAA Rating: R for Language

Directed by: Stephen Frears

Written by: John Hodge

(based on the book SEVEN DEADLY SINS by David Walsh) 911 mots de plus