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The Program Review: The Lying Canary and his Bike

The Program was an insular film. A sweaty, claustrophobic, and closed off film, which focused solely on Lance Armstrong and the stronghold he had on the world of professional cycling. 535 mots de plus

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The Martian European premiere: Pics & gossip

Tonight the incredible cast of sci-fi adventure The Martian turned out in London’s Leicester Square and I went down as a fan for the first time in ages so I could see… 466 mots de plus


Trailer Time: "The Program"

It’s one of those fall from grace stories that took the world by storm:  the downfall of Lance Armstrong.  It can probably be said that he was one of the most celebrated cyclist in the history of the sport and on top of that he is a cancer survivor.  132 mots de plus


The Program Review | TIFF 2015

When it was discovered that Lance Armstrong had been taking performance-enhancing drugs when he won his several Tour de France medals, there must have been some exterior impact on people in his life. 743 mots de plus


TIFF review: 'The Program' ★★★

Standing in front of a mirror, a man repeats the phrase, « I have never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. » His intonation and inflection changes but his eyes remain piercing, emotionless and glacially cold. 93 mots de plus


Ο Stephen Frears ρίχνει φως σε ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα σκάνδαλα ντόπινγκ της Ιστορίας.

Άλλο ένα υπαρκτό πρόσωπο επέλεξε να βάλει στο στόχαστρό του ο Stephen Frears στη νέα του ταινία.

Στο The Program ο Βρετανός σκηνοθέτης ρίχνει φως στο πολυσυζητημένο σκάνδαλο ντόπινγκ με πρωταγωνιστή τον ποδηλάτη … 25 mots de plus