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The Sapphires - Movie Review

I hadn’t heard much about this movie before watching it. But I was excited about it because it has one of my favorite actors, Chris O’Dowdy, in it. 118 mots de plus


Bill Murray: Mentor - St. Vincent (2014)

Heartwarming in an inappropriate kind of way.  This is about a single mom (Melissa McCarthy) and her son (Jaeden Lieberher), moving into the neighborhood and getting off on the wrong foot with their curmudgeon of a neighbor (Bill Murray).   474 mots de plus


Moone Boy & Inside No. 9 Shortlisted For Royal Television Society Awards

The Royal Television Society Awards nominations were announced this week, and two TVO-connected shows are amongst those shortlisted.

Moone Boy, The Irish sitcom, created, co-written by and co-starring… 155 mots de plus

Chris O'Dowd

Top 10 the IT Crowd Moments - YouTube

via Top 10 the IT Crowd Moments – YouTube.

Matt Herbert

Published on 1 Nov 2012

My personal top 10 IT Crowd moments. Pop some of your faves in the comments…

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The Most Overlooked Movie of the Year

This week has left me a bit unsettled in terms of movies. The Oscars came and went I just sighed, « oh well. »

I am usually pretty spot on with movie award nominations (and winners) but this year has been all over the place with no single film standing out for the masses. 595 mots de plus


This prank proves that imaginary friends do exist after all

Here’s a prank that goes some way in proving that just because you can’t see someone’s imaginary friend, it doesn’t meant that they’re not real. 214 mots de plus


St Vincent

Bill Murray plays a grumpy old man called Vincent who generally doesn’t like people and people don’t like him. He drinks heavily, gambles and sees a prostitute, Daka (Naomi Watts). 281 mots de plus