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Review: The Program (DVD)

By Christian DiMartino

Stephen Frears’ The Program is a curious little film: it has all the elements needed for a successful biopic, and yet it still falls a little  short. 397 mots de plus

Film review - The Program (Stephen Frears, 2015)

In the midst of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, Sunday Times journalist David Walsh published his book Seven Deadly Sins. The sole purpose of the book was to blow the cover on Lance Armstrong and reveal the truth about the complex doping program he was involved with during his supremacy in cycling, specifically the Tour de France. 466 mots de plus


Calvary (2014)

2016.42: Calvary (Amazon Prime/VOD)

Calvary seems to be a rather respected film. I’m a bit at odds with that opinion, as I really didn’t think much of it. 625 mots de plus


Calvary (2014)

2016 #91
John Michael McDonagh | 101 mins | Blu-ray | 2.35:1 | Ireland & UK / English | 15 / R

From the director of… 824 mots de plus

4 Stars

REVIEW: The Program

There are many stories surrounding cycling icon Lance Armstrong worthy of cinematic treatment. There’s the athlete himself, whose hubris and competitive nature led him to dupe, receive and betray. 500 mots de plus

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REVIEW: "Calvary"

The opening scene in « Calvary » wastes no time conveying the tone of the film – bleak, cynical, and disturbing yet with an odd touch of subtle dark humor. 785 mots de plus

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Musings On Marvel: Day Eight (Thor: The Dark World)

Director: Alan Taylor (Terminator: Genisys)

Budget: $170million

Box Office: $644millions

  • This is the third movie to feature Thor, and the eighth in this universe, do we still need to open with narration?
  • 1 441 mots de plus
Musings On Marvel