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Calvary: A Review

“Bloody Hell. Jesus Christ. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” No sinner’s confessional is strong enough to describe the power of John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary. 980 mots de plus

Film Review

Interview with a Film Journalist

In further investigations into people who work in the film industry, this article is an interview with the film and music journalist Paul Nolan.  Paul has been a writer for Hot Press magazine since 2001, during which time he has interviewed many leading figures in film, music, comedy and politics. 1 643 mots de plus


The Sapphires Might Just be the Most Joyous Vietnam Movie Ever

I really couldn’t have been more in the mood for The Sapphires. It’s a combination of two of my very favorite genres. Heartwarming, socially conscious comedies, and movies where unlikely people find happiness through the power of soul music. 449 mots de plus


Scene 3 - St. Vincent

This week was the turn of last years release… St.Vincent. The movie stars Bill Murray as Vincent or Vin as he prefers, who is a grumpy old man who reluctantly babysits his new neighbour’s kid…who he likes to refer to as ’11 bucks an hour’….genius! 787 mots de plus


The Sapphires - Movie Review

I hadn’t heard much about this movie before watching it. But I was excited about it because it has one of my favorite actors, Chris O’Dowdy, in it. 118 mots de plus

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Bill Murray: Mentor - St. Vincent (2014)

Heartwarming in an inappropriate kind of way.  This is about a single mom (Melissa McCarthy) and her son (Jaeden Lieberher), moving into the neighborhood and getting off on the wrong foot with their curmudgeon of a neighbor (Bill Murray).   474 mots de plus